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  1. It's one thing supporting a small club who rarely win things and usually struggle but another thing completely supporting the equivalent of the Washington Generals as a stooge team which simply provides opposition for someone else. If the choice is between vanishing outright and that, I wouldn't be that fussed if we died. But anyway, there is no chance it will come to that. We have so many players out of contract next summer we will be able to drastically cut the wage bill so we're not looking at a failure of business, just a temporary, if substantial, cashflow problem. And there's no reason why between fans fundraising and selling a couple of better players, we shouldn't be able to bridge that. Afterwards, we do what everyone else does, sign the best players we can afford and see where we end up - there's then no reason to think we won't then maintain our historical position of bobbling around in 6th-10th, especially as others have existing large debts to manage and no crack at Europe this year to help ease the problem.
  2. The SPL clubs have kicked them out because of money - they fear long-term they'll lose their fans die if they let them back in - and the SFL will use money to make their decision too. The SFL could help out the SPL (if the Sky one season away thing is true) by dropping them into the First but why should they? If they go down to the Third 80-90 per cent of SFL clubs will get at least two visits from Rangers and there will be the wet dream of a three-year television deal which can be spread around everyone - and at the budget several of these clubs work on you only need a small amount to make a massive difference. If the SFL wants to let them into the First, of course some jiggery pokery can be done but it will take an almighty bribe from the SPL to get it. A share of the current television deal and another promotion spot would seem the absolute minimum they should be looking to get and given the soon to be state of the SPL clubs, I'm not convinced they'll be willing to stump up. In that case the SFL as a whole stands to gain a lot more with Rangers going into the Third Division than falling over themselves to help the very SPL which was set up to shaft them in the first place.
  3. We've already included £250k (again, the worst case scenario) of Euro money n our budget for next season so we need to make more than that to start making up for the loss/retention of Rangers. And the other point about us having cut players, we needed to shave 200k from the budget to make things match up given our existing income. That will now be less, barring a miracle, regardless of how the Rangers thing pans out.
  4. Not an unreasonable conspiracy theory but I think the mess at Rangers is so big they're fucked anyway (for next season at least). The stuff about the bank accounts and allegedly not knowing about the required tax deposit is absolutely farcical.
  5. Perhaps a month ago yes, this outcome was beginning to look possible but your point in general is 100 per cent spot on. If Rangers - the players, former players, former directors, fans, administrators, everyone - had came out and said sorry we screwed you over, we're in deep shit, please help us and we'll help change the game for good afterwards, they'd have been fine. There would obviously have been some fans staying in the hang 'em high brigade but there would at least have been a debate. The attitude of Rangers has been a major nail in their coffin. We can only hope the SFL finish the completely after the SFA appeal panel suspends them.
  6. So that's Hibs, United and Hearts confirmed as no with Motherwell effectively sure to follow. Inverness hinting towards no too while Celtic and Aberdeen will probably come down on that side shortly. It's effectively done...once it becomes clear five will vote no, the scramble to join the bandwagon will be incredible.
  7. First instinct - ahahahahahahahaha! Second - Rangers to England, AGAIN? Ain't going to happen, yawn, move on. But again shows how little regard they have for Scottish football. More interesting tomorrow is the SFA likely announcing when the appeal tribunal will meet.
  8. They can appeal the fact the decision has been sent back to the Appeal Tribunal and not a first Judicial Panel (or even thrown out altogether, actually). In other words, appeal the fact that should they AT suspended/expel them they will have no further right of appeal.
  9. You don't need to pay the fee to vote? What's it for then!? But fair enough, I guess that may persuade people to hang around in an attempt to get rid of the current board. I doubt anyone will call Derek Weir a liar, it's hardly a surprise he'll point out the impending financial hardship. I suspect a combination of two and three is the likely outcome.
  10. I don't think you can ask people to invest and become the talent pool for the board then completely ignore such a strong feeling. Most people may be paid up in the initial fee but they won't cough up the yearly sub needed to vote and will not bother turning up to whatever meetings there are to take things forward. You obviously have your crowd, I have mine and the vast majority of them will be chucking Motherwell if we roll over completely on this one regardless of having paid the fee already. £300 is not a lot to write off compared to the thousands I've spunked on the club before and the thousands I would otherwise spend in the future.
  11. Will still be the old board who go to the meeting. I think the plan is to gradually give the Society more influence in the months ahead but it's not going to happen immediately.
  12. Good luck proving that...and even if it's true, do you think squirrelling away some turnstile money is comparable to abusing a tax scheme to the tune of tens of millions and then simply not paying £15m of PAYE, VAT etc?
  13. If Rangers are playing with a limited team (which would seem likely) and are mid-table thanks to a 20 point deduction there is no chance - none at all - Rangers will sell out away ends at a minimum of £25 to watch meaningless games which are on telly. The first difference between Rangers and other clubs - rightly or wrongly - is others negotiated a legal deal with their creditors while you guys were forced to shut down. I've repeated this (stolen) line before because I love it so much but if you were a joiners you'd be on Watchdog. The other difference (and you can question whether it's a valid sporting theme or not) is no other club has brought the game into disrepute by systematically defrauding the public purse.
  14. We'll agree to differ on that one. But the Well Society is ripped up over night if they vote yes and I think that's concern number one at Fir Park.
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