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  1. When we got promoted in 2017-18 we began the season with a 3-2 home defeat, then a1-1 away draw, then an unexpected win against a former Highland League side. Exactly the same has happened this year. A good omen?
  2. I don’t remember Kieran Anderson at all but he sounds promising. Cook at left back sounds unorthodox though, unless we played with a back three?
  3. Decent result tonight, 1-1 against St Mirren. Anyone know how we lined up?
  4. Conner Duthie hasn't left the club as far as I'm aware. He hasn't signed a new deal yet but then nor has Ryan Watters. I'd be keen to keep Duthie on. There were also a couple of young lads out on loan last season - Kyle Johnson and Aidan Kemp. No idea what has become of them but I think Johnson's contract has another year to run.
  5. Fantastic result for us. Who's playing wide left in this new formation? I'm assuming Cook but could equally be Dickson.
  6. I see Willis Furtado has left Raith Rovers and is yet to sign for anyone. Probably a long shot with our current budget but would be great to see him back - would be worth sacrificing a couple of fringe players to get someone of his quality.
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