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  1. Something is not right here how can someone make a thread and then its merged into another thread that can't happen has it would be 2 different users making the thread what it looks like is cause its darvel they have asked for all threads related to them to be deleted and you have done this for them so if darvel don't like something they cry but its OK for them to post positive stuff but can't handle anything else I thought this was a forum and not like a child who crys if they don't like something but well done pie and bovril just goes to show who's side u take by the way are sponsored by any pie company's. This abortion of a post would tend to confirm the lack of education available a few miles up country from civilisation.
  2. Apart from F1 qualifying, this has been a great day of motorsport. Indycar and Nascar Xfinity from Indianapolis then IMSA from Daytona. Townsend Bell in the commentary booth at Indy then flew to Daytona to drive in sportscars.
  3. Another borefest tomorrow no doubt. Thankfully there has already been other more interesting racing series on all day today and tomorrow.
  4. Last night's game and tonight's Bournemouth game are on Sky 1.
  5. I'll Be Gone In The Dark HBO 6 part documentary about writer Michelle Mcnamara's investigation into the east area rapist/murderer (aka Zodiak killer) who began raping and murdering in California from the 1970's. One episode released so far and seems worth sticking with. Same case as featured in the film Zodiak(2007) https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/jun/22/ill-be-gone-in-the-dark-documentary-hbo-sky
  6. FlightAware app and website is good.
  7. Da 5 Bloods........Beautifully shot as you'd expect and most enjoyable......8/10.
  8. I was sure I read something over the weekend to the effect fans would be in for the start of the new season. Or did I have too many shandies? Got my Be In That Number number email yesterday...........1690.........thanks for nowt!!
  9. Which is why more of us are getting IPTV and cancelling sky sports.
  10. Wanky students are self entitled roasters. As everyone knows.
  11. England going to 1M so when will our supreme leader follow suit? The usual 2 week delay?
  12. Wanky students. Nothing new there.
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