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  1. The fact that Russell had a dislocated ankle last season seemed to play on his mind towards the end of the season. Think a Full pre season in him and we will see a different player to that that finished the season
  2. Heard this was a rumour. You think its confirmed? Saw on Broty Twitter their Manager has confirmed it
  3. Yes we have Euan returning to his parent club, however a fit CJ, Josh Skelly and Blair Lyons who have pace to burn. Thank a full pre season with Martin and Rusty will see us going good up front. Think a new goalie, 2 x centre halves and a midfielder who can pick out a pass and we will be laughing. We do have an aging squad, however as proven by Terry Masson this year sometimes players improve as they get older.
  4. One result doesn’t make a bad season. We came up against the best striker in Scotland yesterday. Aye it’s a tough one to take, but let’s look at the positives 1st season out of the bottom league in over 23 years and to finish 4th The re-signing of Cammy Players that would run through walls for each other higher attendances and pride back in the town and community SP stating this only the beginning
  5. The belief that SP has instilled in the players along with key appointments in his back room staff is the reason that we are where we are. It would be great to have a Dobbie, McAllister or a player of that ilk playing for us, however we have honest hardworking pro’s that play for the shirt. As for yesterday perhaps a game to far, we gave Dobbie far to much space and respect & he punished us. Can’t fault the players for their efforts this season. Have not missed a game since SP took over and have seen our travelling support grow and to have 281 down yesterday was fantastic. The kids are happy today as my voice is near enough away. Best of luck in the play off finals.
  6. This season has surpassed expectations would of snapped your hand off for eighth and a guaranteed 2nd season in the league. (This is what comes after 23yrs in the bottom league) After a patchy first quarter and the team adjusting to the pace of the league it’s gone really well, aye there have been a few bad performances along the way, however this was to be expected. Still got a minimum of 2 games to go and going to enjoy them and after Saturday if we have another 2 look forward to that. Looking ahead to next season with Cammy coming ‘home’ and the signing of Lyons already announced can’t wait for it already whatever division we will be in
  7. Supporters clubs one. Seats are a Tenner each and we depart at 9am
  8. Being club 42 had the desired effect, however it was giving SP a chance to be a manager that has pushed us on a lot quicker than even the most optimistic fan would of thought. His professionalism in getting his back room staff sorted has been immense. Throw in the togetherness of the squad it’s been a helluva ride.
  9. Some help for pubs that could accommodate a couple of coaches on Saturday. Ideally where the coaches can park as well. Thanks
  10. We weren’t at the races at all the day. Only bright spot was Flem’s penalty save however am pretty sure Stevie Wonder would of saved that one. As for cheering the Raith goal, glad I didn’t have to suffer having to watch our biggest rivals win the league.
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