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  1. As much as I love Nascar, it infuriates me how they will throw a yellow flag for no good reason like in the Xfinity race there with a couple of laps to go and someone brushes the wall!! Some support race now from Mount Panorama has my heart racing. Due to it being one of the best race tracks in the world obviously. No way will I last till 0400...
  2. Local authority contacted all pharmacies to forward employees wishing included so no input from GP's as far as i'm aware.
  3. I had my 1st Pfizer jab at Ayr hospital in January through delivering prescriptions part time for a local pharmacy. Would this info have been notified to my GP despite not being asked for details of my GP? Just wondering in case GP puts me forward for jabs when age comes into play.
  4. That price sounds good if you're a fan and will make use of it. Didn't stay up till 0400 but it was being repeated on Fox506 this afternoon during half time in Saints game so couldn't stick around for the rest. Decent iptv is a wonderful thing. Formula E on also but doesn't really do it for me.
  5. What shite is this you're gibbering on about now?
  6. Not that familiar with it but at this time of year I'll watch anything. Does Penske still run a team?
  7. Aussie Supercars starts tonight from Mount Panorama on Fox506(Australia)...Kayo....Seven Network. Qualy 2200 and race 0400 GMT Saturday and Sunday. Support race looking damp.
  8. Had to phone Sky earlier to get an engineer out as picture has been breaking up for a few days, although was perfect yesterday and back to crap today despite perfect weather. So i'm guessing the dish needs realigned.They were going to charge £65 for the engineer to visit but another option was to take a Sky Q box with no other charges and no change to monthly subs. Seemed too good an offer to refuse so went for it. Sounds like they're desparate for as many customers as possible to have the Q boxes in the hope they take out more services. Which I won't.
  9. My second dose, due next Monday, was cancelled yesterday. Email suggested it should now be a 10 week gap which would be end if March.
  10. I thought it was pish. But then I can't stand Gerrard Butler.
  11. Rae is as good a commentator as he was a manager. Fucking brutal.
  12. Have you some posters on ignore? What a revelation....never mentioned it before.
  13. I recall at the time the wee boys mother was convinced there was more to it as when he was found his socks were missing and his shoes were back on with the laces tied. She was adamant he was unable to tie his shoe laces.
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