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  1. He’s a decent box to box midfielder who has improved in his time at the Albion. I didn’t realise he was 27 so I assumed he go go much further in the game has he been the early 20s player I assumed he was. good luck to him. He’ll inevitably come back and haunt us somewhere. edit: I managed to post some text in the middle from my phone listening to James O’Brien on LBC Radio there. No idea how I did that..
  2. Robert Liston is not a front for anyone. He said he would put in this resolution in the last AGM if things didn’t improve and boy did they get worse compared to last year. There is no-one lined up to take over as this resolution was put in days before the deadline for motions for the AGM. This motion has nothing to do with the Trust Board so it would be quite surprising if suddenly an alternate board was assembled in a fortnight. If the board resigns, it will be dealt with should it come to pass. The Trust Board have no campaign to remove the Directors. Anyone suggesting otherwise should provide evidence to the contrary. The Trust Board are striving to improve the accountability within the club. How can anyone oppose improved accountability within the structures of the club? Answers on a postcard please.
  3. There was no need to change the rules for someone to inject funds into the club. It can be done under the current rules. Taking profit back out the club is against the rules of a Community Benefit Society was the reason Neil walked away from the club. It didn’t help was the overcomplicated deal he proposed meant your average fan could not work out if he was a benefactor or someone trying to asset strip the club. Still can’t work it out to this day.
  4. Still a few seats on the bus to Annan available.
  5. Never thought that it would bust the 500 mark but it’s a long way to come to be messed around when we get there. I’ll have a look at FB and Twitter then as the website was an info-free zone.
  6. Cheers mate. Seems awfae like our season at Ochilview waiting for Forthbank to be ready after we were forced to leave Annfield by teams like Alloa, Stenny, Forfar, Montrose, Falkirk, Airdrie, Hamilton etc voting to get rid of astroturf pitches. The date kept on getting moved back and we only got the final three home games at the new ground managing to avoid relegation from the old 1st Division with a week to spare.
  7. Hi there. Trying to organise a bus to the Stranraer v Stirling game of on Sat 15th Jan but we don’t know what Stranraer are doing for match entry. i didn’t see an entry on FanBase for Stranraer so I assume that is not happening. Is it turn up and pay at the gate? thanks in advance. John
  8. Sorry if this has been discussed ad nauseam but I’m trying to organise supporters buses to games. Edinburgh v Stirling on Friday 11th Feb: is the game going ahead at Ainsley Park? Not heard much about the new ground in recent times. thanks in advance. John
  9. The Trust Board categorically did not turn down the Consortium Bid to run the club via a Limited Liability Partnership. The Consortium withdrew their bid before the Trust Board could decide to put it to members for a vote. That is a fact. I was in all those meetings (and there were many) and we had to spend Trust Money to get legal advice which clearly said that the Trust Rules prevented any scheme where profits were taken out of the Trust. This did not mean that the Consortium Bid could not have gone through in an adapted form or the Trust Rules changed before proceeding. Bottom line is that Consortium walked away. No-one has subsequently offered to invest in the club since. Perhaps at the next Supporters meeting, someone should question the Supporters Liaison Officer about what he meant by the Trust Board turning down investment. I suspect a clarification would be issued.
  10. Stenny’s clown of a manager described the goal as a “quarter chance” Better watch he doesn’t return to Lowland league football with Stenny.
  11. I seem to remember the Inverness CT cup tie at Forthbank (not the last one that went to the TV replay but the one previous to that) MikeTheHeadlessChicken screaming at Ross Tokely, “……..Tokely ya wife beating b*****d!!!!!” at the end of some constructive criticism.
  12. We may have got beat 3-0 on pens at Tannadice, but we did beat Brechin 3-0 on penalties the previous season. Lest we forget the 2nd greatest League Cup tie at Forthbank. We were 2-0 down and man sent off against Stenny at 75min. Managed to get an equaliser in the 5 minute of non-existent injury time sending the Stenny Manager John McVeigh into full on bam mode. He went absolutely mental at the ref. Stenny scored in extra time only for 10 man Stirling to score in the 4th minute of non-existent injury time at the end of extra time. John McVeigh turned his bam mode up to 11 at the ref. Stirling win the penalty shootout. Think you can work out the next bit.
  13. 5 out 15 permutations of 3rd place have Group D knocked out: Assuming Scotland get a 3rd place that qualifies from Group D there are 10 permutations of where they could play: 2 in 10 Chance: If group C 3rd place gets knocked out and either group E/F 3rd place gets knocked out then we play winner of group B (Belgium?) Sunday 27th June 8pm in Seville 3 in 10 chance: If two 3rd place teams from groups A/B/C are knocked out then we play winner of group E (Spain/Sweden/Slovakia/Poland) Tuesday 29th June 8pm at Hampden 5 in 10 chance: If one or both 3rd place teams from groups E or F get knocked out then we play winner of group C (Netherlands?) Sunday 27th June 5pm in Budapest
  14. Can’t complain about playing 4 games in 8 days as everyone had to. The number of games affected everyone equally and if you thought Falkirk this season was a complete bottle job then it is hard to argue that it didn’t happen at Forthbank either. Big season for the Manager and for those you put their eggs in his basket too.
  15. Describing the previous 4 as “all excellent” might be stretching it a bit. Bottom line is the manager has to mould them into a team and be better than the individual parts. Bottom line is we’ll have to wait and see if that happens. Certainly didn’t happen last season.
  16. I’m a week away from 7 months aff drink. Eating far too much in lockdown so I am not healthier. But back in it when the football and pubs returns though. My 50th birthday was last Saturday so Ike a couple of parties to do come the summer.
  17. Bought a 65” Samsung 4K QLED telly from Richer Sounds last month. Got one with freesat built in for connecting up my old Sky dish too. Richer Sounds tend to be the same price as everyone else but often throw in a 6 year warranty. Bought a 55” LG from them 18 months ago for my man cave as well.
  18. Worst pie I have ever seen was at Montrose. Guy next to me took a bite, howled and let the grease drip from the pie for the next 90 seconds. While ago now but shocking.
  19. Did someone alter it for comic effect or did it really say “Celtic icon Shane Duffy”? Been here 5 minutes and knows better that us all put together. Oh aye, fundamentally one of the reasons Celtic are imploding too.
  20. Ask Albion Rovers and Brechin about difficult conditions and tricky ties. Job done
  21. Scotland Win group D and we get the runner up in Group F (Hungary, Portugal, France or Germany) Game played in Dublin Tue 29th June 5pm. Scotland Finish 2nd in Group D and we get the runner up in Group E: (Spain, Sweden, Poland or Slovakia) Game played in Copenhagen Mon 28th Jun 5pm. Scotland finish 3rd in Group D and one of the four 3rd place teams that qualify: It’s complicated. 20% Chance we get winner of Group B (Denmark, Finland, Belgium or Russia) Game played in Bilbao Sun 27th Jun 8pm 50% chance we get the winner of Group C (Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria or Macedonia) Game played in Budapest Sun 27th Jun 5pm 30% Chance we get winner Group E Spain, Sweden, Poland or Slovakia) Game played at Hampden Tue 29th Jun 8pm
  22. This suggests that he has turned himself around.
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