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  1. Thanks for comments, really enjoyed the game and glad it went well for John
  2. Just a reminder about this one this Sunday at 1.30pm, special programme being produced for it as well.
  3. And Derek Wingate now confirmed as well.
  4. Simon is a right good guy and has played for a lot of top teams and from Beith initially and is still playing. New additions to the All Star squad are Chris Strain, Chris McGowan and Gavin Friels.
  5. This is taking place at Bellsdale Park on Sunday 14th November at 1.30pm. A John Sheridan select of Beith players he played with from 2008 to 2020 managed by John Millar and an All Stars Legends select team managed by Tommy Sloan. All Stars players: Adam Strain, Ryan Dakhil Chris Robertson, Craig Menzies, James Lundie, Andy Paterson, Paul Gordon, Stewart Maxwell Bryan Young, Stuart Davidson, Colin Spence, Liam McGuinness, Simon Eeles, Ryan Deas Sean McIlroy, Ian Cashmore Jr, David Gormley, Jamie Longworth There may well be one or two additions or changes due to availability as waiting on a couple more to confirm. Admission price is £5 and would be great to see as many people as possible there!
  6. Probably Cambuslang, the way that lad Williamson has been scoring - 28 goals in 13 games is incredibly at any adult level
  7. IN: Jay McKay - Rutherglen Glencairn, Jay Shields - Beith u20s, Jordan Duffy - Beith u20s OUT: Ryan Docherty to Benburb, Darren Ramsay to TBA
  8. In theory I don't have a problem with PPG and don't have an issue whether its Clydebank, Darvel, Kilwinning or whoever but would be crazy to do after just 7 games played ie less than a 3rd of games played.
  9. Beith have only been beaten once since January, 0-3 after extra time v Clydebank. I'll grant you a lot of draws as not enough goals scored, Benburb game aside but harsh to say struggling after 6 games played.
  10. Think that is very disrespectful to men who have given 60 years combined service to the club. It is also disrespectful to the remaining people at the club to assume they feel that way. Robert who has unfortunately left was always saying about encouraging the younger generation to step up. The decision to play on or leave for a season has been a difficult and emotive decision for lots of club & Beith isn’t unique. I personally have flip-flopped on what is the right decision on that a number of times. So I’m not going to decry someone else for having a different opinion when from their own angles they are looking to do what is best for their club. Time will tell what is the right decision or not but United you stand, divided you fall. There’s no villain of the piece, just disagreeing opinions. All these type of posts do is create ill feeling & I would hate to think that is what anyone would want.
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