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  1. Yoss


    Another tremendous End of the Road last weekend. Oustanding sets from Stella Donnelly, Parquet Courts, Kikagaku Moyo, Pom Poko; very good ones from Pottery, Wand, Bodega, Mitski, Kero Kero Bonito, Lewsberg, BC Camplight among others. Still my favourite weekend of the year.
  2. The entirety of The Black-Eyed Peas' "Where Is The Love?". It's a bit like the poetry I'd write when I was twelve.
  3. Yoss

    Albums of 2019

    In the midst of a quiet few weeks for both albums and gigs, but the first single from the upcoming Richard Dawson album is as good as anything I've heard all year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGiQ_-Ktpvc
  4. Yoss

    Albums of 2019

    Ah, it's been re-released with extra tracks? Fair enough then, carry on.
  5. Yoss

    Albums of 2019

    Wasn't that 2018?
  6. Yoss

    Albums of 2019

    Add Jackie Cohen to the list of albums that have grown on me after a couple of months.
  7. Yoss


    I think "[insert_artist] doesn't belong at Glastonbury" claims actually predate the existence of the festival itself.
  8. I think of MSPs as pop, and there's nothing to be defensive about in the use of the term - pop is a broad church, and encompasses so much more than just chart music. Wouldn't call them britpop, though.
  9. Yoss


    I found them distinctly underwhelming at End of the Road two years ago; rattled through a pretty perfunctory set and finished ten or fifteen minutes early. Haven't paid them any attention since, but they're back again this year so I may give them another go, clashes permitting.
  10. Yoss


    Idles have come a long way quickly haven't they? It's only a year since they were playing as a support in Greenock Town Hall.
  11. Yoss

    Albums of 2019

    Black Midi album out yesterday. I think it transfers to record better than I thought it might, but maybe it helped that I'd heard most of it already - not sure what I'd have made of it if I were coming to it cold. A nod to the Palehound album the other week as well. And some albums from earlier in the year that I might or might not have already mentioned but that have grown on me in the interim - Wand, Rozi Plain, Calva Louise.
  12. Yoss


    Oh, and I meant to mention Mammoth Penguins - excellent at Howlin' Fling the other week. It's nice when you discover someone completely new to you at a festival.
  13. Yoss


    Jeffrey Lewis (with Los Bolts) very good as ever the other night. Goes a bit quiet for the summer now - July always seems to be a slack month for gigs.
  14. Garbage are American, Manson aside, yeah. There's a few others there I wouldn't count as Britpop either, just British bands who happened to be active in the 90s. Still though, it's not until someone lays it all out like that that you realise what grim times they were.
  15. Yoss

    Albums of 2019

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