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  1. Exactly this! I said the same after the success of Dorman. Why did we not further pursue the MLS and lower US leagues for talent. Was it down to scouting range or something? Alex Grieve has also been a very good find.
  2. Yeah, we split the money with Western Sydney which could go a long way to helping out in the next transfer window.
  3. Really wouldnt be surprised to see him start the next game. He did very well in the time he had on the park and was getting into some. good positions at both ends of the park. Could easily have been left out today due to the magnitude of the game, though he's been trusted to come on and make a difference. Well done to him for getting his head down and getting noticed. This extra run also lets us coin in a little longer. Big ask to get beyond Argentina ,though certainly didnt disgrace themselves vs France.
  4. I hadn't realised it was the same person that also abused JR. He needs a serious talking to if that is the case. Should easily be indentified. Spreading negativity breeds negativity.
  5. Very good point made by Robbo in his Saints website interview. If there is a handball from St Johnstone on the build up to the St. Mirren handball in the box, surely it has to be taken back from there and reviewed if its part of the attacking play? After all, that's how we got penalised a couple of weeks ago, when Baccus was alleged to have fouled the Dundee Utd player before Ayunga scored, resulting in goal chopped off.
  6. That drop from the starting lineup may get the best back out of Ayunga, although we are about to close down for a month. When he's on his game, he's unplayable at times. Unbelievable where Brophy is in terms of pecking order after being signed as our main striker. If his weekly is as rumoured, he is too much of a luxury to be 4th choice striker. I do think we are more likely to see goals from Grieve ahead of him.
  7. Can't argue with any of this. 2 points off of 3rd is some achievement at this stage in the season. Aberdeen at times have been similar to us, when you look at form up and down. Its a missed opportunity dropping two points when Saturday is as much as it pains me to say it, 'a free hit', where the odds are heavily against us. Hopefully we see us up our game as we did v Celtic.
  8. Yeah, easy for loudmouths in the main stand to have a go at the manager, though individuals on the park need to look at their work rate to the final whistle. Thats what's cost us at the end of the day. We were barely (if that) troubled all night by them going forward, then a lapse of concentration deep into injury time has cost us. The worrying thing is, there were plenty of our defensive players in the box when that ball got put in (tactically right to do so), so they were in a very good position to get that ball cleared and failed.
  9. He would need to move down south at very least for us to offload most of his wage if we were still needing contribute towards. If we were looking to reluctantly cut our ties with our a transfer fee, then I think we possibly would, because as you say, who is going to pay a transfer fee never mind £3k a week for a player who has barely kicked a ball.
  10. Thought the same. I think Brighton had paid around £2m for him, without him making a single first team appearance. It's a shame his stay got cut short by injury.
  11. It's a thankless task mate. Everyone at SMISA does their role on a voluntary basis. There are more hours of time involved than most people realise.
  12. Both Baccus and Strains profile could be boosted if they make the World Cup Squad to be shortly announced. Going by this predicted source, they can't see a place for them - https://www.sportingnews.com/au/soccer/news/socceroos-world-cup-squad-australia-projected-team-starting-side-qatar-2022/dptwzwcvvxcjasymaeujwn0n Regardless, they have been in the mix and that also counts for something.
  13. What is a realistic length of time after starting a new contract, to offer a player an extension? Baccus clearly is the real deal and will go on to a bigger platform, though would 3 months into the season look too premature? You leave it to the start of/first quarter of next calendar year and he could be leading into the final year of his contract.
  14. If he hasn't played a game yet and is released, can't see where the issue lies signing for another club on a free. I think players released on a free during transfer window is to make them available when clubs are .oat actively looking to recruit.
  15. They are playing each other twice in the matter of a few days, so I guess there will be a rotation in the squad, plus our players wouldn't have most likely arrived till possibly yesterday. *Edit I see Mooy and Boyle have started. I still guess it will be a rotated squad and this is possibly their strongest starting 11 Ex buddie Cameron Howieson on the bench for New Zealand along with Grieve.
  16. Attendance down by 300 comparing Sunday vs last season game v Celtic at home and that is with cutting their extra allocation this season of around 1300 seats. I think you have to look at that as a major win and considering it was a 12pm Sky game too. Moving in the right direction.
  17. Yes. Equally good players in the waiting if we lose a player through injury, suspension or tiredness as the game goes on. When Tait came on, I thought this is a great option to have on the bench at this moment in the game and he fits in perfectly and gets up and down the park. Something I really admired about our tactics, was that we kept our shape, started with 2 upfront and really only dropped to one off the striker (Kiltie) late on, still with the intention of getting forward. Under Goodwin, we would start with a negative formation against Celtic and Rangers and hope that we see a game out late enough to change the shape late on to try and snatch a point or a win. Well done Robinson for having belief and being brave.
  18. I guess I'm just setting myself up for it really. The weekends game was the type of opposition we shouldn't have been losing to. I grant it was an off day, though it' always the St Mirren way. We are looking much better from what I have seen so far, just need to keep the levels high and we should get something from those 3 games mentioned.
  19. Knowing us, 3-6 points max froom that round of games. Our best chance on paper is points against Killie and Livy, though thats being hopeful. Depends how we are on our day vs Hearts. We have matched them before though they have a very good pool of players.
  20. I think the only way we will see a free agent coming in is if we are forced through injuries to do so. Oran Kearney had one of the best outside transfer window moves that i can remember with the addition of Adam Hammill and Anton Ferdinand. At that point i didnt really fee we needed to add, though they did add quality.
  21. On the flip side, that opportunity at Sunderland, which pretty much made him a millionaire, may not have come up again if he got Saints relegated the following season or had us fighting relegation. I don't grudge him on that move to Sunderland and he actually didn't do that badly there. Alex Neil in his short few months was the only manager of 4(I think) who managed to get them promotion.
  22. He only signed his current contract on the basis he would get game time. This persuaded him to not sign for any other club at the time. In the last 12 montsh he hasn't had a sniff. You could say the timing of his age/development is possibly a year short of making himself a regular, though he won't be here this time next summer. This is our opportunity to add in a sell on and any other perfomance based bonuses.
  23. That's a hoax account. Other sources from over a week ago linked both ourselves and Motherwell with him. Time will tell I guess...
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