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  1. Attempted a run there, lasted 5 minutes before I had to chuck it. Not even slightly out of breath but lower legs were in agony. I think it's my trainers that are the problem. Can anyone recommend a good pair of trainers? Can I even get them professionally fitted? I do run like Chris Templeman a bit which won't help. Not fussed about the cost if it's a good investment.
  2. I'm more of a Strangeways fan as well. FWIW, both Morrissey and Marr think it's the best Smiths record, as does Stephen Street. All four albums are magnificent though.
  3. Missed the last few months of this... anyone fancy filling me in on what's been happening?
  4. "Cracking anyone know whos josh in. p1b's parents are?????" No idea love, sorry.
  5. Anyone know just how slim 'slim fit' Fred Perry polos are? Much different to the standard ones?
  6. Glasvegas - one of them bands that are better live than on record. I've took along a few people to their gigs who weren't big fans but came away saying they're one of the best bands they've seen. Springsteen - I'm bored out my tits at gigs when I'm sober, but sober at Hampden seeing Springsteen was still brilliant. Johnny Marr Morrissey That's off the top of my head.
  7. Had a dream last night I was scheduled to be the guest commentator for Hogan v Rock at Wrestlemania. Bottled it at the last minute.
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