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  1. Given the undoubted power of the media team and the absolute insistence on following the five-year plan for the #content calendar to the letter, signing players based on their social media contribution seems an alarmingly plausible next step!
  2. Perhaps it's just because I've never been a millionaire superstar footballer but the notion of getting to that stage of your career and making your decision based on money just seem preposterous to me. Of course he might have pissed it all away and needs to urgently cram what he can get in the last couple of years into but otherwise, what's the point? Snodgrass will probably have pocketed about 10 million quid netto from his time in England. End your career somewhere you're happy playing, or where your family want to be, or that offers you a path into coaching if that's what you want, or decide based on a dozen other reasons. But seeing out your career on the basis of even tens of thousands more per year, when you're already more than set for life, just seems rather sad.
  3. Impressive foresight right enough @Kapowzer. As for Snodgrass, not for me or at least not unless we have him on trial first - he'd be taking the place of someone we can develop and will his contribution justify that aged 34 and having hardly played in the past two seasons? Not convinced. Certainly a very good player at his peak though and Hammell will know him from his brief return to the Scotland squad in 2013. As a minor aside you'd normally assume Livingston would be the natural retirement home in this case but if you wonder if ageing pros look at that pitch, rub their knees then think nah...
  4. I don't love it but would you rather we didn't take him and Leeds sent him to Hibs, St Mirren or wherever instead? Big clubs hovering up youngsters on an industrial scale is yet another shite thing about football I've made my peace with, relative to Motherwell, tbh.
  5. Very touching. And it's amazing to see some kid like that living the dream. Also 'amazing' to see a 19-year-old reminiscing about the old days, you've got a long way to go young man...!
  6. Fine with that...my usual low expectations on youth players apply though, homecoming boy or not. A little surprised Leeds didn't sort out a new contract with him before he left mind, couple of things you could make of that.
  7. He's not a journalist though, criticising him as if he was is pointless. He's a comedian who is both very good at what he does and excellent at hitting his target market - hence why he can say bring back Moult, let's move the Europa League final from Seville or whatever nonsense. You're not supposed to take his views seriously, they're just a basis for setting up punchlines.
  8. I can't bring myself to watch this but 10/10 trolling from the club. I'm convinced they do it on purpose to wind us up though quite why I've no idea.
  9. And me. Indeed, I've rarely been as excited then underwhelmed about a signing, ignoring returning heroes who didn't quite meet previous standards. He wasn't even that bad for us but I really thought he'd look very good indeed in a team coming off third etc.
  10. I'd be happy to take a chance on him given SOD has shown he can step in for emergencies. Agree that some realism is needed for who we get as a third left back especially as having a high-earning SOD sat on bench could be difficult to tolerate.
  11. This is the sort of game which screams disaster. Optimism of a new style, a good result last week, an overly expectant home support and an on-form opponent both difficult to play against while having a massive goal threat going forward? I wouldn't be unhappy with a point by any means either.
  12. I always have low expectations of folk coming from U23 sides but on the face of it I agree he's a good fit. McKinstry and Spittal either side of KVV could work with Shields, Efford and Mahon covering. Though - without knowing much about McKinstry - there's a concern about a lack of pace. There's also the fact that any time you change manager, there's a transition where certain parts of the squad are heavy - if 99% of the fan base want to upgrade on Efford, say, and Hammell agrees, I don't think anyone in that 99% would object to carrying an extra forward on the books to get that upgrade now rather than waiting till we can free him next summer.
  13. "We've enquired, been asked for wage contribution X which is way above our budget but if no one else offers that by the end of the month our phone might ring." A lot of guesswork obviously but you need to assume the otherwise eloquent enough Hammell wouldn't have produced that absolute word salad if there was an easy yes/no or not something we're looking to keep quiet for the time being.
  14. I'd try to renew Cornelius right now. We're going to offer him something anyway to guarantee compensation should he leave, so get him down on his two more years to 23 before his form picks up. Fox I strongly suspect will be retiring to be new gk coach. Carroll (unless we're doing the 'decent thing'), Ojala and Efford will be out the door if we've not managed to do deals on them by then. SOD, McGinn, Goss and Mahon get the season to convince us or otherwise.
  15. That's undoubtedly true but a a team playing football can just about survive with one non-playing diddy out of two at centre back, it cannot survive at all these days if both full backs can't handle at least the basics of possession. Remember Lamie at left back etc. If we're going full blown Hammellball, SOD and McGinn are the only options at full back until we sign another. Lamie and a new centre back - one we would call top notch - should be first picks in the middle with SSJ and Mugabi back-up. And we're looking to huckle Carroll, McGinley and Ojala out the door as soon as is politely feasible.
  16. I'm not a football snob by any means so was happy with Alexanderball as long as it worked. What I find utterly bizarre though is GA signed the players he did to then play the way he did...if you're only interested in running, tackling and safety first, having Goss, Spittal, Tierney, Morris etc is mighty odd. As for the bellweather thing, it's too early to tell. For ages I thought the squad was underperforming and a new manager would get a tune of them. By the time of Sligo - and the two Saints games after - I'd decided I was wrong. Maybe I'm wrong I was wrong... Not that anyone is getting carried away but I strongly suspect Aberdeen underestimated us on Saturday and beyond that they're clearly a team that wants the ball, to play footie etc, so certainly wasn't able to adapt to us suddenly clicking Livi on Saturday will be a truly fascinating test given both their well renowned way of strangling things plus their clear attacking threat, above all Nouble, against our still as dodgy as hell defence.
  17. There's been talk of an offside Efford nodding in a goal-bound shot but that wasn't on the highlights. He blocked it almost on the line rather than nodding it in himself...at least I think it was going in, would have been right at the post. From SSJ, I think, but in fairness he could hardly have got out the way.
  18. Been swithering on that one for a bit...I think he'll drop SSJ but there's alarmingly little in it atm.
  19. Just clocked that on Sportscene, you're absolutely right. Superb effort, even if only for show it's the sort of thing which screams fresh start.
  20. I would actually much rather we were up against United or Hibs next - a side where we'd be second favourites on paper but against an opponent who would turn up and try to play. Livi being Livi will be a massive test for the new us and I don't quite know if we'll be ready for it. I'd actually not be unhappy with a point, just to avoid losing momentum, but of course if we manage a win the optimism really will be there...
  21. Early days but the turnaround in Goss evokes memories of McGhee replacing Clarkson/McGarry/Paterson with clones in summer 2007. Even better - purely because I've been banging this drum in a private chat - was Spittal's performance having moved up rather than being part of a central three. Will cover up the 99/100 moronic suggestions I usually make for a week. Slattery obviously made a difference and DC has been spoken about too. Shields also contributed, though he's probably still nobody's ideal starter. But it showed if you have a coherent attack, one guy who contributes nothing more than legs can not only be carried but can be effective in pressing, as an outlet etc. Whereas if you're struggling and you have not one but two of these guys in your front three you're counting down till season tickets are landing on the pitch. The defence remains a muddle too of course but after the absolute fear of the last few weeks simply anything to justify optimism is to be grabbed with both hands.
  22. There are all kinds of caveats for the more serious discussion after some consideration but what a reaction, what a performance, what a day. Bloody hell.
  23. No longer winning. We still need to work on the cutting edge and defensively we're still wobbly...but christ what a change in approach. We must have made more passes this half than in whole months of games of last season. I wouldn't be surprised if our defence costs in the end today but win, lose or draw that 45 has suggested there is at least something to build on.
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