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  1. Their last album didn't live up to the promise of its singles, iirc, but I shall look out for next one nonetheless. Another album that's not due until 2022, but I've had the new Bodega single in my head all today.
  2. Most of the songs on the new album tracklist have been part of their live sets for a while already and have versions available on youtube. (Check out Basketball Shoes in particular, if you don't know it already.) I suspect that one has been picked as the first single mostly because it's short enough to get more airplay.
  3. Yoss


    Saw a bit of them at End of the Road. Worth catching, I'd say.
  4. I can understand not wanting to like them. It's all a bit middle class and arty, and that thing with the snorkel at the Brits wouldn't have endeared them to me if I didn't already know of them. The music rises above any such considerations though. I'd have given them album of the year already, if there weren't still a Parquet Courts album to come.
  5. yeah I saw most of her set at End of the Road last week. Not my usual kind of thing but she's great.
  6. Yoss


    My first post-covid gig was on Friday there, Anna Meredith at the Edinburgh Festival. My first live music since .. *checks notes* .. Anna Meredith at Oran Mor in February last year. And it was mostly the same set, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very much looking forward to Black Country, New Road at the same venue tomorrow. It's a big semi-open marquee thing they've got set up at Edinburgh Park for it. Strictly seated, and each ticketed group is socially distanced. Bit of a strange experience all round, but great to get back to some music nonetheless. End of the Road in a couple of weekends time, which will be at full capacity and will be a different vibe entirely. Which is also going to feel weird, but for different reasons.
  7. Football is magical and beautiful and these things can happen. Well done, Hamilton. We'll be okay again this season.
  8. Much as I like Black Midi and want them to keep doing what they're doing, I'm gonna say it was probably right to leave them off the nominations this time. Don't think the new album hangs together as well as the first one. Though yeah, anyone who's not seem them live yet should go and do so.
  9. I have both heard and seen Sweaty Palms, yes, and I quite like them. (More my kind of thing than Lylo, there.) I'd not make any grand claims for them though, and I'd be surprised if they ever broke through in anything like the way Idles have. But then I guess I was surprised when that happened to Idles too, so who knows.
  10. The BBC have, so far, failed to realise that this game has finished and are currently showing it entering its fourth hour of injury time. No goals scored in the last three hours though. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scores-fixtures
  11. I've heard about half of them - of which BC,NR would be a clear winner for me too. There's a couple of others I'll give a listen to as well.
  12. Thank you, all. I'm not as regular as I once was, even at games or on here, but I do still lurk sometimes and will try and get back to Stark's again at some point soon. Though since my dad is now getting a bit unsteady on his feet we've just been toddling along to Warout to watch Glenrothes recently. Nice to see some old faces still around. Hope everyone is well.
  13. I know you all want to get back to the football, but this stuff is important and I make no apologies for posting to explain why I'm shoulders with RATM on this. A large part of the problem with discussing anything to do with the r-word is that there's a wide misperception of what it involves, and a tendency to get very defensive because people think they're being accused of racism in its worst and most malicious sense, of deliberate and wilful discrimination against minority groups. This isn't, by and large, how racism works. (Except when it is, but no one was being accused of that here.) For the most part, it's about unconscious biases which makes us more likely to perceive or notice or associate certain characteristics with some 'races' than others. This is subtle and often difficult to pick up in individual instances because it's not necessarily untrue - it is possible to see some similarities of style between some of the players mentioned on the thread, it's just that we might have been less likely to have perceived it without the other, obvious, factor they have in common. This has been easy to observe in the language of commentators and pundits over a period of time, certain players are more likely to be associated with certain attributes than others. This is difficult because it's much harder to identify individual instances where the assessment is unfair than it is to observe the overall effect. So, black players are much more likely to be associated with concepts such as strength, pace and athleticism - and once again the issue is not that it might not be have some truth, in and of itself, in any instance where it's applied; but much less likely to be associated with intelligence, craft, or guile. And thus, a few years down the line, much less likely to be considered as potential managers. And again, even where the overall trend is easy to see, its much harder to say which specific assessments are unfair, which particular black ex-players should have been given a chance in which particular jobs. But if we're to have any hope of tackling and changing the generality, we need to be aware of at least the possibility of our own cognitive biases - to repeat, this is not a malicious thing but deeply ingrained and we all have it. I've been challenged on it on occasion too, and rightly, and likewise my first reaction was to get defensive and observe that I didn't mean it that way at all. Which I didn't, but that isn't the point. By and large, anytime you're confronted with any such suggestions of your own internal biases, the correct response is not to dismiss it immediately and out of hand but to at least stop and give pause for thought as to whether there's anything to it. And indeed, without and before being challenged on it, to give some thought to it any time you find yourself making such comparisons. It doesn't mean you're being accused of being a bad person, it doesn't mean you even need to agree, ultimately, that the accusation is fair. Maybe it isn't. But that, at the very least, needs some self-reflection. It's been my general experience that those who react angriest and are quickest to dismiss any such possibility are the ones least likely to have understood the nature of the problem.
  14. Anyway, best album of recent weeks is from Bachelor. (A Jay Som / Palehound collaboration.)
  15. It was obvious from some years back - well before they broke through - that they and / or their record company had some commercial ambition, from the effort being put into promotion and some big name remixers as well as production values. The new album is a continuation of it rather than any change in style. It's alright. I don't quite get the hyperbolic levels of love being shown for it by the critics but it's perfectly listenable. The Coldplay comparison feels well harsh.
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