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  1. 2 hours ago, medals said:

    The away table not so great but improving. Some surprises though e.g. the Fakes and Motherwell.

    Away table

        GP W D L GF GA GD Pts
    1 Celtic 12 10 1 1 37 10 +27 31
    2 Rangers 12 8 2 2 24 15 +9 26
    3 St. Johnstone 13 5 1 7 16 24 -8 16
    4 Motherwell 12 4 2 6 16 16 0 14
    5 Hearts 12 3 5 4 14 15 -1 14
    6 Livingston 12 4 2 6 14 23 -9 14
    7 Hibernian 12 3 1 8 12 24 -12 10
    8 Ross County 11 2 3 6 6 14 -8 9
    9 St. Mirren 11 2 2 7 10 24 -14 8
    10 Dundee Utd 11 1 4 6 10 18 -8 7
    11 Aberdeen 12 2 1 9 9 33 -24 7
    12 Kilmarnock 12 0 2 10 4 24 -20 2

    Tbf there is only a difference of two or so wins between us and 3rd

  2. 5 minutes ago, Doonhame Buddie said:

    Thierry Small would seem a strange use of a wage. Wasn’t Richard Taylor signed as cover for the LB position?

    He's more of a centre half and most likely with view to tying down on a longer deal beyond this season. Currently Dunne has not signed a new deal and Shaugnessy was close to leaving last window.

  3. 2 hours ago, Buttocks Brown said:

    What's the attitude then, going into today, of those who have been criticising the board's lack of financial prudence?

    1. Aim for top 4 / 6 and spend money on a new player or two.

    2. Finances first: we're likely safe from relegation so use the Academy boys.

    Has to be the latter?

    I'm still with option 1 here. 

    Our draw against Celtic wasn't announced before 2021/22 finances were published, so that draw is already a boost. 
    There is a financial gain from finishing higher up the league and this season looks more realistic than last with a better consistency and a settled management team in place. That as we all know though is not a given.

    There is however a big difference between the January window and pre-contracts/summer window. 
    Right now it will probably more difficult to negotiate lower terms with players, though we can be more shrewd in the summer.

    If you get it right and our scout finds players that are on lesser wage demands, you can reduce the wage bill and/or get more than one player for the same amount as a high earner. Taylor as an example looks to be a real find and could end up being a replacement for one of our existing defenders on a higher wage.

    Right now, ideally I think if it's Reid and Erhahon away and Ayunga is potentially out for the season, we would be looking at possibly a loanee midfielder and a forward (to fill in for Ayunga). I personally think we need cover at left back too, though Robinson seemed happy to see out this window with no incomings if it was just Reid away and before Ayunga got injured.

  4. 6 hours ago, G_&_T said:

    It's terribly sad that a player would opt to play for a League One English club, than remain at St. Mirren. If folk talk about 'the shop window' then I would suggest plying one's trade in the top-flight in Scotland would provide a player with more media exposure.

    But what do I know?

    If there are no clubs in the English Championship interested and three League 1 teams have only shown an interest, it kind of shows you where he's rated down there. Maybe no championship team see him ready as a first team regular.

    Better money and better platform along with his desire to play in England, this will put him Infront of bigger clubs who may show interest in a year or two down the line.

  5. 33 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

    Signing Tony Watt would be a major concern to me. The guy's had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus - why have so many clubs punted him before the end of his contract ? Everything points to player with a shite attitude who does the business when he fancies it, and who chucks it when the going gets tough. Not a character I would want to bring into a happy changing room. 

    Just speculation, though I heard he was a mouthpiece in the dressing room during Jack Ross' final few games 

  6. 1 hour ago, Div said:

    Think we need to set expectations on Baccus. If we get an offer of half a million for him we will take it.

    Whether that's right or wrong I think that's the reality of the situation.

    Do you think we would accept only 500k (only 150k more than Erhahon)for a player with 18 months left on contract and just over a month since returning from world cup duty? I could maybe see that valuation come the summer.

    If the reported number of clubs I've heard are interested this window, could be quite interesting to see if any put an offer forward or hold off till summer.

  7. 7 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

    Baccus should only leave on the following conditions:

    1) Genuine 'can't turn it down' territory for offer.

    2) Enough time to get a centre mid in

    3) Possible loan back for rest of season 

    4) Wigan under no circumstances offer us Jordan Jones

    Be interesting to see if Wigan would trust Maloney less than a week in the door to splash 7 figures on one player. That's where is see that link very doubtful at the moment.

  8. 13 minutes ago, medals said:

    Only a rumour but I heard Erhahon still might be away.

    I hope neither.

    The Watt loan won't be for 6 months either. 15 weeks or there abouts.


