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  1. Most players these days are on one year contracts - doubt they’ll be thinking too much of the club’s future.
  2. Doesn’t match some of the figures above, but Stranraer and St. Johnstone have met at 4 grounds - Stair Park, Muirton Park, McDiarmid Park and Broadwood (Challenge Cup final).
  3. Read recently that, along with Airdrie, we have the worst record of success in the play-offs. But I think both clubs also benefitted twice, having lost in finals, from the demise of Gretna and Rangers’ liquidation.
  4. Wouldn’t have thought so as the League Two to League One play-offs are never on TV. The other higher two are though.
  5. Promises to be some night for the nerves for Stirling Albion, Elgin City and Stranraer fans on Tuesday. Queen’s Park have the title in the bag already but they have a role to play in who makes the play-offs as they travel to face Elgin, currently 4th. Edinburgh City are in the play-offs but could finish anywhere between 2nd and 4th. They travel to Stranraer, currently 5th. Stirling Albion lie third, but they have completed their fixtures. They are 1 point ahead of Elgin and Stranraer and all three are on the same goal difference. But, as both Elgin and Stranraer have scored more goals than the Binos, a point for either of these two will move Stirling down a place in the table. If both Elgin and Stranraer take at least a point, Stirling move down two places and drop out of the play-off spots. And another strange possibility - if both Elgin and Stranraer lose, the team which loses by a smaller margin will be 4th. If both lose by the same margin the table won’t change and Stranraer will miss out. Stirling Albion can finish 3rd, 4th or 5th. Elgin and Stranraer can finish anywhere between 2nd and 5th. Edinburgh City, as above, can finish anywhere between 2nd and 4th. Think I’ve got that all right...? Sportsound on Saturday night - more interested in a meaningless Glasgow Derby!
  6. We had 4 opportunities to fall silent for Phil - league matches Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday and then our Scottish Cup tie on the Sunday. If you even agree with it happening, once would have been sufficient.
  7. Think every team has another they struggle with. Elgin have beaten us three times now - we just can’t figure them out. Yet Albion Rovers (who we have beaten twice in the league) have beaten Elgin twice.
  8. Fair result in the end. We just couldn’t manage the game out after Darryl scored.
  9. This is always going to be about the memories you have of visiting these places, so Glebe Park is going to be favourite for most long-standing fans of current League Two clubs. (Whether it’s a promotion-clinching result or just the soup) I’ve also had a great day out at Brora and would be happy for them to be in the league as, like us, they struggle from being relatively isolated from other SPFL clubs. People at Dudgeon Park were very welcoming. Never been to Kelty but, geographically, would be handiest of the three!
  10. Agree they could be. But we’ve played both Kelty and Brora this season. On the day they both looked top end League 2 sides, with good and well trained players and I wouldn’t bank on them being off the pace! ps - we have the dates for the Brora/Kelty matches - do we have the dates for the final?
  11. Right guys, how are we all feeling ahead of this one - huge game for both clubs. A win for either team guarantees a Top 4 finish and a place in the play-offs. Final game for the Binos, so they need something. If we lose, we would need to win our final game against Edinburgh City but that still might not be enough depending on the outcome of their game with Elgin. Basically, we need to win this one too. A draw tomorrow would mean we could overtake Stirling with a draw or a win from our last game.
  12. League One to Championship final was on Alba in previous years, but not the lower ones.
  13. Yes, but you’re asking for the vote of SPFL clubs who wouldn’t vote a very similar proposal through last season when Thistle and Falkirk were ‘unfortunate victims of circumstance.’ I don’t mind the idea but I can’t see it happening.
  14. How many clubs in League Two have come out and said they oppose having the play-off this season? Clearly Brechin have, but how many others?
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