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  1. Hi, Can anyone help me with list of scores for the finals from 2004/05 to 2014/15? Trying to consolidate things on the Beith Juniors website. www.beithjuniors.com Thanks - Tommy
  2. Friendly wanted 29/07/17

    Beith Juniors are looking for a friendly on July 29th in Fife or Lothian. Thanks
  3. Beith manager to go at the end of the season

    Complete mischief making post, no truth in it whatsoever.
  4. Kenny McLean Testimonial

    Kenny McLean Testimonial committee have organised a Testimonial game for the Beith Juniors striker who scored almost 200 goals for the club & is definitely recognised a club legend and formed one of the juniors most deadly striking partnerships in the past decade along with Andy Reid. The match is the current Beith Juniors team against a Beith Juniors All Stars on the 15th July at Bellsdale.
  5. Beith Juniors have reluctantly placed Tommy Martin on the open to transfer list. Interested parties please contact the club. Tommy was undoubtedly one of the club's best players last season but after being injured in the Scottish Junior Cup Final v Pollok has been unable to break back into the team and would like the chance to play more regularly.
  6. West premier super league 2016/17

    Think last year's top 3 will stay the same but in a different order. Troon definitely pushing there, think we could too but lot will depend on impact if any of the big Scottish, it affected us massively last time when I thought we were still the best team around for first half of season until we imploded. Definitely should expand the league, yes very competitive but the quality suffers at the end. I'd happily lose the sectional cup for 4 more league games.
  7. Biggest Derby

    Been to Beith/Kilbirnie, Talbot/Cumnock, Arthurlie/Pollok. Majority of course involving Beith but seen the others 3 or 4 times with mixture between league & cup. Arthurlie & Pollok games for me didn't have a heated atmosphere, tackles flew in but was below the others for a derby. Talbot & Cumnock get the bigger crowd of the Ayrshire ones & previously were at a higher level due to the competitiveness. It is a derby you have to witness if you're a junior fan. However Cumnock rarely get a result now it seems, so not at the same level. Beith and Kilbirnie have the heated atmosphere & two sets of singing fans like the Talbot and Cumnock but on a smaller scale. The level of the teams is closer so usually more competitive. Having said that, Kilbirnie last won a league game against Beith in 2001. But unfortunately Kilbirnie have the habit of winning the bigger cup games like West semi in 2008 & Scottish cup last 16 tie in 2011.
  8. Beith V Buffs

    Yes, he was flagged regardless if the Lino got it right or not.
  9. Glens v Beith

    You get too many publicising them as if they'd taken the photos themselves and no credit given, including newspapers & various websites. Know the big man is happy for them to be shown anyway with some credit given.
  10. The Quarter Finals

    I filmed the Beith game
  11. Boylan at the Buffs for sure, crazy fast
  12. Full match dvd's

    I did it for a few years running with little interest after the first year for season reviews for Beith & stopped due to the sheer volume of time with so little interest in it. More just seemed more interested in the YouTube highlights.
  13. Beith Juniors 15/16

    Left with a few months of the season remaining, don't know any of the back story though.
  14. Beith Juniors 15/16

    Back up goalie last season was Chris Calder.
  15. West Region summer transfer thread 2015

    For avoidance of any doubt our better terms are we offer one half playing downhill. Otherwise our players play for the love of the game & the management team just like the Ladeside boys the last few years.....