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  1. The first season he broke into the Accies side I thought he looked the real deal. Then, iirc, he got an injury and when he came back he was awful. Somehow we stole money from West Ham and I'll be shocked if he's any good for Killie.
  2. Fair play to O'Donnell, he made that pish bearable.
  3. Notts County fans saying he was above their level last season (not saying much considering they were the worst team in the Football League) but at least they're positive about him. Can't be any worse than Gogic attempting to play Centre Half.
  4. Players play better on it because they're playing against Hamilton.
  5. Yes, we get the advantage of pissing off every other team in Scotland. The seethe is what gets us through the season.
  6. Bore draw where everyone leaves miserable at having watched the dross on show for 90 minutes but also relieved to be off the mark and above St. Mirren.
  7. Leeds look good but I fear for them with Casilla in goal, he's an absolute bombscare.
  8. Thank f**k I was so drunk I don't remember any of the time I was in the stadium.
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