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  1. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2022/07/02/andy-goram-1964-2022/ Sad news.
  2. Can't mind him but Semple was definitely a 'next big thing' and look how that turned out. There are enough examples to show there's no guarantees. One thing that's always bemused me given how often star kids don't make the grade is how little credit Robinson got for bringing in Turnbull successfully. Even now the narrative is generally he played him because he had no choice, he should have picked him sooner etc when you could just as easily make the case that SR, actually knowing his player personally, judged the timing perfectly and absolutely nailed it.
  3. Is that a UEFA requirement? If not I'd hope we're not even thinking about a third kit, the very principle of them is shocking.
  4. Don't hate it, don't love it..which is odd because I really liked the Untouchables away kit it's similar to from 2004ish. I suspect in history both of this year's efforts will go down as rather forgettable, midtable mediocrity in our kit ranking.
  5. Aye, and it's cracking - the Japanese guy apparently came to light when he and his entourage checked into the Moorings and the Faroese guy is a nine foot tall striker. All we need now for rumour bingo is someone spotted in the club shop and another seen getting lunch at Subway.
  6. This is an excellent point. I think it's just branding rather than to be taken literally tbh. Though I think they deserve a little leeway on the youths coming through now, post golden group, Covid chaos etc. If Johnston, Devine, others get a shot this season, Cornelius (and even Maguire) get the benefit of the doubt over average signings to start etc, we're hopefully back on the right track. I've said before I think there is a bit of a malaise in general at FP right now - likely a combination of factors and likely not even particularly fair but such is life. But as you say the nature of the league makes blooding youngsters ridiculously difficult, I don't see a massive change on the safety-first approach there. Mentioning Cornelius, he got his cameo at Tannadice towards the end of Robinson's era, made a hideous error which cost us two crucial points and didn't play again that season. There may ofc have been background stuff but to the outside that seemed a bit draconian. On the other hand, with a bawhair between fourth and 10th for months and months last year (and every indication this season will be similar), how many potential points-costing errors do you tolerate playing someone who may, or may not, turn into a big player a season from now?
  7. It's a fair point and one I would have expected the club to be a bit more proactive in addressing through the media/campaigns/branding/whatever you call it. We got away with things last season having made Europe so the chance would have been there to build things up again. OTOH, there clearly is a gap in the media dept right now and if we're approaching similar numbers of 'real' ST sales then perhaps the club was right to keep things low key. I do think though - and this is a feeling rather than objective fact - that we're drifting a bit atm rather than working up a head of steam for the season. Does it matter now? Not really...but fairly or not any kind of malaise means tempers will be short should we not start the season in form and I'm genuinely surprised the club aren't working on it when the chance is there. Plenty time for that to come ofc.
  8. When we signed Jordan White, I was happy enough because I was convinced at a minimum he'd be a better emergency option than Mugabi up top. Oops. Looking at the pedigree of big JF, my expectations if we sign him are absolutely zero!
  9. Why? I enjoy a little bit of temporary needle with a bigger fish that pinches our folk periodically (namely our never-learning friends in the north) but outside the Old Firm and 'derbies' the only mob I take particular pleasure in beating is Hearts, the trauma of a youth spent getting soaked on the Gorgie terrace watching us get utterly humped in the late 80s. When we have no real connection to them I can't understand why anyone registers any animosity for St Mirren, Kilmarnock, Falkirk etc. It's even an okay away day so it's not like you'd get rid of a Livingston/St Johnstone like trip should they go down.
  10. Yeah, I obviously hope they have a stinker on the opening day but I've got nothing really against the vast majority of our old boys pitching up in Paisley and in the cases of Robinson, Lasley, Dunne, Carson and Tait even quite like them. Apart competing against us, I'd quite like St Mirren to do well next season.
  11. In his start at Fir Park he was the best central defender we'd had in years and years. But he was injured (or ill, can't mind) just before the corona halt, was below that level when football returned and got progressively worse - to the extent we were better with him out the team - before leaving in a dubious manner. If you can get him playing in the form he had August-December 2019 he's a truly outstanding signing but given that's a few months out of an average career, he's probably in the 'punt worth taking' category rather than a guaranteed addition of quality.
  12. Reading the tea leaves through squad numbers is amusing to pass the time but of no relevance whatsoever to the season ahead. Woolery was unlucky to be dropped for Efford when he was I thought but his non-appearance at the very end was surely down to the shits going around the club at the time.
  13. Indeed, we will never know. But in these scenarios I nearly always think it proves the guy in question (be it Gallagher, Hastie or a.n.other) was right to cash the cheque when it came. Gallagher had reached nearly 30 having played for Dundee-Livingston-Motherwell, he had the best - arguably only truly quality - six months of his career behind him to bargain with and no guarantee it'd continue. Arguably by 20/21 it'd had gone in fact, never to return at club level, and the cash Aberdeen would have given him a huge amount of financial padding for the rest of his life, even if he's hardly going to be retiring at 35. As a fan I'm obviously rolling in schadenfreude that his big move didn't work out but I certainly don't begrudge him taking it in the circumstances...and nor am I petty enough to hope his career sinks without trace, if he turns it round at St Mirren fair play to him.
  14. It is. Tbf the club flagged in advance there'd be a break after those four as the two top prospects, McAlear and McKinstry, were snaffled before the first team stage. Had they progressed as planned they'd likely be moving on around now and the gap to players before and after them would have been much closer. I do find it a little surprising AB is even hinting at what's to come though - the most hyped prospects have been Miller and Rice, who afaik are only 15 so they're not even getting token run outs till late next season at the very earliest. We haven't been getting much (any?) recognition at the international age groups above their level recently, again afaik, so unless he's talking about Johnston - odd given we'e just signed McGinn? - or Devine it's coming out of the blue somewhat.
  15. Ta, yes, they added that after. Wee bit surprising we didn't go for longer given he's a known quantity.
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