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  1. How the f*** do we have to wait until just ahead of the draw before we know the seeding pots.?
  2. Some cracking updates so far, well done to Brian for the work done.
  3. Not sure why I've been quoted, there no vitriol in my post. My post was merely pointing out ballermks post stating good junior clubs with a great history isn't really in line with recent posts on other threads about other clubs with similar histories. Any particular need to change the East Region logo at this particular time? The club I used to support Kelty started off as amateurs, so did near neighbours Hill of Beath, not much chance I would criticise other clubs for doing the same.
  4. "Clubs deserting the region so what do we do? " "How about a new logo? " "Great idea" I'll bite Lothians teams 4/13 have a great junior history of one season. Another three Stoneyburn, Pumpherston and Harthill joined the Juniors in 1983, 1990 and 1992 respectively. Livingston formed 1970.
  5. Thanks for the reply, one other quick question. I seem to recall reserve X1s being picked at the same time as the full international team, (presumably the player in the reserve select would replace the original selected player if that player was unavailable) any idea when this stopped?
  6. Yes there is. 53 at the last count. How many junior games will those 53 teams be playing in total during 2020/1 season
  7. Shouldn't work like that, should other supporters have said that Dumbarton should get nowhere when he was managing your club? (Not saying he is not a raging wee diddy btw)
  8. Never mind m8, not long now before you can start a thread with your last ever junior game memories.
  9. Isaac "35 goals in seven league seasons" Layne
  10. Would bet against Penicuik in the second round, the team wouldn't have got out of Blairhall alive with that result.
  11. Rumour on Fife Football forum suggests Falkland might have packed in from the Kingdom of Fife league, nothing on their facebook page though.
  12. You might be correct in that, I actually tried to check it out re Scotland prior to making my previous post and couldn't find anything. Found this reference English football. https://spartacus-educational.com/Fwages.htm
  13. Maximum wage in football was rightly binned decades ago.
  14. Top 4 in Highland/Lowland league usually for Challenge cup.
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