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  1. How the hell has connelly managed to finish that game yet again without being sent off. The guys a bombscare united need to punt him and get another cb in
  2. Technically it was because if they decision had gone against us in the games with var and refs then Scotland would be through
  3. Argentina allowed to take a free kick while sub is being made that led to the penalty. The referee is abysmal for a fucking World Cup I wouldn’t want the refereeing an under 12s game
  4. Var is great it’s the idiots that can’t work out how to use it properly. For start why can’t what 2-4 officials watching the tv screens just tell the ref it’s a pen why wait all that time then have to wait more time for the ref to run over Then as for the new rule for gks on pens They are absolute fucking clowns of the highest order
  5. Who the f**k comes up with these rules it’s already hard for keepers on penalties why try make it almost impossible for them to be able to jump.
  6. How the f**k can she blow the whistle var took about 10 mins boot theses officials to f**k they haven’t got a fucking clue
  7. Players should walk off the fucking park that’s a fucking joke of a decision
  8. Scottish goal keeper is absolutely awful not sure if she can even touch the crossbar
  9. These officials are absolutely honking Scotland get an offside that wasn’t even close at least 5 yards onside then japan go up other end and score then that penalty was a dive all day long and what is the fucking point in having var is it only for handball in the box
  10. Fortunate also de bruyne missed a sorry around 15 mins in if that goes in its an even long night
  11. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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