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  1. Am I reading that wrong is it the ex coach that is actually trying to get the players new clubs rather than the club? He says he is on the scrap heap and looking for a new club himself.
  2. Do we have any indication when the team will be back playing at Central park?
  3. Falkirk council area? Fortunate it isn't West Lothian
  4. Shame the no mark St Andrews students skewed the Fife figures for a while then.
  5. It is, not sure that is a good reasoning for singling it out when all other outdoor events aren't taking place either.
  6. You mean unlike all the other outdoor events that aren't happening at the moment?
  7. Looks like its the Saracens lads up to no good again. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/54656359
  8. Are the new players and management team from Lowson United and if they are how did Lowson United get on last season?
  9. Statement from Largs says they will be using donate a ticket, details to be advertised at the weekend
  10. Wee bit of Darvel on tv tomorrow night, good stuff.
  11. Bit ironic that Kirsty Wark's last tweet on her twitter account was that she was supporting BBC Children in Need.
  12. Its fair to say your views will be affected because you are weegie based and you aren't noticing there are more than a few areas to the South, North and East of you that aren't anywhere near the absolute buckled mess that Glasgow and Lanarkshire areas are. Please note I'm note blaming anyone in those areas for the buckled mess.
  13. Well to use an example the Lothian Health board area restrictions only came into play on 10th October which means the current restrictions would be only starting to affect it just about now. There are four council areas in that Health board area. Edinburgh City daily cases seem to be already started going days ago , East and Mid Lothian daily cases seem to be not much difference from what they were end of September. West Lothian seems to be a problem there though. Forth Valley health board areas daily cases (Clackmannan, Falkirk and Stirling) don't seem to be increasing substantially since the since start of October either.
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