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  1. On my away trips to Newcastle and Sunderland in particular I've always found them to be really friendly and welcoming even to me and family in away colours.
  2. Watched the first 3 so far and not learned much I didn't already know. Will stick with it though.
  3. I missed the bad tackle but the way Neville was going on it gave the impression it looked that bad they couldn't show a replay.
  4. I've had the soundtrack on vinyl for decades so I should probably make a point of watching the film.
  5. A while back I could only find one with him covering a car in some snowbound shithole and the rest were just him bumping his gums.
  6. I'm just surprised Ed China didn't get another show somewhere after leaving WD.
  7. Its on my iptv and various 3rd party android apps like YSYM says above.
  8. Is that the one with Tangerine Dream doing the soundtrack?
  9. I thought Ant was OK and he seemed to know his stuff. Not getting the hate for him on here.
  10. New series starts tonight on Discovery. It's back in the UK and Priestly has joined Brewer.
  11. First time i've ever recorded and watched qualy highlights on Channel4 as I was out and not on usual IPTV and it was very impressive. I was always under the impression Ben Edwards did the commentary and at the end do they always plug the race being live on Sky Sports F1? Loving the wild camber at this track can see carnage at the first corner and multiple red flags.
  12. Really enjoyed this but concerned there has been no news about a 3rd series. There is a 4 part documentary out but not sure how much it has to do with the series. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13503890/
  13. I hope Ted is OK after the latest episode......
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