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  1. The Big Moon's is out already. I wasn't particularly whelmed on first listen.
  2. Yoss


    Gigs of the year would have a reasonable amount of overlap with the albums list - Pom Poko, Stella Donnelly, Ezra Furman, Black Midi. But I'd add in Bodega and Estrons (sadly since split); and if I can include festival sets then Parquet Courts and Mammoth Penguins.
  3. Yoss

    Albums of 2019

    (Joint) Album of the year (decided I couldn't split them in the end): Pom Poko Stella Donnelly Some others I liked, in no especial order: Ezra Furman Anna Meredith Jackie Cohen Black Midi (Sandy) Alex G Tiny Ruins Wand Pip Blom
  4. That was fun. Tough afternoon for the ref. With the benefit of replays: Davidson's red card was straightforward; Airdrie's was soft - wouldn't have occurred to me to think anything was amiss if it had only been yellow; Matthews might have gotten away with it with a different ref on a different day but can't have any complaints. Penalties - tricky business innit? Bowie probably cost himself one in the first half by *not* going down, Airdrie may have cost themselves one in the second half by going down too theatrically. Both would have been soft but (again having seen replays) were technically fouls. The Benedictus one at the end - not a penalty, for me.
  5. My top five, apparently: Pom Poko Wand Bodega Stella Donnelly Martha Ffion Wouldn't have guessed that last one would be in there, but fine. (By the time I discovered I quite liked her album it was no longer available on CD, so it was spotify or nothing.)
  6. Your #1 was Ed Sheeran but your #2 was so embarrassing you can't tell us? The mind boggles.
  7. yeah, couple of excellent shouts there.
  8. Top ten, in no order: Richard Dawson, The Vile Stuff Parquet Courts, Total Football Alvvays, The Ones Who Love You Ezra Furman, My Zero Sufjan Stevens, Tonya Harding (in E flat major) Stella Donnelly, Boys Will Be Boys Lucy Dacus, Night Shift Lorde, Royals Black Midi, bmbmbm Taylor Swift, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Shittest song of the decade: Swedish House Mafia, Don't You Worry Child
  9. Tricky. Not just because of recency bias and memory issues, but also because I've not been paying attention evenly across that sort of time period. But I just came up with a quick shortlist of about twenty, so I'll need to whittle it down. (I've already removed Gangnam Style from the list, with just a slight sense of regret. I suppose I could still include it as the stand-out shitter instead.)
  10. Yoss

    Albums of 2019

    Bloody love Donnelly, as I may have mentioned about a thousand times already. Think the album is going to be pipped into second place in my own list though.
  11. Yoss

    Albums of 2019

    Fontaines DC top the BBC 6 poll as well. I like it but I'm not convinced it's on that level. Bit of an odd top ten overall, though I guess that's what happens when it's a combined poll from several people voting. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2kl6bfwYK6HSN32PYh2T6cT/6-music-recommends-albums-of-the-year-2019
  12. Yoss

    Albums of 2019

    Currently attempting to listen to the Michael Kiwanuka album that has attracted many glowing reviews. It's not for me. Not a lot left to come this year I don't think. Maybe a Beck album next week, though I've not been bowled over by the early singles. Then nowt happens in December. The end of year lists will be coming soon (in fact Rough Trade's is already out - https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/albums-of-the-year-2019 ) so I'll see if there's anything important features highly on those that I've missed so far (as I think happened with Mitski last year) but otherwise we're pretty much done.
  13. Yoss


    Much as I have no interest in Gerry C and am a bit mystified as to how he's playing Hampden, comparing him to Sheeran is well harsh.
  14. Yoss


    You'd be hard put to find a better double bill anywhere right now than Ezra Furman and Pom Poko. (I liked the QMU venue too - first time I'd been there.)
  15. Yoss


    I'm in much the same place - I generally buy two tickets to any gig I fancy on the basis that there'll probably be someone I can drag along. But it hasn't always happened for one reason and another (yeah, people have families and stuff - but chief among the reasons is probably the obscure / barely listenable nature of the music I've been dragging them along to). So I've started getting used to the idea of being there myself sometimes and it's been fine. I'm less likely to go along in time for the support, unless it's someone I'm looking forward to seeing in their own right, but it's certainly never lessened my enjoyment of the music itself.
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