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  1. I’d put in loads of effort too but you wouldn’t expect me to start up front. Strikers are judged on their goals. The stats speak for themselves. Frizzel and Wilson should be away in the summer as well. Wilson not good enough and Frizzel has shown nothing this season.
  2. He’s miles off the level required. Another game without a goal but there’s more to it than that. A good through ball at 1-0 that not only did he fail to control (which would have put him through on goal) but his first touch played the ball behind him. Hugely frustrating. He’s not the only one but our inability to score is killing us and more often than not he’s the one leading the line, so the criticism is warranted imo.
  3. If Jones is playing professional football next season I’ll be amazed. So far out of his depth at this level it’s embarrassing.
  4. I’m cautiously optimistic. Like most I’ll wait to hear their plans but we were on a steady decline to League 2 at best under Brabco, or oblivion at worst. We’ve suffered from years of absent ownership, lack of investment and uncertainty that’s in effect crippled the club from anything other than simply surging, just. In anyone’s book the departure of Brabco has to be celebrated. Maybe the director is an architect who specialises in behind goal terracing and eco friendly social clubs with panoramic views of sports stadia....
  5. I understand the caution, feel the same to an extent and they’ll need to outline their plans in full before they get any form backing from me. However, let’s not be in any doubt at all that this is a massive upturn in events given the complete lack of stewardship and direction under Brabco, not to mention their incompetent grand plans to relocate the club with neither the capability or capital. It may be another step in to the unknown but I welcome it with open arms given recent years.
  6. I’d forgotten about that pesky East Fife ‘replay’. Big game on Saturday regardless and if we do our job we’re safe. It’s in our own hands.
  7. Great result for us at Forfar tonight. Ball back in our court. Avoid defeat at Clyde on Saturday and we’re safe.
  8. I agree with pretty much all of your post Jan with the slight exception of this. Although I know the point you are making the basic facts here is that strikers are on the park to score goals. Defending from the front is all good and well but I would say Jones isn’t even particularly good at that. Running around closing down space with no end product doesn’t cut it for me. He’s a big player but his hold up play should be better and his heading ability is poor. His work rate is good but that’s the bare minimum expected from any footballer. He’s simply not good enough for this level. I’m at the stage now where I’d prefer we go with players out of position up front that persist with Jones and the ever fading Wilson.
  9. The omission of Omar and Wallace was just bizarre given they’ve been two of the very few positives in recent weeks. Duffy continues to baffle with team selection and persists with Jones when it’s clear he’s nowhere near the required standard and won’t get the goals, or even a goal, we desperately need. Hugely frustrating. We missed Nat in the middle today but the truth is we missed far too many chances and if you’re not scoring many goals you’re not winning matches. East Fife looked decent. Well balanced throughout and hard working given they have nothing left to play for.
  10. That’s a fair point. I wouldn’t fancy us taking anything from Montrose given recent performances against them. I do think though that we could match or better Peterhead’s results in the run-in but wouldn’t be that confident of doing likewise with East Fife. Agree with George Parr in that we now have four cup finals after the Thistle game and need to go out to win every one. Getting Layne fit would be a huge bonus.
  11. That was a massive win for us last night. The thing that stood out to me most was that the players are still absolutely fighting for the cause and for Duffy. We all accept we don’t have great quality or strength in depth but we do have a squad of players giving their all under a tough schedule and that’s commendable. Their work rate last night was excellent. The Thistle game is another free hit imo and I’d be tempted to rest a few ahead of the split. Hopefully Rico’s recovered from what looked like a knock but I’d leave him out in any case, along with Nat. A point from Thistle would be tremendous given Clyde play Forfar but they hit Montrose for 5 last night and will be going all out for the title now. A really tough game on tired legs. Personally I’d prefer Forfar to beat Clyde on Tuesday and for East Fife to beat Peterhead on Saturday. I can’t see Forfar gaining the remaining 5 points on us over the final 4 games so let’s keep Clyde in 9th and pull Peterhead into the mix.
  12. I think the cost of a bespoke kit means that you have to sell a fair number to achieve a good margin and in the past we’ve not sold enough to make it viable. So either the club opt for a cheaper off the shelf effort or put the price up on the bespoke kit to make it viable. I’m sure that was the reasons given when I queried it in the past. Regardless our 150-anniversary kit absolutely must be a bespoke design and should, in my opinion, be similar to the Umbro kit posted previously. Iconic. White with the GOLD and black bands. Given the anniversary I’m positive a good quality kit will shift in good numbers.
  13. As in “We’re delighted to announce Jim has signed a new 1-year deal and subsequently don’t expect to sell any season tickets”? Full clear out in the summer and build from scratch is the only option, regardless of what division we’re in.
  14. Not a chance he’ll be offered a new deal. Even if he was, with his recent health issues and commitments in the media I doubt he’d be interested.
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