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  1. Maybe you can nip over to Starks Park to watch us? Aye could do , wont be any concern over social distancing , with the thousands of empty seats .
  2. Desperation to get promotion , everybody can see it . 😉
  3. His mum and dad didnt give him a cuddle CHEATING to gain promotion , Its the only way . 😉 Well done .
  4. We might be in the play off position ,If things are done fairly? keep up the agenda for cheating , only way you can gain promotion . SAD really . 😟
  5. Total desperation , we can all see this .
  6. More to try and stop you from cheating your way to promotion , lets face it you would bottle it again , if the season was to be completed fairly we could leave you in this league , by winning promotion by the play offs . # DESPERATION .
  7. As I said , Desperation for promotion 😄 no reply from the cyber bully's ? you know who you are !
  8. Nevermind it appears that your club voted yes anyway. Did they ? Really ? 🙄 You might want to check that out ?
  9. By clubs voting , dose this not mean they have agreed to an unagreed rule change ? which dismisses your point ?
  10. Get back to self isolation and free government money! Just a typical weekend in Methil. Frank , I wasn't being sarcastic or funny , just thought if this is true , I would be shocked 😲
  11. I hope your no on furlough Honestly guys , im confused 😮
  12. Every one knows you're Matt Elder now f**k off! I never knew that 😮 Honestly never knew , total shocking if true ?
  13. if the board are saying season is finished then league positions stand and promotion happens. So why is there a vote ?
  14. awarding team currently top the title would not be that bad (still unfair) but promotion and relegation NO . I take it you missed this part of my post ?
  15. Next season can be adjusted ? relegating teams this way will have a serious impact on them for seasons to come , by trying to gain promotion and reduced income . awarding team currently top the title would not be that bad (still unfair) but promotion and relegation NO .
  16. In what way is it cheating? By not allowing teams to play all the remaining fixtures in which case the league positions would probably change , not allowing teams to fight for survival by relegating them .
  17. Not much chance of any club being top when you end the season with games to play , Happy to CHEAT ? WOW . 🤮
  18. Any club who gains promotion with this is just cheating . The whole season takes many twists and turns , as we all know . DESPERATION 🤮
  19. season not complete , you should be aware of that , bottle merchants , DESPERATION 🤐
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