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  1. Really good performance yesterday given the numbers we had missing. As has been said above we still had a team packed with experience, but we did have 3 players on the pitch making their debuts and you wouldn’t have known that from watching. From our POV we did what we had failed to do in our previous 2 games and actually competed for the ball, particularly in midfield. Good to see a battling display, ironically at a ground where we rarely get a result.
  2. Wrong thread - but he was fantastic yesterday. Very combative and looked as if he enjoyed runs up the wing with decent crosses at the end!
  3. Said at the time that the referee might be made to feel silly for his repeated habit of leaving players lying on the deck for long spells, having decided that there was no free-kick to award. He did that with Darryl Duffy late in the game, didn’t check on him - turns out the player has 3 dislocated bones following an awkward fall.
  4. Our first home league game of the season sees Annan visit. Still too early to read much into the first batch of league results. But in the same way that it was important to get something from our first away game, we need to be looking to start off with a home win. Still need to add depth to our squad before too much longer, but happy with the players we have in so far. Same starting eleven as last week I’d think.
  5. I’m not sure there will be runaway leaders or runaway trapdoor troublers this season. I expect Kelty to be there or thereabouts, given their investment, and would have thought that Stirling Albion and Elgin will be top end too. I’m hoping we will be troubling the top end, and we’ve looked decent, if a slight bit toothless, so far. But there have been so many changes at both Stranraer and Stenny that I’m not sure where either will finish. Don’t know enough about Forfar, would think Albion Rovers have improved slightly, Edinburgh City regressed slightly, and fear for Cowden, but more particularly Annan.
  6. In short, which clubs will be letting away fans in and which won’t? Given the numbers who watch the game at League 2 level it will be disappointing if clubs don’t make an effort to set aside an area for a small group of visitors. Edited to add - who have let away fans in so far? (We haven’t)
  7. Stranraer kit and shirt sponsors’ launch
  8. That was what I was wondering when I saw ‘multiple’. What happens next - do they just test all the other players again on Tuesday while the ones who were positive today are ruled out anyway for isolation?
  9. The hotel was renamed in the 80s or 90s - now the Balmoral which also has colonial overtones!
  10. A cup draw should always be exciting, or at least eagerly anticipated - this isn’t either of these.
  11. Think that’s us at: Jamie Walker Curtis Lyle Scott Robertson Ayrton Sonkur Sean Burns Sean McIntosh Craig Ross Kieran Millar Grant Gallagher Josh Walker Ruaridh Langan Paul Woods Ross Irving Dean Hawkshaw Matty Yates Tommy Muir Joe Moore Josh Rennie Updated to add Lyle, Irving and Hawkshaw.
  12. Josh Rennie signed now according to live stream last night
  13. Think you may be saying that a few times this season!
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