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  1. Another goal conceded inside the first 10 minutes of a half. Really poor.
  2. Not to mention our thriving town centre and attractive local women. An away adventure not to be missed. The supporters team shall put the Airdrie supporters team to the sword first in the early ko, and set the tone for the afternoon. I’d expect Jai Q to start now that he has some game time and training under his belt, and for Pettigrew to take the keeper jersey. If Carsy is fit and available he’d start on the bench. I’ll miss this one so expecting a rousing 4-0 home win with flamboyant free flowing tippy tap football throughout. Airdrie to enjoy their pie but absolutely nothing else.
  3. Not much thought on this one really. The trip to Aberdeen last week means I won’t be there and expect the away support to be relatively low. What’s obvious is that both teams badly need a win, the hosts more so than ourselves. The loss of McAllister will be a big blow to Peterhead and a bit of a boost to ourselves but in the absence of our own attacking options I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended goalless. The arrival of SW is a welcome boost for us and will strengthen an obvious weak spot so defensively we should be better than our last visit there. I’d rip your hand off for a scrappy 1-0 here. Deflected McGeever header and a late penalty.
  4. I don’t think that’s the case at all. I wasn’t involved, but believe the anger and frustration at the way in which young supporters of our club were dealt with yesterday is entirely justified. Rather than de-escalate a (non existent) situation they created one. The way in which the entire situation was first created, then handled, absolutely should be challenged. Granted I’d take it to Falkirk rather than the Police. Interesting though that some see that as an opportunity to focus on our own fans rather than the root cause. There was little frustration on the performance. Apathy maybe. We were simply outplayed by a better side.
  5. I wasn’t close enough to see the whole incident, or what (if anything) led to it; but from what I did see the stewards created a situation where there was no need for one. No surprise there then. When you add in that the situation involved stewards confronting supporters, the supporters being children, and one of the officials from Falkirk then placing his hands on a child, then I’d say it warrants (within reason) some of the chat currently on the SOTR page. As for the game itself. No complaints. We were unlucky to be behind at half-time but deservedly beaten over the piece. Duffy badly needs to pull a few rabbits from a cashless hat sharpish.
  6. I went to the game today in hospitality as a neutral although in the company of both Well and Accies fans. Thought after the first 15 minutes Motherwell were going to blow Hamilton away but after the goal they seemed to fall out of it slightly. Hamilton improved as the half wore on but at half-time the general consensus was that the game was a given for the Well. They looked comfortable at the back with the Accies offering next to nothing up front and struggling to retain possession in the final third. Night and day in the second half. Clear from the first minute that Accies we’re going to press the ball and it worked a treat. Motherwell just couldn’t get going and in the end the result was fair and well deserved. Though the boy Mugabi has a cracking first half but struggled a bit 2nd. albeit to be fair so did most of the Well boys. The No17 has a shocker and was rightly hooked. Off the pitch, really impressed with the hospitality setup at Fir Park. Well looked after, food was great and the MC was a great host. Good day out all things considered. Fair play to the Accies and good luck to both teams for the New Year. I’d expect Motherwell to comfortably finish in the top 6, probably 4th, which is a successful season by any measure. Hamilton on the second half showing will have enough to stay up again. Fair play.
  7. C&G Systems really are a great partner and we’re lucky to have them on board. The latest initiative of engaging children on rail safety whilst getting them involved in DFC is just one example of the positive impact they’re having at the club. Great to see. Also, those tartan scarfs [emoji7] £35 is great value for the quality. One coming in my Xmas stocking hopefully!
  8. Absolutely woeful from us to day, front to back. The weather was horrific but there’s no excuse there as Montrose coped with it pretty well. Outplayed in every position by a team who wanted it far more than we did. No excuses. I’m really not wanting to single out one player as everyone was poor but there’s a few already mentioned who need punted at the next available opportunity. Credit to Montrose. Well up for it from the off and fully deserving of the points. Keeper with a bit of game management may frustrate but if a poor referee isn’t prepared to deal with that then why wouldn’t he?! We need a response next week.
  9. A winnable away tie please. We’ll take a lucrative defeat in the semis.
  10. Forfar can feel pretty hard done by tonight. I thought over the piece they showed more than we did and for most of the second half I was clinging to the hope of a replay as they looked more likely to snatch a winner than we did. Cup’s the cup though. Getting through is what matters. Thought McMillan had a good game and was arguably our best player. Layne worked hard up top alone and took his goal well, but overplays things far too often. Not convinced by Shiels at LB but he didn’t miss a header today and was generally pretty solid. Amazing what happens when you forget about short corners and simply get it in the box. Not sure what was going on with Carsy today but I thought it was another below par performance from him. Looked to be struggling at one point so could’ve been a niggle but we struggled in the middle today and he was part of the problem. Hutton did well enough. I’d have hooked PJ at half-time, another off day for him. When’s the draw for the next round?
  11. If you boys could return the favour by seeking out and punting Brabco we’ll be BFF’s4eva. Fairs fair lads.
  12. He pulled off a very similar save at our last encounter at the Rock. A solid keeper imo who has impressed every time I’ve seen him. Also though Airdrie’s No17 (iirc) was impressive again. Defensively they looked solid enough when we did apply some pressure in the second half but by and large we made it a pretty comfortable afternoon for them. You simply can’t legislate for the type of individual errors we made in the first half. Shiells looked out of his depth from giving away the ball inside 20 seconds, to the lack of communication with Neill for the third. Improved slightly second half but I’d be reluctant to see him at full back again. Morgan Neill had a shocker of a first half. Basic errors and unfortunately we were punished. Brennan should also do better on at least two of the goals. That’s a few poor performances from him now and Duffy should consider a change. Overall Airdrie deserves the points but that’s two of our worst performances this season against them. The Facebook stuff is another reason why social media should switched off and punted into the sea.
  13. Although we were good defensively today there were a few half chances that on another day the opposition would have taken. No criticism of Neill or McGeever who were both excellent, and Tumility who continues to impress. Wasn’t convinced by Brennan who had a few dodgy moments and PJ had an off day. Summed up by the lack of a final ball when 3 on 2 midway through the second half. Layne want great either but got very little from the ref and was manhandled the majority of the game. On the ref, how has he not booked the Peterhead boy for the worst attempt at a dive you’ll see all season? Poor from both of them. It’s a win though and we’ll take that over a performance all day, every day. Still improvement needed ahead of next weeks trip to Airdrie but I’m sure Duffy knows that. Also good to see the BBC film crew at the game today for the View from the Terrace. Apparently being aired a week Friday.
  14. Exactly this. Let season ticket holder take a pal along for a tenner, under 16s go free, invite local youth clubs along for a half-time knockabout that would encourage their parents along, invite local disability groups and consider reduced pricing for those on unemployment benefit (or whatever). An opportunity to generate some interest when there’s less competition. If you wanted to widen the net; engage WDC (stop laughing at the back!), open the club early and invite local businesses down for a working breakfast/business enterprise workshop with some club officials there to promote hospitality, sponsorship and community engagement opportunities. Instead of sitting in the house staring out the window.
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