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  1. You should be calling SPFL Monday morning, for a 12-12-10-10 setup!
  2. Budge led reconstruction group at start. She wanted temporary change for 1 year to save hearts. She obviously cares not a jot about lower clubs as she previously stated too many clubs in Scotland she then flip flopped to permanent when temp change failed. 12-12-10-10 would have been best solution from start
  3. Make it 12-12-10-8 then! Thistle went down wrong route backing budge, she is toxic
  4. If a second vote was to take place to end season. I am.sure that all clubs, apart from hearts, would vote to end season and relegate hearts
  5. All other clubs, apart from hearts, would have no problem with 12-12-10-10 Budge was only interested in hearts staying in premiership. She has no interest in any other club. Only hearts as they now say.........
  6. The difference would be at the bottom in league 2. Premiership same. Championship bottom 2 would lose a few thousand, rest same However, championship finances would be improved due to Partick, and Falkirk joining. In my honest opinion the current championship 10 plus Partick Thistle and Falkirk would be a fabulous league
  7. Only Hearts think they are due compensation. They have been shit for 18 months and deserve nothing but relegation
  8. You not think that hearts would quite happily do that if they got to stay in premiership ?? The 14-10-10-10 would never have passed as most teams in bottom 6 would lose 300-500k per season due to less tv money, lower crowds, less hospitality etc 12-12-10-10 would solve 80% of relegation/promotion complaints
  9. Partick Thistle seem to have picked the wrong side from the start of covid19. ... You jumped into bed with the Scot Gardiner led WhatsApp Sevco/ICT/Dundee pact to void the leagues and stop celtic getting 9 in a row, keep Dundee Utd down, while using league placings for money.. You then joined angry Budge who has pissed all in Scottish football with threats, bribery and tears about the injustice of hearts being relegated after being pish for 18 months. Too big for SPFL championship etc why did you not propose a 12-12-10-10 setup that would every club (except hearts ) would have agreed to?? i have real sympathy with you getting relegated, but you have to ask questions of your board and the company they keep
  10. You posted often when you won the petrofac cup? I don’t remember too many other things going that well, for the rangers since their first cup win
  11. Not one “contributor” on the show over the last three months has mentioned the financial impact of a forced & now permanent 14 team premiership (just to save hearts ). Depends on simple maths each club in the bottom 8 of this 14 team top league will lose at least 300k to 500k every year going forward. Less prize money less games against top 6 sides more meaningless games less hospitality less sponsorship Then lets talk about a global pandemic that could cause millions of job losses ...no lets get Neil McCann on to say its no fair...
  12. The 2 minute montage of hearts commentaries, just reminded me how shit hearts were last season..
  13. Not without penalty. Knowing them they will stick 100% to contract
  14. Do you have similar costs of not startling 2020/21 league in August for the new Sky Sports contract? I am sure the SPFL board would be fully aware of these costs...
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