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  1. Someone needs to get on top of the admin as it’s pretty haphazard at the moment. Why could they not have reused the same tickets where they were just being bought again for the same seat. That would have reduced the workload a bit or is that too simple?
  2. Should get a good work out tomorrow at Aberdeen. Both teams need games.
  3. Maybe come tomorrow. Just as well wasn’t going anyway. Looking forward to the game on Preston tv.
  4. Still not got mine yet, good job I wasn’t going due to all the COVID rules.
  5. You can keep Kennedy and keep your hands of Jason Kerr.
  6. Not having a Saints stream tomorrow night and this ballot shambles is a slap in the face of every true supporter. I got a seat in the ballot but am not going due to all the rules etc. But I have not been provided with a simple way of telling the club I’m not going so they could give my pass to someone else. How can you give up something you have not got yet. Terrible terrible shambles in administration. I will have to buy a stream from Preston which is ridiculous for the first match since the cup final. So very disappointed in the club.
  7. Very poor communication, surely that should have been announced with the details of the game which has been public knowledge for some time. I will be really disappointed with Saints if I have to buy the stream from Preston.
  8. Surely must be on Saints tv as all season ticket holders are entitled to have seen the match if things were normal. If it’s not then the club should be ashamed and embarrassed.
  9. Is the game on Saints tv for season ticket holders?
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