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  1. 4 minutes ago, McG said:

    I believe we have made some decent signings so far, the manager’s tactics have been very questionable though with certain players getting played out of position.

    Im still scratching my head at us trying to play that diamond midfield against Aberdeen when they have wingers like Mackay Steven in there team, played right into there hands.

    I hope Stubbs can sort things out, the less said about Darren Jackson the better.

    Agree about the signings, some really good quality in there, though i thought we would be better building our team around our best performers who Stubbs inherited, with the likes of Cammy Smith off the striker as an example. It seems as it stands, we have a few problems in defence that they are trying to rectify, though we are actually just as weak up top if we don't play to our strengths with the players at our disposal.

  2. We are top of the league on merit.  We have spent more wisely with our wage budget than the other trailing teams and I wouldn't be surprised if we are actually 3rd or 4th highest wage budget in the league, just down to how shrewd we have been with our signings.

    A lot of opposition fans claimed we bought our way to survival last season. We actually shipped out players into double figure and replaced them with around the same amount. That is a massive risk trying to build a winning formula, especially half way through the season. JR and JF worked absolute wonders and  we have carried that momentum into this season. 

    I don't think we have quite replaced Mallan yet, though Morgan has made up for his loss as the star man with his consistent displays of magic.

    We are now at another January window and the club are doing there best to move on players surplus to requirements to free space for players with Premiership quality. I am excited to see if we bring someone in close to transfer deadline day. I am hearing from a few sources including on here that an attacking player with top level experience is a target.



  3. You only need to look at Kieran Tierney as a young player who has not looked back since being introduced to the first team at Celtic. There is also your young centre half that's getting game time. Writing a player off before he has even kicked a ball is unfair. 

    I believe he is good enough to be a future Scotland cap and he has just enhanced his chances with this move.

  4. 1 hour ago, RandomGuy. said:

    Worth noting there's only about six months between Morgan and Christie in terms of age. Morgan turns 22 this year, he's the same age as Dembele and Henderson and is older than Ntcham and Roberts.

    For all this talk about Morgan being a "huge prospect", he's relatively old to be making his breakthrough, and I remain unconvinced the hype is deserved.

    He has been in the Saints first team regularly for the last 3 seasons and will have made over 100 appearances once he leaves in the summer. That is close  with what Ryan Christie has clocked up since playing from his Inverness days. It's unfair to put an age on a player to how he develops, sometimes playing at a lower level  fail to get the recognition they deserve, though Morgan has stood out the last couple of seasons and now has his chance. Dembele, Ntcham and Roberts have all had schooling from Premiership and championship clubs, so not worth a comparison.

    I genuinely believe the lad will make it whether it's with Celtic or an English Premier team in the future. 


  5. It's a pretty shoddy state of affairs that we're now going to lose him and not even get the money due for 7 years of development.

    His agent has clearly told him of this loophole and that he'll be back playing in the UK within a year.

    I wouldn't rule out him trying to make a career of it over there for a while. The MLS is now more attractive than it was a few years ago. Playing against the likes of guys like Pirlo, Lampard, Gerrard only to name a few with bigger crowds and in what you could consider better living conditions sounds to me like a good thing.

  6. As I said earlier in the thread, the concept of folk being pissed off at McGinn for doing what he had every right to do was idiocy.

    However, depriving yourself of a proper, structured pre-season and taking a chance that someone *might* come in for you and be willing to pay a middling six-figure sum off the back of an absolute shite season, effectively blocking yourself from playing the sport is - as Murray correctly says - dangerous. He's a talented kid and despite having a torturous season, could and probably will still go on and make a good career for himself. I'm sure St. Mirren would afford John the facilities to train pre-season whether he re-signed or not on an interim basis, simply because it's in our best interests to have him at peak fitness one way or another.

    An absolutely stupid move from young McGinn if this is true. I dare say not many 20 year old footballers who are fit and able to train can afford to miss pre-season. Such a shame that it appears another talented young footballer would rather be billy big baws than knuckle down, use his talent and make the most of his career.

    This isn't bitterness at all and in fact it would now probably be better for both parties if he did move on to pastures new. However, if he doesn't come in and stick in a pre-season, everyone is losing. We still hold the cards with him as long as the deal is there on the table but in all honesty who is going to shell out nearly £300k for a lad who is displaying such a poor level of professionalism?

    To be honest, i think John has been led down the wrong path by his agent. Since coming in to the the first team at the age of 17, he has shown extreme maturity for his age and has looked the model pro for the rest of the academy players to use as an example. This is why i feel he has taken advice from someone, or has been duped into making the decsion not to return for pre-season, in hope it will push through a transfer.

    I had heard as far back as last September that his intent was always to move on at the end of the season, though who knows if everything with the current pre-season situation could have been different if he wasn't involved in the training ground incident with Thommohawk.

  7. It's quite obvious no one really knows who the new manager is going to be. Sportsound today reported Stuart Balmer as the leading candidate with Billy Stark and Tommy Wilson still in with a shout. No Willie McStay. The PDE contacted Billy Stark on Thursday night about his thought on being our new manager. Starks reply - No comment which surly points to him in the running.

    The club has been a closed shop regarding new owners and new manager , however Stuart Gilmour has stated in the press that an announcement will be made in the middle of next week. tick tick tick tick

    One of my work mates is good friends with Stuart Balmer so I will send him an e-mail on Monday and see if I can get any info.

    Billy Stark is NOT in the running for the job. I have it on very good authority that he is not interested.

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