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  1. He does look slower than a week in jail compared to Robertson.
  2. McLean and McCoist are fucking brutal to listen to!!
  3. If there is a god, he will let YB win and sevco get pumped out.
  4. Play acting Arsenal c***s already. No surprise there.
  5. All the non HP ones seem to be made in China except Green Cell which is from Poland which I'm tempted to go for. Don't know why as more than likely the HP ones are made in China.
  6. My HP Pavillion 15 laptop battery (HP K104) is gubbed. HP want £63 for a replacement but i've seen them on Amazon and elsewhere for £23. Would I be taking a chance buying the cheaper alternative in case it's rubbish or are they all much the same anyway? I actually rarely use it for long periods on battery only but would like to have the option than not.
  7. BT c***s keeping is waiting 20 minutes for the Atletico game!!!
  8. Try Cyberflix. Preferably with Real Debrid.
  9. Read recently that Man City are looking at him for January.
  10. If we get anything from this one I'll be astounded.
  11. The more reports there are, the more likely the rozzers might put out extra patrols.
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