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  1. One point is from the games v Livi, Ross County and Hamilton is unforgivable. That said it's clear to see Goodwin has built a good squad full of talented players, and at times we're playing some really nice football. Problem is we are nowhere near clinical enough and it's going to cost us unless we can start getting points on the board. Today Hamilton came with the same gameplan we adopted against Rangers and the only difference was it worked for Accies, and fair play to them. Stubbs looks an excellent CB and unfortunately for him, is the spitting image of his atrocious father. I don't think the sending off changed the game (I'm not convinced there was much in it) and we really should have scored at the end. I thought we should have had a penalty, as soft as it would have been. The referee had been given fouls for similar nudges but Morais should be doing better. I get we're still experimenting up front but you'd have to say Mullen is the most natural goalscorer out of all of them. Hasn't had nearly enough time to impress. McAllister is an enigma and did absolutely nothing when he came on. Flynn played at least three defence-splitting passes and his partnership with Foley continues to grow. I'd stick with them. I think we'll be fine but we need to move the ball quicker and work on being more clinical if we're going to beat teams like Hamilton and Livingston and avoid another relegation scrap. PS not that it determined the result, but that referee, and we're saying this week after week, was an absolute clown. Where are we getting these guys from?
  2. Bumping this thread as I’m going to New York in a few weeks with my other half. Always wanted to go and can’t quite believe we’re finally going. We’re planning to squeeze in the following over a few days: Walking tour of Wall St, Little Italy and Chinatown 9/11 memorial and museum Top of the Rock MetLife Stadium (NY Giants game) Madison Square Garden Central Park Brooklyn Greenwich Village Amongst other things, depending on time and the weather. Any tips welcome, even if it’s just, “don’t do that, it’s shite”.
  3. Tbf he’s not really clued up about that, Derek prefers revels.
  4. This “hearsay” appears to have been repeatedly stated only by you with no evidence with which to back it up. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Sunday’s game after the positive start to the season and the promising signing made during the week. Expect Rangers to win but even the knowledge we can even compete with a top six side is a very strange feeling indeed.
  5. How can we be buying players if we’re 500% skint?
  6. Thanks guys, think I might snap them up now as it would be a once in a lifetime kind of thing so not overly fussed with paying a little extra. That said I’d gamble on the Giants being shite again this season so might hold off and pick up one of the many empty seats!
  7. How easy was it to get tickets for a Giants game at the MetLife? Having a look and the only outlets seem to be Ticketmaster etc. Is that the only method of buying them or is there a way of buying direct, for example?
  8. Not the greatest start Malky with that opening gambit, I’ll level with you. Also I’m excited for everyone’s da looking to the subs bench and yelling at Goodwin to get Oan oan.
  9. Fitzy normally has us winning the league or a top four finish at worst. The pressure is well and truly off if he has lowered his expectations to a measly top 6 berth.
  10. Another really poor performance ending up with an inexplicable late equaliser. Felt we robbed Motherwell in all honesty who are just a better football team than us. We struggled to cope with their movement in the first half in particular and they seemed to get behind the defence all too regularly. 0-0 at HT was a relief. We missed Flynn’s ability to grab games by the balls and drive the midfield forward when he went off. Excellent finish from Magennis and keeps something of a momentum going, and perhaps instils a confidence of “no matter how shite were playing we can still get something”. Mullen shouldn’t have been taken off but his attitude at being subbed was disgraceful. Not what you need when you’re in the predicament we are. My pre-split prediction that we’ll finish 11th looks about right, Hamilton are doing us no favours but you just never know. The January window came just a few weeks too late for us but it’s still not over. Just one other thing, have I missed something to explain the rather large police presence yesterday? I’ve never seen horses at a game that wasn’t a derby, cup final or game v the old firm. Is that common for games at Fir Park? It just struck me as very odd and a tad OTT for the occasion.
  11. Can’t really add any more plaudits about the show that have already been given on the thread. I genuinely look forward to it every week and just hope there are enough like-minded people giving it the numbers to continue past the current series. The content, the chat, the knowledge and the sheer production of the show about a subject we all love dearly is just fantastic. Going to add my support for Joel as well. Very funny (if often unintentionally) and more knowledgable and analytical than perhaps being given credit for.
  12. Carling really tapping into the Brexit demographic there. Speaking of misjudged efforts, that was laughably poor from Gostkowski.
  13. I actually can’t wait for this. We’ll get utterly turned over but one of our new signings might do something incredible like score a pearler or antagonise the home support into self-combustion. We’ve had the most Football Manager-esque transfer window of my lifetime and I for one can’t wait to bear the fruits of it.
  14. At least we haven’t scored, then we’d have your man screaming into the microphone in unbridled ecstasy at a consolation goal at home to Alloa.
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