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  1. Mike Runcone is the ref so I’m lowering expectations on this one.
  2. Wetherspoon is closer to the historic battle field at the top of Friar Street for yer neds looking for a fight.
  3. Rodgers played up at Elgin in the League Cup. We were rotten that day and he was given the runaround.
  4. You must have been raging that the Albion have stolen Beautiful Sunday from you!
  5. I know the player budget for two clubs in L2 and your statement is correct for those two clubs. Actually you are a bit low.
  6. Players can get the fook out my club if they pull that shite. Paul McGrillen dives in an early game for us and our fans went Tonto on him and he cut it out for the rest of his Albion career. I take it it wasn’t the keeper who was out three weeks. Fecking embarrassing stuff it was from Queens Park. Not saying Albion players don’t dive at times but our fans don’t let hem away with it. I’d rather go down that swallow that shite.
  7. That’s the first time this season that Albion has looked competent enough and a goal scoring threat. Once the first win comes I think we’ll jump up the league a bit and it will be game on this season with everyone threatened with finishing bottom. I’m becoming sick of the playacting going on by some players. Lewis Hawke for us was at it at Edinburgh a fortnight back for us and he was quite rightly telt by our fans to ”get the f**k up”. Albion Rovers and Queens Park we’re both at it in the same way that made Airdrie so hated by everyone back in the 90s. No need for it.
  8. Someone did it last season and we had a game where an Albion player was sent off in haste. Will need to trawl last season’s games to think who it was. Genuinely can’t remember which team it was at the moment but it seems to be a tactic some teams are using. I see you didn’t address the severe injury to your goalkeeper. That poor soul souls be on the phone to DigbyBrown by now such was the viciousness of the assault. Anyway, QP deserves the points and the Albion have hopefully brought in a striker to score double figures this season and keep us up (such is my ambition for this season)
  9. Praying he can bring some knowhow to the attacking department. We have three non-scoring strikers and a big lump in the squad currently.
  10. Totally disagree. Once QP scored they seemed to start some sort of routine to break up the game. All three at the back rushed forward together, in my opinion, to influence the ref to send of the player off quickly to “calm” the situation. The play acting kicked in at that stage. No way was the player who was tackled by McGeachie injured at all and did the whole fake limp thing that Maradona loved to do way back. He was battering-ramming everything within a minute or so again. Hmmmmm. The booking Banner got was a joke, never touched the boy and when you watch the “injury” to the goalie on the video it only confirms that this was some sort of tactic to slow the game down. I have no memories of this sort of thing happening before QP scores. Someone tried the mass rushing the ref to influence a sending off before at Forthbank. I’m beginning to think it was Queen’s Park. Did we beat you 2-1 with a late goal with 10 men at 1-1 back in January/February? Mind you, QP deserved the points. Stirling were pretty rotten going forward. I spent Saturday night with the fear of finishing bottom. Wasn’t a good night. Let’s see if Darryl Duffy can organise us up front.
  11. Awfae quiet from the Stirling end. Not sure anyone is confident about the team after defeats to Elgin, Arbroath and Alloa. If we can get some goals we’ll do alright this season but that is definitely an IF at the moment.
  12. Was at the Spain v Belgium game at Forthbank (Stirling Albion season ticket holders get in for free). Spain looked quite good, Belgium gave them too much respect for the first 30 minutes but gradually got into the game nearly scoring just before halt time. Spain got a penalty early in the second half and the game was practically done. Header from a corner made it 2-0 to Spain and a third was chopped off by the ref (the Lino was no help) Friday Is Spain v England so I will head on over again.
  13. Isn’t Brechin’s pitch too small for regulations or something.? There was talk of them not getting a Licence a few years back.
  14. I read that season ticket holders are getting free entry to the games at Forthbank. That happening at yours?
  15. He was decent enough but he wasn’t the best keeper in our league last season. He romped our player of the year though.
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