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  1. Was lucky not to be red-carded!
  2. Didn’t catch that - can you speak up a bit?
  3. Jesus, that’s grim! Makes me look forward to our trip to Starkies!
  4. Aye, would be good if someone could illuminate us on what was wrong with the lights?
  5. Looking forward to this one and thinking it will be a tough game. Montrose deserved their draw at Stair Park on Day One. I just want us to make amends for our Horror Show on our last visit to Links Park last season. We’ve shown very good form in our last few matches, but only in patches. Just need to get more consistent to start delivering wins. The game on the first day of the season showed that - we were on top for a lot of the game, then slipped out for a spell and Mo duly punished us.
  6. Bringing my tuppenceworth back to the table - opinion hasn’t changed in the last 5 years!
  7. Craig Napier refereed our match at Clyde, not Dumbarton...
  8. Not strictly true - our problem is that we’ve been very good, but only in patches - second half yesterday, first half at Airdrie, at Ayr in the cup - not nearly consistent enough!
  9. Bonnyrigg v Buckie might be a good shout for TV
  10. To be fair there won’t be that many without lights as all L2 and Highland teams have them and (I think) all the Lowland teams who are left in too.
  11. Hoping we have more of our injured players back tomorrow after being down to the bare bones last week! Good result for Dumbarton too last week - we’ll need to be at our best!
  12. Pretty much how I felt going to see us at Starks for about 25 years until we finally got a win last year [emoji23] Didn’t stop going though!
  13. I don’t know how to break this to you, but, errrr......Saturday 8th February 2020....Haste ye back....
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