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  1. Not fussed at all about the players not celebrating the first goal. They were still 2-1 down with work to do. No complaints from me and I’d argue it showed a more professional attitude. I really wasn’t expecting much from the game and would have settled for a point before kick-off; so to win in those circumstances is really pleasing. Interested to hear that we changed formation. I’m not alone I’m thinking the previous 4-3-3 wasn’t working so maybe Duffy has now seen that and altered it for the better. If he has, fair do’s. Will be interested to see how we set up next Saturday.
  2. Its not a great situation by any stretch but despite the challenges off the field the on-field issues lie solely at the feet of Duffy. His recruitment has been shambolic. I’m also beginning to question his commitment to the job and frankly the fans deserve better than a man at the helm who’s only half interested. At best, is a complete amateurish performance from a so called professional football manager. So what can the fans do to help? Short of winning the lottery and ridding ourselves of the ‘businessman’ of Brabco? The club needs funds, but throwing money at problems seldom solves the problem. What we need is a strategy for taking the football club forward whilst starving Brabco of any support whatsoever and indeed taking the fight with them public; when the time is right. That stage may come sooner than we think. Right now though? A managers fund would help. Ringfenced to ensure all funds raised go to squad reinforcement. Any other Supporters Trust initiatives or Fundraising needs to be fully supported. We need a Trust AGM and at that we needs fans to step up to the plate, stop criticising (often rightly) from a distance and start supporting efforts to change the club’s direction from within. A strong Supporters Trust will go a long way to not only supporting the football club but blocking any hostile moves from Brabco. Meanwhile we can only hope that we can somehow keep within touching distance of the pack until we either get some quality loan players in, and/or limp on til January in the hope we can bolster the squad then. What we need now is practical solutions; right now.
  3. We still are mate. Just taking a short sabbatical to give some others a turn.
  4. The only thing that’s rancid here is your attitude, at a time when the club needs fans to unite and do what they can to get the club through a troubling spell. I’ll be in touch regarding your request for your donation back.
  5. I thought that too. Great to see and well done to the club’s social media team for getting it out there. Don’t see the issue with Duffy’s comments on SSB. He’s put on there to give an opinion and he’s done that. Why Wright feels the need to publicly respond says more about him tbh.
  6. The perceived shitey-ness of a football team is all relative. A fact I like to remind Old Firm fans.
  7. Or indeed the legacy of mismanagement from previous boards that left the club with an asset in need of urgent repairs yet no ring fenced maintenance funds to draw from. Basic asset management failures that left the current board having to find that money from elsewhere; compounded by the drop in ST sales and away support meaning that particular pot was already tight.
  8. The longer term stability of the club should always come before short term (over) ambition. I say over because it doesn’t mean the club can’t have ambitious plans, but that requires a longer term vision and sustainable business model. One thing that’s obvious is that we don’t make enough of the current stadium. Out with match days it must be 10-20% utilised, at a guess. Most clubs from the Championship upwards will have their facilities used routinely throughout the week. That generates a non-match day income that drives up their budget relative to ours. We have two fully licensed bars, one ideal for small to medium functions, the other one of the biggest capacity venues in the area. They should be used to their full potential. Simon spoke about Duffy not being prepared to make promises based on forecasted budgets and that’s absolutely right imo. If the club can maximise non-match day revenue to a point where you have a fully committed annual calendar that would help. Of course so would a managers fund and the various Trust fundraisers. As much as we can rely on the odd sponsor donation that’s not something you can come to expect.
  9. £100-150k for uncovered terracing. £200-300k for covered terracing £400k for terracing with usable space beneath. Would be my guess. We’ll need to sell a few more ‘engraved at the rock’ bricks for that though.
  10. We had a lot of fans saying they wouldn’t renew with Stevie Aitken at the helm. Yet when he left, and the fans choice Jim Duffy came on there was no notable spike in ST sales. So where did those fans go? We’ve also had fans say I. Here that a £200+ outlay in the summer is too much and yet when the club authorise a payment plan that allows fans to pay up at a very reasonable £25 a month there’s still no significant uptake. The club are doing their best with the Brabco baggage strapped to their back in a small pool of volunteers; but fans need to react and support the club when things are down right. I thought it was a useful engagement event and is something we should be doing 2 or maybe 3 times a year, hosted by the Trust but with representation from the board and/or manager when feasible. One thing I found interesting was the view that Brabco benefit from the negativity surrounding the club on social media platforms, on here etc. Make no mistake that hearing fans deserting the club when we’re already tight financially will be music to their ears. Maybe food for thought for some. If we’re going to rid ourselves of the absolute clustershambles of failed businessmen that call themselves Brabco we need the fans united, and willing to engage, support and be proactive in any subsequent fight. And it may well head that way. Which leads to my final point. Given the amount of negativity on here, and on social media over the summer, much of it justified, a lot of it not; it was disappointing to see only 40-50 fans in attendance. When we hear so many complaints about the club not being open or ho eat about what’s going on, that’s a disappointing turnout when the club do engage.
  11. There’s only one person who is responsible for the shambles that has been our summer recruitment and that’s Jim Duffy. For a so called experienced manager his handling of that has been incredibly poor. I’d echo what others have said, a centre half and forward are needed urgently but I’m not sure we’ll see them. Certainly not experienced ones. Most we can likely hope for is a Dom Thomas or Chris Kane style loanee. As for the strip. It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected when I seen it in the flesh, but it’s not great. I’m sure the club will take on board the feedback though; those who think the board aren’t listening are wrong. It may be too late for this year but it’ll be dealt with and improved next summer. A fans vote is a no brainer.
  12. The problem, as with most of these types of thing, is that it’s very seldom a one person job. I don’t know who ran it last season, they did a very good job, but if it was solely down to them it’s understandable that they now want to step back a bit from doing it. Anyway yesterday’s result was a welcome bit of positivity after the last few weeks. I couldn’t male the game but by all accounts we were solid if unspectacular; but we’ll take that. All good teams start by being difficult to beat.
  13. Quitongo and Crossan wouldn't be all that bad tbh. Can't comment on Zara as I've not seen him play but comes across a side very meh to anyone who has. Boris would be a reasonable squad player but if he signs it's a mark of where our expectations should be at this season. Im hopeful we'll see a couple of quality loanees come in at the end of August.
  14. Referring to someone as a mouthpiece is having a go. Social media person would’ve been fine. It’s unfortunate that you feel the way you do, but I don’t recognise the clique or general atmosphere you mention. What’s clear is that there’s challenges behind the scenes; Brabco being the elephant in the room here, and that ramifications of their input (or complete lack thereof) is having a significant impact on the club operationally. Hunt me down at the next game, we’ll share a beer and have a moan about all things DFC, no harm in a moan btw, it’s what we do best; but I guarantee I’ll come up with a few ideas of how we could both contribute just a little to making the club better.
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