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  1. Going by that, the Scotland national team would be interesting?
  2. Not heard anything, but this has been going around for a couple of years now, the flats next to it were sold though.
  3. Aye , but take the gate money when drawn away in the cup
  4. Home support kids in the away end ? FFS
  5. I would pay £10 as £18 is not affordable to me
  6. As an East Fife fan for over 40 years, i was keen to come back to games after a 10 year absence due to work, but £18 is way to much for me, sadly i wont be back
  7. I don't think any club expect to win the league at this stage or get relegated, 2 games played is far to early to judge teams honestly, Raith have a good chance this season once the team gel , just need a good defence as the way they are playing is very attacking .
  8. That's why they were relegated and now play in the championship
  9. Not a fan of Crawford TBH, but we are not in any position to be picky, never a fan the first time he was at the Fife. Very interesting to see how Falkirk progress with Mcglynn? top of the section in this cup with a win against a Prem club.
  10. Aye mate, been a while . hope you are fine? just back to enjoy the fantasy you guys have actually winning promotion? The Fife are in freefall to the lowland league, I'm sure but hey ho , we might improve with Craw?
  11. Always an excuse? bad ref, terrible playing surface, unlucky with injuries? Just admit defeat by a better team? Billy big boys after the Peterhead game (who are shite by the way) brought back down to earth. Who's to blame for the missed penalties? I'm looking forward to the delusion of premier league football
  12. Joma shirts are the cheapest shite ever , sizes are way out . total pish
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