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  1. season not complete , you should be aware of that , bottle merchants , DESPERATION 🤐
  2. Not eating me up at all , just the desperation from raith fans wanting the title and promotion handed to you is hilarious , as you would probably bottle it again . DESPERATION . 🤣
  3. Just Raith fans desperate to get promotion .
  4. Just cancel the whole season , no competition due to global pandemic .
  5. Seen his donation earlier but it was £500. Fair play to him regardless. Its an excellent donation as are all of them! How much did you donate ?
  6. We have alot of attacking options that are ahead of him. I think he could have done a job at league 2 level but at least he should be gaurenteed regular game time at Dundonald, which is what he needs having barely played. gaurenteed ?😮 Eh ?
  7. Have the old firm ever been drawn against each other before the semi-final stage ?
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