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  1. The absolute nick of folk having a pop at Polloks attendances.
  2. Bottom of the league and haven't won a league game all season , last two games lost 0-6 v Broughty and 0-5 v Carnoustie. Also lost 3-7 at home to Dundee North End earlier on the season so be gentle on them.
  3. No idea, kefc's post doesn't say just this will happen this week.
  4. Needed another player(s) in squad looks like it is down to 17 with Jardine going on loan. Matt Henvey moved on as well?, was a short term contract.
  5. Words of wisdom from Auld Heid after a friendly versus a young Hibs team.
  6. Thanks, just asked because I noticed Tom Johnston was quoted in Daily Record as saying "I haven't seen the video footage but it's fair to say it could be used as part on any investigation." (re Glenafton v Irvine Meadow fracas. )
  7. Quick question, was the video evidence you had re condition of pitch allowed to be used at SJFA meeting?
  8. Flyer through from Neale Hanvey today, tastefully done in SNP yellow and black colours. No mention whatsoever that he is running as independent though.
  9. So according to everyones favourite Berwick Rangers facebook page five players left at the same time as the manager leaving the team with eleven signed players and three trialists on Saturday.
  10. You've scored 2 or more goals in 19 out of your last 21 games and your league average goals per game is better than any bar Keltys. In fact if you continue scoring at the same rate you wont be far from 100 goals in the league at end of season.
  11. Haven't Berwick Rangers had quite a few players sent off recently.
  12. Made a judgement on Willis Hare pretty quickly.
  13. So league stats excluding game v Berwick P13 W12 D 0 L 1 F57 A 5 PTS 36 Corresponding fixtures last season fixtures P13 W 6 D4 L3 F 26 A 18 PTS 22 Nice wee video from December 6th 2014 Pretty sure the opponents haven't recovered yet.
  14. Players not allowed a night out if it was up to you ffs.
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