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  1. Apparently WoSFL have told Cumnock to pull the plug on it - not sure why!
  2. Home clubs have the right to stream Betfred matches. Stranraer are aiming to stream our home ties against Albion Rovers and Hamilton Accies.
  3. News on live streaming this season: https://stranraerfc.org/stranraer-fc-goes-live/
  4. Latest It’s no easy, featuring interviews with Grant Gallagher and Ayrton Sonkur.
  5. Do that and the season could be over before it’s really begun
  6. Tom Devitt, defender signs on. Played for Blyth Spartans against us last season. 24 year old has also previously been with Gateshead. In the photo below between two of the officials.
  7. Latest edition of It’s no easy - interviews with Scouse, Thomas Orr and Kieran Millar
  8. Not sure why? We’d get a share of the gate if it was at Somersets too.
  9. New It’s no easy, featuring update from Faz, Michael Moore on Thomas Orr, Fundraising and our League 2 fixtures
  10. Did the suggestion not come from the SFA?
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