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  1. I'm hoping some of those that have been quiet during 2020 have been using the disrupted time to work on new material and we'll have a bumper year ahead. All I've listened to so far is the LICE album that came out last week. Which was okay. But this week there's a new Pom Poko album, which I'm looking forward to probably more than anything that came out all last year.
  2. There's a broader range of music being made now than ever before. Most of which, of course, has little interest for me - that's the nature of things. But there is joyous, life-affirming and boundary-pushing stuff out there too, in a whole range of genres. It's a tremendously creative period. Edit: just noticed you have a whole thread on this, maybe I should have posted there. (I share your dislike of modern r&b and its ubiquity on charts and radio. But there's loads out there.)
  3. Some of the KEXP sessions are excellent. Of the recent ones, I enjoyed this from Sylvan Esso.
  4. Yeah, very much this - it hasn't felt like a vintage year, certainly in comparison to the past couple of years. But then thinking through my favourite records of those previous years, so many of them are bands I gained greater appreciation of by seeing them live, or in a couple of cases only discovered them that way. Thus year I'm struggling to think of anything that really deserves an album of the year accolade, but I'll probably say Helena Deland and Jerskin Fendrix as the pick of them. On the plus side, there's a Pom Poko album out in a couple of weeks.
  5. Must be about time to abandon the season.
  6. My memory differs on a couple of points - I think John Hollins was around for a bit more than one game; maybe more like a month. Sure I remember him being at McDiarmid Park during that run, at least. Also I think I'm right in saying that game at Stark's was actually Tommy McLean's *second* game as Dundee United manager. But I am pleased to confirm that we did indeed win, easily the most enjoyable moment in a pretty shit season. Add me to the Grant Anderson fan club - pity we'll not see him again, but wish him all the best.
  7. I was trying to think who she was supporting, but yes that would have been it.
  8. I'm not normally that much into electronica, but I just discovered Sylvan Esso's album from, I think, last month, which has got some absolute bangers on it.
  9. Saw her in Glasgow a couple of years back. The songs I can take or leave but I absolutely love her voice. Very asmr.
  10. Think it was Anna Meredith at Oran Mor in February. It seems a world away.
  11. I just had a read of the first thirty pages, and was relieved to see that "trust in McGlynn and give it time" was pretty much my catchphrase throughout. What amused me more than the slagging of Tade and Hill was all the talk of how there was no way we'd get away with playing Davo at centre-back in the higher division.
  12. Hello, good people of Ayr. Do any of you happen to know if footage is still kicking around anywhere of that game at Stark's Park in, I think, 2008, when yer man Alex Williams scored two of the best goals ever?
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