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  1. Romain Grosjean just got pole for the Indy road course tomorrow night. Great to see he's back to enjoying his racing away from the shark fest and recovering from his injury.
  2. I thought it was OK but the subsequent deal is a bit far fetched. Could do with less of the congressman and and malcom X storylines but sticking with it and about to watch episode 4.
  3. Not sure what to make of that first one. Missed first couple of minutes but a bit disappointing.
  4. The Father Absolutely outstanding and the way it jumps around to confuse the viewer is a work of genious. Reminded me so much of my wee mum for the last 10 years of her life.......10/10
  5. MJC WUM getting easy bites. That'll make his night.
  6. I was in such an establishment a few years ago and it was tasty as f*ck. It was in central London though so was a bit pricier than an East end shit hole.
  7. Was that from our female presenter? I switched off pronto.
  8. Not seen this yet although it's on my list. From the trailers i've seen it does remind me of my mums last 10 years before losing her last year at 100!!
  9. Well done Saintees.....fucking marvellous [emoji106][emoji1]
  10. The Hunter (Il Cacciatore).... Italian series on channel 4's Walter Presents strand. Anti mafia prosecutor goes after organised crime in Sicily during the 1990's. True story based on the book by the real life prosecutor Alfonso Sabella. Two episodes in and looks promising.
  11. My IPTV has everything MLB related that I'd ever need for less £ than folk paying just for baseball [emoji848]
  12. Step daughter works for East Ayrshire Council and they have been given a heads up that the plans for restriction easing for 26th are being brought forward.
  13. The screams of Spuds players going down with minimal contact is rather cringey for them.
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