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  1. Some players will have already signed agreements with clubs for next season - and not necessarily with their current club. It’s fairly common.
  2. If they can’t be bothered to get a figure for Stranraer I would treat this organisation’s figures with scepticism
  3. 1) Have visited 40/42 with just St Mirren’s new stadium and Cove Rangers to visit 2) Have seen Stranraer play at 38/42 - not seen us at Motherwell or Dundee United in addition to 1) 3) Stair Park was obviously first. Away it was Palmerston in 1972 for QOS v Montrose 4) Last game was just over a week ago at Montrose v Stranraer 5) Hampden in the 70s and 80s and Tynecastle in the 80s 6) Clyde, Falkirk and Airdrie - loved old Brockville and Broomfield In addition to current grounds, have seen league/cup football at Love Street, Douglas Park (but not Accies), Meadowbank, Annfield, Bayview, Brockville, Broomfield, Gretna, Kilbowie, Boghead, Firs Park, Shielfield and Muirton.
  4. Would like to see these stats...we had a lot worse managers in the 80’s and we were further down the league.
  5. You’ve been overly negative for years - even when we were operating in the top half of the table...
  6. Glad to hear you’ve missed us Kincardine - pity this is the cup as we could do with a repeat of that Boxing Day point this season given our position ☹️
  7. Threave look likely to win the SOS - that would mean a team would be promoted to LL. Them or licensed EOS winner.
  8. More than we’re paying in League One!
  9. Didn’t catch that - can you speak up a bit?
  10. Jesus, that’s grim! Makes me look forward to our trip to Starkies!
  11. Aye, would be good if someone could illuminate us on what was wrong with the lights?
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