    Lincoln City seem in a much better place league position wise than Forest Green were. They have a similar path to Forest Green though, in terms of rising from National League to league 1. 

    Unsure where this one will go, though I think if Erhahon does move, he will be making assurances that he is involved regularly to the first team to consider it as he can no longer be considered as a 'development' player. 



  9. 18 minutes ago, Div said:

    No chance we are in for Tony Watt. He'll be on a similar wedge to Brophy I'd imagine and Robbo quite openly stating the decision to let Brophy go to Dingwall was purely financial.

    I believe the Dylan to Palace move is very close and should go through without any hitches before the window closes. Not sure what we're getting in terms of up front cash but the key to that one is going to be the sell on. Longer term game there I think and with him out of contract in the Summer and not playing regularly for us it makes complete sense.

    I was told that assuming that move goes through, plus Brophy moving to County, plus the bonus of the Celtic cup money should mean nobody else needs to move on in this window. If anyone does go though, the manager would have scope to bring in replacement(s).

    Obviously if Carson/Ayunga injuries are longer term that changes things again but given the above I think they will find the money to bring in a loan or two.

    Typically I thought Ayunga looked as lively as I've seen him in weeks on Saturday when he came on!

    Spot on with all of this imo.

    Just don't see the sense in bringing in Watt on a similar wage, so it must be a fabricated story.

    For us, Dylan going before his contract ended was vital and I am glad in the end up it looks like he is going to a very decent level. Palace have a great academy and there is every chance of him making it down there, whether that is going out on loan in the next year or so in England first of all, I genuinely think he could have a similar path as Billy Gilmour if he gets the head down.

    I would like to think if there is upfront cash for Dylan, we may be able to bring in another player, even if its on loan to bring us cover or extra quality. We certainly lack a goal threat at the moment.

    I think Ayunga missing the starting lineup is something he maybe needed to get that hunger back. Its unfortunate if his injury on Saturday results in some time out, as I feel he could be very key to our remaining games before the split.

  10. 3 hours ago, AW saint said:

    With Olusanya and Brophy out the door will there be more leaving before the window shuts?

    Our squad is light so would be good to see 1 or 2 come in. 

    I'd imagine with the talk surrounding Dylan Reid, he may also be away. Never say never with Ethan, as he has already sparked interest this window, with Forest Green now opting for alternative player since he knocked them back.

    Always talk of Baccus interest, though current form I would be surprised if that interest has cooled off unless something miraculous happens over the next few days.

    Even though I think it was the best thing to happen, get your money on Brophy to score on Saturday. 

  11. 11 hours ago, Div said:

    Lewis Jamieson has been recalled from his loan spell with Airdrie too so either he's about to move on permanently or he'll be joining Offord on the bench presumably covering for the soon to depart Brophy, and perhaps Olusanya?

    Strange one with Lewis returning, unless he is moving to another club or someone else moves on. He's done well at Airdrie, though if he were to stay with us for the remainder of the season, I'd imagine it may be Olusanya moving out on loan as you say to accommodate a place for him as backup.
    Lewis is at the age of a striker, you need to be getting game time every week and he's certainly getting that at a lower level.

  12. 37 minutes ago, Div said:

    There's plenty amusement to be had at the expense of Aberdeen after last night but I do feel a wee bit for Goody who will now inevitably be sacked.

    Club legend as a player, and did some decent stuff with us in the dugout but perhaps the Aberdeen gig was just too big a step for him, who knows.

    The one positive we can take from it is that despite Robbo really being one of the stand out SPFL candidates to replace Goodwin there is absolutely no chance that they will come in for him. Can you imagine the rage of their supporters if they trod that exact same path again!

    Martindale is the only other candidate I can think of who is over performing in the SPFL, and I just can't see him being the right fit for Pittodrie.

    Jack Ross as interim to the Summer might be a go-er but his CV is tarnished, same as Sean Maloneys is.

    It's a bit of a mess for them, but hopefully a mess that is still well and truly in place when we go there next Weds night.

    The club seems like they need a whole rebuild from top to bottom since McInness' departure. Fans were getting tired of the brand of football under him, though it seems that when someones been in the job for sometime and there is suddenly change, it's not so simple to just transition. Could too many new players brought in have caused an issue as it seems they have a lot of players on their books. Jim can also be very limited with game plans (no plan b). He has also had the biggest budget, probably in their history.

    Look at us for instance when Danny Lennon left after 4 years of stability. We never made it to the top 6 under Danny, though we were making progress and won a national cup in that period too. The aftermath up until Jack Ross came in was horrendous stuff (albeit pish cheap appointments). Just as Jack was repairing the damage in between, we lost him and Alan Stubbs came in and let off a bomb of negativity. We have slowly made our way back into progression and JG was part of that journey. I just hope we can tie down Robinson a while longer whilst he is showing the positives he brings on the park and in the dressing room.

