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  1. I'd play Urminsky ahead of Zlamal for starters. Zlamal is off after todays game. I want us to at least have a go tonight. Would rather get beat trying to compete than sit back and take a pounding.
  2. I'd personally put in Urminsky regardless. He is part of the set-up of 3 goalkeepers for a reason. This is an emergency and he needs to move up the pecking order when called upon. I have never rated Zlamal and I would rather we used one of our own in the next game. Zlamal is off back to Hearts after tomorrows game, so why not?
  3. Plus is it not pretty much unlimited if they are from outside Scotland? I mind Gretna went on a loan signing spree all those years ago.
  4. If you are a season ticket holder, you have a chance and even at that, its looking doubtful even all season ticket holders will be allowed in at one time.
  5. From what I believe, he didn't want to go out on loan. Worked out well for him in the end.
  6. I don't think any league is looking great at the moment. Scotland is a good window to attract attention south of the border.
  7. Was pleasing to see another team lose to the same score, as it does take some of the attention away. Alnwick did prevent it from being more though. We definitely need another couple of options in the forward line to give us options to tweak better during games. Id have gone for it in the second half, even if we waited till the hour park to sub Sheron and push McGrath up. I'm not sure what McAllisters fitness was like, though imo he should have been on earlier. The boy can be a game changer on his day.
  8. There was a five figure fee involved, though unsure if we included a sell-on.
  9. I bought it last week. Im usually a medium and stuck to a medium. Length wise going a size up pretty much no difference. I'd possibly recommend moving a size up if you like a bit more room. I like my fit, though im also trying to shed a few pounds on the ole waistline. Nicest top we have had since 2012/13 hands down. The sponsor is not stuck on and the back is all black just in case you were not aware.
  10. Theres an added pressure playing in the top league, to get results almost immediately or turn to the transfer market. Basher and McGarry are the only two in my time, who have made an impact. Ross Stewart could have possibly been given a better opportunity if Stubbs had not came in the door, though seemed to be used quite a bit out wide. Ross County played to his strengths and he gave decent return in goals. Our unders squad seem to produce quite a few goals between a regular pick of players. Hopefully one or two will get the chance to impress this season.
  11. Last season I felt this is where the club relied on guys like Andreu, who had a very decent record, to chip in with a similar figure. Unfortunately it never worked out. We seemed to have quite a few attacking options from midfield who could potentially deputise as a deep supporting forward, though nothing seemed to click that converted to goals.
  12. It's all good and well Harry saying he would like to come back, that doesn't necessarily mean the club has any interest to do so. He knocked back the chance to stay last time round after the club seen him through a long-term injury. He was a very decent player in the championship and looked the part vs Celtic in the cup as a test against stronger opposition, though I am not sure if he is the right fit now we are further down the line.
  13. He seems like a sad lonely man to me. Looking to raise negative input so that he has plenty of posts to reply to. He never once admits he is wrong and never has a positive thing to say.
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