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  1. Took this game as a neutral. After 30 minutes it was clear how we are worthy champions . Only enjoyable thing to watch was the half time entertainment. Although thought Farfar were a bit unlucky.
  2. Not often I hope to see Montrose win but good luck against Zak Dingle and Co.
  3. Try harder No idea what the gate was but 84 auld men and 3 dogs in the home end isn't exactly great backing for a team that has something still to play for.
  4. Nope. Their rank rotten. Like your patter.
  5. Cant see anything but a home win in this on.
  6. ffs, Oh my hoorin sides 'Country Yokels' And I always thought Arbroath was a coastal town It's even nicer having fans.
  7. Sorry for being a pc thicko, but where can i get help on how to post a town from google maps...
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