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  1. They are playing each other twice in the matter of a few days, so I guess there will be a rotation in the squad, plus our players wouldn't have most likely arrived till possibly yesterday. *Edit I see Mooy and Boyle have started. I still guess it will be a rotated squad and this is possibly their strongest starting 11 Ex buddie Cameron Howieson on the bench for New Zealand along with Grieve.
  2. Attendance down by 300 comparing Sunday vs last season game v Celtic at home and that is with cutting their extra allocation this season of around 1300 seats. I think you have to look at that as a major win and considering it was a 12pm Sky game too. Moving in the right direction.
  3. Yes. Equally good players in the waiting if we lose a player through injury, suspension or tiredness as the game goes on. When Tait came on, I thought this is a great option to have on the bench at this moment in the game and he fits in perfectly and gets up and down the park. Something I really admired about our tactics, was that we kept our shape, started with 2 upfront and really only dropped to one off the striker (Kiltie) late on, still with the intention of getting forward. Under Goodwin, we would start with a negative formation against Celtic and Rangers and hope that we see a game out late enough to change the shape late on to try and snatch a point or a win. Well done Robinson for having belief and being brave.
  4. I guess I'm just setting myself up for it really. The weekends game was the type of opposition we shouldn't have been losing to. I grant it was an off day, though it' always the St Mirren way. We are looking much better from what I have seen so far, just need to keep the levels high and we should get something from those 3 games mentioned.
  5. Knowing us, 3-6 points max froom that round of games. Our best chance on paper is points against Killie and Livy, though thats being hopeful. Depends how we are on our day vs Hearts. We have matched them before though they have a very good pool of players.
  6. I think the only way we will see a free agent coming in is if we are forced through injuries to do so. Oran Kearney had one of the best outside transfer window moves that i can remember with the addition of Adam Hammill and Anton Ferdinand. At that point i didnt really fee we needed to add, though they did add quality.
  7. On the flip side, that opportunity at Sunderland, which pretty much made him a millionaire, may not have come up again if he got Saints relegated the following season or had us fighting relegation. I don't grudge him on that move to Sunderland and he actually didn't do that badly there. Alex Neil in his short few months was the only manager of 4(I think) who managed to get them promotion.
  8. He only signed his current contract on the basis he would get game time. This persuaded him to not sign for any other club at the time. In the last 12 montsh he hasn't had a sniff. You could say the timing of his age/development is possibly a year short of making himself a regular, though he won't be here this time next summer. This is our opportunity to add in a sell on and any other perfomance based bonuses.
  9. That's a hoax account. Other sources from over a week ago linked both ourselves and Motherwell with him. Time will tell I guess...
  10. Messi is wearing his Bee Inspired gear. It was probably pulled from a popular article which references Coco.
  11. I was thinking the same thing when I read the article this morning. A fit Scott Allan that wasn't asking for a luxurious wage would definitely be a goer for me. Whether he makes it as a starter every game or not, he undoubtedly has the quality to improve the squad. If Dylan Reid goes in this window after the interest already shown in him, I'd be keen on a move for Allan.
  12. Accurate assessment of McGrath. He should have been head an shoulders above everyone last season up until his move to Wigan, though he never did show enough quality in his final year. Ronan on the other hand oozed class and you could see he was a top top player. At 24, he really needs to either be included in Wolves plans this season or seek a permanent move to a better league than ours.
  13. I think it's early days to assess the new players. I know from the very first moment we seen Ronan play, you could see he was head and shoulders talent wise, though the likes of O'Hara, who I do highly rate and Baccus, who we haven't seen much of yet, could be the answer this season. The new system could also make other players better players and make them all as equally effective going forward.
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