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  1. It seemed to go throgh some gap to a parking lot.....hopefully.
  2. Good to see Everton stay up and well done to good guy English manager Dyche for pissing off the usual haters
  3. Tired 'patter' like this wasn't even mildly amusing hundreds of examples before.
  4. He's never raced in Nascar or US it would seem. Getting bored now hence why i'm on here.
  5. Big day today.... DTM Monaco Indy500 Nascar from Charlotte
  6. The 3 year old who was good at keeping possession before the team came back out?
  7. Quite enjoyed that last one. More than the previous game show one.
  8. Good luck tonight chaps. I'd love to see you promoted but fear after that first leg it might be too much if an ask.
  9. Just as I turn on practice from Indianapolis, Legge and Wilson tangle and hit the wall.
  10. And his dad but they've been around long enough to know the score.
  11. Been watching on and off all night. Average speeds of 232mph and 240 odd into turns 1 and 3. Looking forward to next Sunday.
  12. I do hope the St Mirren thread for Wednesday has a bit more decorum....cuntos.
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