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  1. Met Jacques Chirac wandering along the street in Paris in 2009, and got his bodyguard to take our photo. Pleasent enough chap.
  2. I had that, absolute belter! My Brother had the Grey "Good Guy" one. All the bits were detachable. The Engines became like wee James Bond submersibles, so didthe cockpit. Mines took a tumble down the staircase as I launched it thinking it would fly
  3. Probably more down to the musical score, but if anyone has seen Spy Game... what about 'Operation Dinner Out'
  4. I've got the Canon 750D which is over 4 years old, but is the High End of Canon Entry Level (only model higher is the 760D, which internally is identical - only difference is it has a wee LCD at the top). It's a great camera that will last a beginner a while before it starts to limit you. Had a quick look on mpb.com, and though it's a little above your budget, you can get one in like new condition for just over £340 (without lens). Then a 18-55mm Lens for about £60. Not purchased from them before, but on the Photography forum I am on, the reviews are generally very good.
  5. I think it's a system error more than capacity. My daughter had a cold, and as said earlier, the school won't entertain anyone with a cough at all, so we went to book online and it was giving us Portree as our Test centre - we live in Balloch, Loch Lomond. Phoned up the helpline no. on the Gov website and after about half an hour got someone and she booked us into Glasgow Airport Test Centre that day. Got the Test results back this morning - negative as expected, but still keeping her of school as she is still a bit bunged up and would no doubt draw attention from Mumsnet in the playground.
  6. Well done, that's a good effort. Yeah, it was bad as we passed mobs of people on the way down, so glad we started early. Couldn't believe how low the Loch was on our way back down as in the way up it felt like it was near the top! Where's next? Think we are hitting the Arrochar Alps.
  7. We were 2hr40 up and 2hr10 down. Which is probably quite good going. I'm not particularly active but there was only 2 of us (both 6'2"+ right enough) and we just plowed on up steadily only stopping for water. Spent just over half an hour at the top. Online in typically states 4hr up, 3hr down. I actually found coming down just as, if not more difficult as you really need to watch your footing. Only thing I'd say about a 9am start is you may struggle for parking. We left Balloch at half 5 in the morning.
  8. Did Ben Nevis for the first time on Saturday. It's not difficult just long and at places you need to watch your footing, but saw kids no more than 6 year old up there, folk with denims and trainers on and even Burqas. So long as you aren't terribly unfit, you will manage it. Would advise starting as early as possible though as on our way back down it was absolutely heaving and then sun was full on blazing midday. We started at half 7 and were back down for half. Loved it.
  9. Not sure, can't find anything on his visit meeting with Carlaw, though i'm sure he was down that neck of the woods too? Kinda all adds up though.
  10. My finger isn't exactly on the pulse with the politics etc, but isn't it a bit obvious that this has all been agrred and carved up during Boris' visit last week with Ross?
  11. Another Pixar.... can't believe anyone has mentioned "Up". The montage with his wife at the start.... Also, the good dinosaur towards the end seeing the Ghost of his dad.
  12. My Grampa joined the Navy in 1936 and was involved in the Arctic & Malta (got sunk) convoys and the Pacific. Again , never went into any great detail, but he never saw themselves as better than any other generation. It he never joined out of any sense of civic duty or loyalty to the crown.... he was from the Welsh valleys and it was either the navy or a life down the mines! And my other Grampa? Well he was born in Ireland in 1916, so he never did join HM Forces... though was a security guard in the Torpedo factory.
  13. Didn't know England had as many as 68 million people. The guy's face sitting next to her kinda says it all.
  14. Prolly the same cow who would moan about Doctors in Spain not being able to speak English, when over for her holidays in Benidorm.
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