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  1. Line of Duty.

    Didn't see that coming!!
  2. MLB 2018

    New season deserves a new thread. Time for the Jays to get revenge for the opening game. Got BT Sport but prefer the local Sportsnet feed.
  3. The Grand Tour

    Slightly surprised not to see a topic on this already. So this starts on friday on Amazon. I'd never miss Top Gear but didn't feel inclined to sign up just to watch one show. Don't know anyone with Amazon or who has joined just to watch this. BT gave me a good deal for Netflix but I hardly ever watch that. I guess i'll just have to find a torrent unless it's on Mobdro or somewhere similar?
  4. Aw naw!! There's always iPlayer. Most hated songs ever thread for this pish...grrrr
  5. Thank Christ she's fucked off to bed so I can watch last of Our Planet on Netflix before MOTD.
  6. Mrs Boo is watching Saturday night on BBC1. My eyes are bleeding!!
  7. It'll be one big *** love in. Or should that be hate in?
  8. Let's see which set of scummy fans can can embarrass their club the most.
  9. Ayr vs Ross County

    Congratulations Ross County.
  10. Ayr vs Ross County

    Whoever is singing that Steven Thompson is a w****r better be ejected pronto!!!
  11. Can both clubs just settle for the draw right now?
  12. I usually end up getting emotional at the end. Still to catch up with this one.
  13. Premier League 2018-19

    Fucking great!!! The natives will be revolting.
  14. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Bravo Killie.
  15. Quick Question Thread

    Mine can only take 97 RON minimum and above. Shell and BP are bloody robbers. Been using Tesco or Sainsbury's super unleaded for 4 years with no problems.
  16. Premier League 2018-19

    Ali in spouting pish shocker!![emoji15]
  17. MLS

    Am I right in thinking Maurice Edu presenting the Kansas City game on FS1 is the ex sevco player?
  18. F1 2019

    Having watched my recording of the race this afternoon I'm so glad I couldn't be arsed watching it live. Boring shite. Roll on Long Beach tonight.
  19. Second is first of the losers.
  20. Italian Football Thread

    Then how much after September?