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  1. I'm new to this running malarkey. Old and very unfit I started C25K a few weeks ago and found the first week hard going. 2nd week got easier but outside influences got in the way. Didn't fancy starting all over again so Googled around and found NoneToRun. Seems an easier start with better later transitions and with the added bonus of an exercise regime for rest days. Has anyone tried this?
  2. Watching TV and she gets a call on her mobile. Misses it but calls back. Then as she talks she mutes what WE are watching!!! Just pause it!!!!!
  3. Or at least learn from it a d check next time.
  4. Not blaming the ref just questioning some decisions until I see them back
  5. Will have to watch the TV but there were a few dodgy decisions against the Gunners today. Should not have been a Munster scrum for the first try. Not sure why Mata was penalised for stripping early in the second half. Maybe I'll see more later. On another point how bad was the PA system at Murrayfield today? Didn't get a word of it so does anyone know the attendance?
  6. This includes shops where a PL holder needs to be on the premises.
  7. Growl3th


    I thank you. But I'm right.
  8. To be honest you've had 4 years to reverse the previous 4 years.
  9. Growl3th


    One of the un-funniest comedians ever.
  10. As he's still 16 he probably should be left unnamed until such a time comes when he will be released. Don't know what good it would do to name him now while he's locked up. Once he's released, if ever, then sure.
  11. Too late he's a grown man who's moved out of the house.
  12. My kids were the same. Took them to the Rovers when they were small and after a while it was obvious they weren't interested. Middle son returned in his teens for a while but now in his late 20s he supports Liverpool. Eldest son, now 30, has been coming with me for a few years now and can't wait to subject his under one year old son to the torture. [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
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