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  1. Jinky Hilton, Dean Hawkshaw and Luke Scullion have signed for the new season.
  2. James Hilton, Dean Hawkshaw and Luke Scullion have signed on again at Stranraer.
  3. Does it not also increase the chances of a long trip for sides in the ‘North’ section?
  4. Expected you guys to have a real go at Bonnyrigg today, but sadly still waiting. Commiserations on the outcome, your manager should pay the price for a costly season for people who have followed Cowden for decades.
  5. Congratulations guys - see you next season! Enjoy your night!
  6. He wasn’t released, he was at the end of his contract, as was Tommy Muir. Both have turned down offers to re-sign.
  7. Not sure where Sonks is off to - just suspect he wasn’t happy with what we could offer him, rather than him already having another club fixed up.
  8. Would like to see Jinky and Woods back asap
  9. You think Spartans and EK will get up ahead of the clubs you have listed?
  10. I’d be a bit wary of using Rovers as a yardstick for how well you’re doing. They made us look like Liverpool a fortnight ago, but it was back to earth with a bump for us last week! See you guys on Saturday for our last away trip of a pretty meh season for us.
  11. Anyone know if City are planning to continue with the Friday night gig after this season? As a Stranraer fan based in Edinburgh it doesn’t impact me, but for anyone coming to an away game from the likes of Stranraer, Elgin or Forfar it’s just a bloody nuisance. From a City fans’ POV has it had a positive impact, e.g. on attendances?
  12. And our four extra wins have all come against you. Been our ability to win those four games that has kept us clear of the danger zone. You’re right about creating chances as Liam Buchanan’s goal in the first meeting was your only goal against us. We have struggled to turn possession into goals all season - looks from this end as if that has plagued you guys even more.
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