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  1. Yeah, absolute night and day to previous seasons. Could have unearthed a gem with this signing. We were certainly a little light in midfield with very few alternative types of players.
  2. I'd imagine when we have a specific points tally to determine where we finish as a minimum may trigger more activity e.g top 6 security/mathematically avoid relegation/playoffs.
  3. I'd like to think there is a chance of getting this wrapped up this week. An ideal time to get another body in for that final push in the remaining games before the split. Something fresh in midfield which could possibly gives us some creativity in midfield we may have been lacking in recent weeks. Coincidentally Diarmuid O’Carroll joins the NI national set-up at a time when this lad is looking for exposure to boost his national chances with NI. Win win?
  4. I set myself up for disappointment last night. It's happened so many times in the past under different management, going into a game that could ultimately flip your season up or down. Thats how I felt last games importance was to win. The advantage of an extra game to win and give us a cushion into Saturday. Reminded me of the Hamilton game a couple of seasons ago where we needed 3 points to secure top 6 then we lost an injury time goal. I'm hoping this is just a very slight dip in form as performance wise we weren't actually that bad at Parkhead regardless of the score and a draw would have probably have been a fairer result against Hibs. We need to get back to winning ways again on Saturday and keep up the good home form.
  5. Who would you think fits the bill that's available out of work or alternatively could be brought in via affordable compensation? I personally think the only available candidates for that are Goodwin, Ross, Tommy Wright, Kenny Shiels (not availble though could be), Courts or possibly the man himself Kettlewell. You then look further down the leagues to good performing Championship level managers. It's not always successful bringing in a manager with previous success. St Mirren took a very big punt on Danny Lennon a few years back from Cowdenbeath and he done not too badly to stabilise the club and win a cup along the way.
  6. I know its on their patch and Celtic are always favoured higher than ever there(and rightly so), though you don't have to go too far back when there was talks of 4/5/6/7-0's by media pundits and Celtic podcasters leading up to our 2-0 victory at home a few months ago. These are also one off games, in terms of whats at stake, so hopefully it has a bit of cup fever to it and gives us something similar to what we seen at Hampden back in 2013... another occasion where we were written off before a ball was kicked.
  7. My thoughts exactly. They were not overwhelmed with joy at the appointment of Goody because he did not fit the criteria of a 'big club' from his background. Going back to the same place for their new manager just doesn't seem realistic imo. With regards to Keith, I am sure at the very earliest of stages in his new career, he will want to at the very least leave a legacy before going elsewhere. He's barely got his teeth into the role. He has been involved in many positive movements I am sure, including the 1 stand debate for ALL away fans, though I am sure he is here for a longer run, regardless of any sentimental attachment to Motherwell. Very very big boots to fill from Burrows imo for whoever takes over. I'd go as far as saying they may find it difficult to find anyone on that par. After seeing the treatment his best pal has had up there from fans, I'm not so sure he would be keen to make such a move.
  8. Tbf there is only a difference of two or so wins between us and 3rd
  9. Read over on twitter someone saying they know one of the academy boys' mums and he was sending his goodbyes to the boys as it was signed and sealed.
  10. He's more of a centre half and most likely with view to tying down on a longer deal beyond this season. Currently Dunne has not signed a new deal and Shaugnessy was close to leaving last window.
  11. I'm still with option 1 here. Our draw against Celtic wasn't announced before 2021/22 finances were published, so that draw is already a boost. There is a financial gain from finishing higher up the league and this season looks more realistic than last with a better consistency and a settled management team in place. That as we all know though is not a given. There is however a big difference between the January window and pre-contracts/summer window. Right now it will probably more difficult to negotiate lower terms with players, though we can be more shrewd in the summer. If you get it right and our scout finds players that are on lesser wage demands, you can reduce the wage bill and/or get more than one player for the same amount as a high earner. Taylor as an example looks to be a real find and could end up being a replacement for one of our existing defenders on a higher wage. Right now, ideally I think if it's Reid and Erhahon away and Ayunga is potentially out for the season, we would be looking at possibly a loanee midfielder and a forward (to fill in for Ayunga). I personally think we need cover at left back too, though Robinson seemed happy to see out this window with no incomings if it was just Reid away and before Ayunga got injured.
  12. If there are no clubs in the English Championship interested and three League 1 teams have only shown an interest, it kind of shows you where he's rated down there. Maybe no championship team see him ready as a first team regular. Better money and better platform along with his desire to play in England, this will put him Infront of bigger clubs who may show interest in a year or two down the line.
  13. Possibly, though it's hard to determine how good the club thought he may have turned out.
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