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  1. Joma shirts are the cheapest shite ever , sizes are way out . total pish
  2. Crawford is not the manager who can take us forward
  3. As long as you don't call Goodwillie Rapey?
  4. Coming from the club who gained promotion bye voting to not allow teams to complete the season?
  5. No, if it wasn't for covid, you would still be in League one . Lets be honest ?
  6. Do you really think Dundee utd will be allowed to knock Celtic out the cup?
  7. Celtic v Hibernian Rangers v Hearts This is my prediction Lets see if I'm right or wrong ?
  8. Well I'm sure as directors they would have known before it became public you would think? but keep on trying to defend these people
  9. Are you trying to tell me they knew nothing about the signing until it was released to the public ? Aye ?
  10. He only resigned after the outrage by fans , He knew fine well about this , just trying to save himself
  11. Everyone involved in this signing should be removed from the club , Total disgrace
  12. Posted yesterday at 18:12 It might have been better to look it up rather than embarrass yourself on here. Still waiting? Explain?
  13. Not to far mate, Raith fans who stand against this have my total respect , just a shame the club have forced people into actions like this, no winners in this situation. Having to do this is tragic for fans, Raith Rovers have been in so many fans lives and having to cut that out must be devastating, but you guys are totally correct in any actions you take, shame on all involved in this signing. ,
  14. I know you guys did mate, but I can't understand why they would do this ?
  15. Surely the rovers could have signed someone rather that DG? FFS
  16. I bet they did? our deckchair one was a classic
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