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  1. Indy500 and Nascar are always my preferences on that weekend of the year.
  2. Everton game getting tasty with wild tackles flying in.
  3. That was the case recently for me plus 3 family for Feeder. 1 was not required but the sell back thing was unavailable.
  4. Last night's was pretty poor by their standards.
  5. Willy T Ribbs[emoji85] Decent guy but don't let him near a microphone ever again FFS!!
  6. Saw someone on telly the other day about feeding ducks and swans etc who suggested defrosted frozen peas as well as nuts and seeds.
  7. Thankfully I missed his input completely as I may have been vewy vewy drunk[emoji854]
  8. My favourite Black Sabbath album[emoji2937]
  9. I'd be hedging my bets on that one. Good to see him finally put a shift in for 2 games but the effort needs to continue for longer.
  10. I've been watching Danica's career for decades now and definitely still wid.
  11. Yep that looks likes your normal F1 fan at this opening ceremony debacle.
  12. Came across the Australian version recently which has the usual UK DS's. Far too much other stuff to watch just now but may get round to watching it eventually.
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