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  1. I think he would be worth a punt. Where does he play mainly? Left/right/centre? Maybe a PCA, small fee and we could throw a youngster your way till end of season..
  2. When she “resigned” from her post she got a 1 line mention, says it all really
  3. Surely our killer pitch will prevent fragile Naismith from appearing?
  4. We were very comfortable with the ball in defense and midfield. We do not panic and other players move for us to pass to. We rarely punt up park while under pressure. We do keep our shape well while defending. We had 63% possession today which is probably 20% up on a typical Steve Clarke Killie team... however... If we only had a Greg Stewart type of player up front to hold and move like he did last year. We would create much more up front...
  5. Well they could not do a special on all the trophies you have won.... i actually enjoyed that feature seeing the behind the scenes goings on and it had the two Duncans...
  6. St Mirren had good defensive shape and team structure about them today, that i did not see last year. Went a bit route one when attacking but i think you will finish higher this year than last...
  7. I think McCall will taker over if offered. Would be a shame for Ayr as he seems to have found a formula for championship level success at Somerset that has had Ayr at the top end of the league instead of floating between the champ and 1st div. I hope he stays though as i would love Ayr to be promoted to join us in Premiership so we have some cracking derby games next season.
  8. Not sure we will have any money left for food after being robbed of 30 pounds for a ticket for the worst viewing seats in world football maybe we should have a banner protest....
  9. Just one of the “minority”, cough, cough ( 90% ) of the sevco bigots that sing their party songs... utter moron
  10. It’s ok, just force open the gates. No need for the copied QR code
  11. I am well travelled and have visited both Perth and Dundee. Perth Wins.
  12. Lots would have said same thing before Clarke joined us we have shown with a steady and supportive board what we can provide to a decent manager. Would be a window for him to get back in spotlight.
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