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  1. I only started with a wee joke about part holders ? then this
  2. Well not really ,the advantage Raith gained by being awarded the title and promotion , was they were allowed to play football and build for the seasons to come . while Falkirk and East Fife were not. SPL and championship were allowed to play on, while the lower leagues were not ? Being AWARDED a title and promotion must make you lot so proud ? Good luck in the next round defending the trophy you won in part . Total farce
  3. Are you not holders ? In part at least ?
  4. But I'm not the only one? you really should know that ?
  5. This must be a fashionable fight , its drawn the finest people.
  6. How are they getting away with this? FFS . Quarter final ? no away fans allowed
  7. Really ? So why did you attach your huge snozz post to the bowing ball pus post ?
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