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  1. We all know as Dundee supporters VERY VERY well what having the best team "on paper" in this division guarantees you. I'm rather surprised by this post from you.
  2. Most of them are forgotten for a reason, except perhaps Healey.
  3. Yup to this, We've played a couple of pre season games, we haven't lost, we've scored 3 goals in 2 games and conceded 2, without arguably our first choice striker. I don't think we're looking too bad.
  4. Indeed we can agree on that, aye but where have all my posts gone ??
  5. To be fair to him, he may go on to have a good career but he needs to improve we can do better than him.
  6. I disagree, some crucial goals he could have done better with.
  7. Seriously?? Dieng?? He's pish, how many rebounds did teams score against us last season?? the boy just canna push a shot wide always back into danger.
  8. Maybe we'll get something on the official later and perhaps an interview and some more photos of first day of pre season ya?
  9. Fifespud do the honorable thing and close this ASAP
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