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  1. A poor game won by the one goal and really our only shot on target. Pleased for Stevie May who has struggled to score for ages. Watching the game I felt Aberdeen could have played all night against our 10 men and would never have scored so the last minutes passed without any hairy moments. After last season against you we really deserved a win.
  2. So you are saying there was contact. It certainly looks like it on the Twitter replay.
  3. Morelos surely has get punished for his punch on Liam Craig after the penalty. Why did Liam try to take the ball from Roofe just stupid though.
  4. What did Morelos actually do, I didn’t see the incident?
  5. That’s the result of trips with NI squad and his head being filled with all the money other players were getting. Plain and simple.
  6. At least we had it and will be difficult for any team outside the two to ever equal. Whatever we did it and it was wonderful. What happens now happens.
  7. Nothing to do with the game but the St Mirren sound system seems miles better than ours which badly needs updating.
  8. He would give us the big unit up front and he does score.
  9. Again we are missing Liam Gordon at set plays. Muller and Devine doing ok.
  10. You seem to only get live streams on season ticket not the things on Saints tv like interviews or live audio. Bit of a swiz really.
  11. Players gave 100% just LASK were class at times. Your just jealous of our European adventure. We just run out of energy after the run of games etc. We just need a rest so I would rest the whole starting 11 from Thursday and give you a chance.
  12. I feel that we need a quality striker and that if he got goals then our own strikers would have less pressure on them for goals so it would maybe improve their strike rate as a result. Scoring one goal at best a game is never going to win many games as this season shows.
  13. I can’t understand this either because I tried to buy at 3.40 approx last Saturday and could only get a seat in the main stand in the lower seats in line with the goal line. Happy enough with the seat but someone put up a photo of the main stand after the game was underway and you could clearly see how many seats were empty, I know about the red zone ok. It was clear that my usual seat and all around it was mostly empty. This should not be the case and needs sorted.
  14. I got a seat in the Main stand so i'm happy, but: Surely its not too much to ask that the club told all on the data base and a general announcement when tickets would go on sale and what was going to be the procedure to book. Just starting the sale without notice is poor. Us season ticket holders some for over 40 years deserve better.
  15. Only got the Ormond for Motherwell and really enjoyed the change.
  16. Saints have nothing on the website or on Saints tv whether it is available on PPV. Has Saints TV been abandoned? The lack of information that comes out of McDiarmid is breathtaking. I understand they are really busy but the fans need information.
  17. Should we rest all the starters tonight against United? Next Thursday is more important than three points.
  18. When are we going to get our goal scoring sorted? Its been obvious for a long time we need a big striker who doesn't need to be anything but has the ability to shoot on sight and actually get the shot somewhere in between the goals.
  19. Bought it last year for our game at Dunfermline which we won so had to keep going as we won the cup. Actually watched the final on BBC though. When I tried to cancel it turned out I had bought a six month contract so had pay until then. But heyho we did win the cup so would have paid double. The fact there was no streams this round is a cheap shot and their contract should not get renewed when up.
  20. Liam Kelly is in sky team of the week. He did well but didn’t have saves to make like Zander did but what do you expect.
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