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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about it if I'm honest Andy. I've said much worse that has been randomly picked up and only given a warning.
  2. Leave the two month one with the wife and take the five year old down the pub for a jar. Simple!
  3. I really don't know what has gotten into our child this week, he is a total nightmare. He has recently decided that he doesn't need a sleep during the day, even though come 2pm he is hanging. Disaster struck yesterday as well when I discovered the Sky remote is broke as well, no prizes for who done that. Now it turns out the normal telly remote is gubbed as well, no doubt at the hands of Charlie as well. I can't wait to go to the football tomorrow and get blind drunk.
  4. I'm sure in the Scottish Cup final in 2000? Between Rangers and Aberdeen had around ten minutes added on in the first half as Jim Leighton went off injured after ten minutes and Robbie Winters went in for the rest of the game. Amazingly, it only finished 5-0.
  5. I *should* be OK for next week, but just put me down as a maybe at the moment.
  6. What a poof. Give yourself a shake man! Good game last night, really enjoyed it.
  7. Venue - Powerleague, Kennedy Street, G4 0PQ? - That's the place. Time - 9pm? - Either 9pm or 9.30pm, still waiting to hear from Sir Kevin. Surface - Outdoors, Astro? - Outdoors. One of theose 3g pitches. Cost - About a fiver? - £5.20. Shin Guards - Hope not? - Some people do, I don't bother though, 'cos I'm hard as f**k. Pitch - Let me know as I won't know anyone. - We all normally meet in the changing rooms about five/ten minutes before KO, so if you are wearing a distinctive top (or a red rose, either is fine) then we shall make ourselves known.
  8. It was open for business on Thursday, can't see it being shut down.
  9. I'm in, so long as I can get a big cuddle from Euan "The Judge" Frame.
  10. Well, I was only using that as an example, and wasn't thinking of previous meetings, more previous games. I've seen odds drift a few points if there hasn't been a goal in the first 15 minutes, not a lot granted, but if your stakes are decent, there *could* be money to be made?
  11. Cheers. Would it not be worth looking at if, for instance, Man Utd and Liverpool were playing each other? Neither have a great goalscoring record in the first 15 minutes and if it was an important tie, they would surely start off a bit cagey?
  12. I've got a question. On Betfair, it is easy to turn a profit if, for instance, you back Man Utd to win at home to Newcastle at 1.30 pre KO. Then, when they score, the price drops to around 1.10, you can lay them off and make profit. My question is, could you lay a team pre KO, and when the odds rise (if there has been no goals), could you then back the team you have bet to win to make profit?
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