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  1. True , never thought about that , just feel that fans are paying to much to watch football in the lower leagues .
  2. Even go the whole hog, and have a full season ticket that does all! Pay £50 more and access all games, except the Scottish Cup. season tickets should be for ALL home games , inc friendlies , all cup games .
  3. We would if you can guarantee our safety ? but with starks parks falling to bits ......................... ?
  4. Aye ? Without you c***s in the seaside league , we would fold ? REALLY ? Get a reality check mate . Roaring back 3 ? LOL
  5. Take yer own advice and go back to the rovers forum ? roaring back 3 LOL
  6. See you next season Frank Enjoy the play offs ?
  7. Cheers Scary , don't get to upset when I come back and rip the pish , when you LOSE OUT AGAIN !!!!!! Roaring back #3
  8. Let me tell you what's embarrassing , you telling me to go back to my own page when you have been on there having a dig at me and me only ? Eh? Another thing is the big club trying to get promotion from the seaside league to the championship ? Looking forward to roaring back # 3 .
  9. Well done finishing 3rd ( Big club ? ) LOL
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