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  1. Every time Gardyne touches the ball we look dangerous. The Dumbarton left back might be getting all of the pelters but he is being left out to dry by the left winger who hasn't tracked a runner all game.
  2. Seems pretty quiet around here. Could do with something to shake stuff up...
  3. Unless he has dropped off massively then Gardyne should walk it at this level. I would be delighted with that move. If we could get him and also a big lump of a target man then we would be laughing.
  4. As much as every fan shouts and screams for their players to take shots on as early as they can, I noticed that Falkirk seemed to take it to the other extreme and seemed to be shooting on sight from anywhere within 30 yards. Is this the way you normally play?
  5. Burning draft capital this year moving up in both rounds so far to get my guys. Pretty happy with the results though.
  6. Anyone got any update on the fit of the black top? Is it a little tight like the home one?
  7. Week One - Vikings and Saints
  8. I might be tight for making the start tonight but should be about OK.
  9. Can we go ahead and drop players now to get them in to the waiver pool?
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