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  1. I really dont see how the spfl can punish teams suffering from an invisible virus.. You can have all the “bubbles” you want but you can still catch it anywhere. So they will try and bring in rules to punish top league sides that have players with virus, but they cant punish teams in lower leagues as they dont test twice a week.. Every game today in the championship, could have 10 players on each side with virus and they would not know
  2. I think the big man will do well in the championship and if he helps get ayr promoted then great. I want you up in the top league so we can beat you three times a season (us top 6 obviously...) When Cameron leaves us for a couple of million in a few years, you can feel proud... -) Joking aside, have you guys taken loan players from us in the past? I cant think of any..
  3. Maybe he is just a championship level player?
  4. Power clearly slipped on your dangerous surface. Ban plastic pitches and this wont happen...
  5. Are both the league of Ireland and first division considered elite level? In Scotland only top league classed as elite
  6. Interesting. Are they testing all players in those leagues?
  7. Not if championship had reduced fixtures. Let’s say they only played 15 games. It would be null and voided. I think that they will have to come up with a number of games of where null and void and average points would be used if another lockdown is brought in as in Ireland tonight for 6 weeks, do you see football being allowed in non elite situations?
  8. Seems you have had quote a few off nights recently, where you just didn’t get started ....
  9. I guess it depends on first team interaction with youth team. Some suggest that Chris Burke helps coaching with them so may have cross contamination.
  10. Why would you get 3 points, if game off because government called it?
  11. I suspect that if Scottish government and ayrshire health board think the virus could spread if game went ahead, they may supersede EUFA rules and call off
  12. Where do you get this info from? surely Ross County, Motherwell and Killie will have larger budgets?
  13. Are you Ewan Murray the famous jambo golf guy? You both seem to imply that coronavirus was developed in a Chinese lab, by Neil Doncaster and Peter Lawell to spurn hearts march to 12th in the SPFL last year
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