  13. 20 minutes ago, NorthBank said:

    Not a great draw but a good money spinner. Morton would have come away with £320k on Saturday for a 40k crowd at £20 a ticket. A larger crowd and more expensive ticket could see us nearer the half million.

    And saw that Forest Green Rovers have signed McCann from Sevco for £350k on a 3.5 year deal. Reckon Ethan may now be regretting not signing.

    Ethan has recently signed up to Anton Ferdinand's agency. There's a possibility that they are holding out for a team either sitting higher up in League one or a Championship team.

    At this stage he needs to be playing every week to progress to the heights I believe he can reach. He may have got that at FG, though they are a team sitting bottom of League 1. With all due respect, that is a complete step down to his current platform. 


  14. 43 minutes ago, Div said:

    Yeah there’s always a chance. We gave them a hell of a fright there in the quarters in the season we won the Chanpionship. Think it was Mallan who hit the bar when we were already leading 1-0?

    A massive ask but it’s a funny old game, I’ll be there 🏁🎉

    Was that the same game Harry Davis also cracked the bar with a header?

  15. 12 hours ago, Div said:

    It’s an abysmal draw as far as progressing in the competition is concerned but financially it’s a jackpot hit for us at exactly the right time.

    Strengthens our hand a bit going in to the last week of the window.

    For me personally, if it was a choice between making top 6 and taking some gate money from Celtic over progressing further in the cup then I'd take top 6 all day this season.

  16. 10 hours ago, sergie's no1 fan said:

    When he was announced nobody criticised the club after we beat teams like Aberdeen to his signature. To do that you have to push the boat out. We all had a laugh about it at the time on here when his wages were brought up by opposition fans. Now it's getting used against him because its not working out. 

    He needs to start if we want to get the best out of him. Or Robinson is trying to force him out with the lack of game time. I'd still say he's a better no9 than Main and Ayunga.

    Sadly it's went the same way as it did for Dargo, so much excitement over both signing for us and little return. 

    Thing is, we aren't a big enough club to carry a luxury high earner as 4th choice striker. He has failed to live up to expectations and justify us pushing the boat out for him.

    I think with Offord returning, it could signal a sign that he may fill his space on the bench with view to Brophy leaving. All speculating of course, though makes sense. Offord is highly rated and without any pressure he could offer something fresh up top when called upon.

  17. 13 hours ago, NorthBank said:

    Personally I'd prefer we sell Ethan for £350k and keep Dylan.

    With him not committing his future to the club, we are best to cash in on him just now, especially when he is not getting game time.

    It's unfortunate with Dylan, as I believe his breakthrough season would have most likely have been next season, though he has his sight set on moving whether it's now or the summer. 

    You never know, both players could still leave this window, with just under 2 weeks left.

  18. 3 hours ago, Div said:

    If selling Dylan now eases the cash flow issue that we have then it may well be worth cashing in now, particularly if we can negotiate some sort of sell on clause.

    Hard to say if he's the real deal or not as we've seen so little of him, but selling him won't impact the usual matchday squad so it has to be seen as a good option!

    I think best case scenario was for him to go this window for us to negotiate a sell on fee. He certainly looks like he has bulked up and that could be something that really adds to his game as he is not shy in the tackle. 

    The unders and reserve league quality down south will be a much higher standard than what he's playing just now so I wouldn't be surprised to see him to develop into a future star. It's much easier with clubs that size to have players that age with potential to develop without the pressure.

  19. 42 minutes ago, Ric said:

    Tell you what, roll back a few years and we'd be calculating goal difference and whether a tanking, undeserved or not, would drop us into the relegation slot.

    At present we are mid table, albeit not on a winning streak, but equally not necessarily on a losing one either, we have a game in hand to those around us, we are a decent gap from any trouble and this side looks like it can compete.

    All in all, I feel a lot better regarding a couple of defeats on the trot, than I would previously.

    It seems once again from looking at the fixtures, that February has become another big month in the calendar (plus the Motherwell game this month) for realistically looking to pick up a healthy amount of points.  Is 9-11 points from a possible 15 a realistic target?

    Sat 28/01/2023 Motherwell H   cinch Premiership  
    Wed 01/02/2023 Aberdeen A   cinch Premiership 7:45pm kick-off  
    Sat 04/02/2023 Hibernian H   cinch Premiership  
    Sat 18/02/2023 Ross County H   cinch Premiership   
    Sat 25/02/2023 St Johnstone A   cinch Premiership

    Edit: And the possibility of the re-arranged Well away when announced thrown in there also,  sandwiched between Hibs & Ross County or RC & St J.

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