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  1. Standard (red) bottle is horrendous. Fire water (ironic because you know, dragon). The Madeira cask might save its reputation but not tried that one.
  2. My very same predicament. Timed my run to perfection seeing as it's now Christmas!
  3. I absolutely loved big Anton, and still do. Just a nice, nice guy.
  4. I thought we said no Peter Kay's Car Share, or am I
  5. Interesting, I'd be happy with that. https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/sport/football/peterborough-united/peterborough-united-agree-fee-second-scottish-premier-league-side-mark-ohara-2890382
  6. You try summat and that's...
  7. After my Glencairn glass suffered a crack and the other smaller stumpier one barely served its purpose, I decided to invest in a copita glass as I'd always wanted one. Had my first dram in it last night and can honestly say it was one of the best whisky experiences I've had. I had no idea how the shape of a glass could enhance the smell of the whisky. It's quite a large copita with a decent sized base so plenty of swirling capability which seems to release more aroma. With a smaller Glencairn my nose was almost too close to the malt so could only really smell the alcohol but no such trouble with a deeper glass. Had a Tomintoul 16 miniature I'd been saving and was really enjoyable. I've had a rule where I only have 5 bottles at any one time, which stops me from blowing all my money on bottles I'll take a lifetime to drink. But recently I've finished off a Laphroaig 10 and a Dalwhinnie 15, leaving two Balvenies and a Royal Lochnagar 12. Enjoying the Deanston reviews on here so I might look in that direction, and am considering either an Ardbeg or a Lagavulin 16 to keep Islay represented. It's probably been mentioned earlier in the thread but does anyone have any subscriptions etc they would recommend where they get a certain number of samples a month for example?
  8. "Scottish football is abysmal"?? Hope Jamie drowns in the pool tbh.
  9. Heard her asking Luke T whether there would ever be a boy, born, who could swim faster than a shark.
  10. I couldn't make the game today but would have taken a point before kick off given the sheer scale of injuries we have at the moment. I'll take it all the more seeing as we were 3-1 down. That is excellent attitude from the players to step up and grind that out in the circumstances. Injury-dependent we should be looking to take all three at Perth next week.
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