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  1. He was decent enough but he wasn’t the best keeper in our league last season. He romped our player of the year though.
  2. Remember when they promised us variety with the new format League Cup. We’ve had Elgin, Brechin and Falkirk most years since it started this way.
  3. Congratulations to Clyde on a deserved promotion. Many of us were rooting for you so we could get two trips to Annan next year. Getting out of this league is a priority as there could be a succession of overspending lowland league teams doing a Man City and spending money beyond the Fair Play rules. I suppose Kelly getting banned from the Champions League too would be a price worth paying for them. Personally I think Edinburgh and Annan might go backwards if their better players get cherry-picked so it could be an open title race unless Cove spend big.
  4. The questions away regulars have been asking themselves today are: Where will be going for a pre-match bevvy at Cove? What’s your team going to be doing?
  5. It is unclear who will finish 9th in League 1 but to be fair it shouldn’t make too much difference to the 4th Place team. Letting Annan finish 3rd to take on Clyde/Peterhead and knock one them out might be the smart move. No chance Edinburgh would come through two ties against Annan and Clyde/Peterhead.
  6. What a scunner for the home fans. Lots of banging then it all went quiet. Draw at Hampden might be enough for them but seem to remember Stirling won about 5-0 at Cowden on the last day when we needed goals to (ultimately unsuccessfully) pip Stranraer to the 3rd division title many years ago. Clyde will win the playoffs if they go into them but we all know Peterhead have little confidence when it comes to playoffs. Shitting it might be an accurate description. Exciting stuff. Just what the doctor ordered.
  7. Things are hotting up in the race for 5th Place. Getting exciting.
  8. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We’ve narrowed the gap to the playoff positions to one point over the last 10 games. Not sure we are currently in good enough shape to win the playoffs although if we further improve in the coming months then we just might be. If we get into fourth position then we become the target for the teams below us so that will be a different pressure. Annan might spark off from our rise up the table in the way that our playoff push was sparked by a Berwick push in 2013.
  9. The replayed game that Clyde won 2-0 was the wind tunnel game. Worse wind at a game I’ve ever been at. Broad was, unusually, a tad chilly that night.
  10. Naw, he went cold turkey and now plays the Harp at weddings.
  11. Be a great coup for Newmember if he’s right about Tam Courts. Now you are sure he’s applied for the job? Edit: Got Newmember’s identity mixed up with someone else.
  12. Someone is trying to rewrite history here. That specific allegation was definitely made that night, done in a way to try to alarm people with carefully chosen words when the reality was that there was not missing £500k from any accounts.
  13. There was no specific reason given that night to why they wanted to get rid of Stuart Brown, other than hey could not get on with him. They chose to hide behind “reasons why we can’t go into it”. If you are going to bump someone then you really need to spell out why they cannot remain. I remember the meeting very well. Willie Irvine swaggering about the place before we sat down, never seen at Forthbank of course, calling a regular fan a “p***k”, guys you’d never seen before like Brian Kerr slating Stuart Brown’s business acumen when a League 2 club called Stirling Albion made more profit than his own company that year and, of course, yourself suggesting £500,000 was missing from the football club accounts when what you really meant was that the Junior Academy accounts were audited separately from the football clubs. Almost like you intended to alarm people. I’m sure it just came out that way and was not what you intended.
  14. As there was no prior indication that such a vote was going to take place then it was only a quick show of hands where it was clear that the result was not going to be binding. People might vote differently if it had been binding and there were many who abstained that night would probably voted to keep Brown on such limited reasons to sack him. The meeting had minimal notice and many struggled to attend at such notice. Given that the then Trust Board would not give the reasons for sacking the chairman that night and, as far as I can see, have never given out a reason so important that it could not be revealed that night, something doesn’t add up here. The only thing that they could possibly not reveal that night (unless you know better) would be the impending court cases from the Youth Academy. But the then Trust Board has resolutely claimed that they did not know about the suspensions of coaches until days before it went to court. But when you recall that Tom Ogilvy knew about the suspensions and chaired Trust Meeting back then then you can see why the suspicion that something doesn’t smell right persists. Only the reasons not given that night being revealed would put his rumour to bed. I don’t think we should rake over this shameful episode in the Trust history. People put their own agendas over the best interests of the members. They are now history and any move on their part to return would cause much discord.
  15. The timing is coincidental unless you are suggesting the Consortium picked the moment where the old Trust Board were are war with the Exec Chairman as the ideal time to launch a bid to run the club. Time for Change had its roots in the two Mayfield Centre meetings in Autumn 2017 where we had to collect signatures to get resolutions to the Trust Board. None of us had any inkling of the Consortium until the end of January, the night before the Golden Lion AGM. It is mischief-making to say that Time for Change (can’t remember when we formally adopted that moniker) was all about the Consortium bid. I can 100% confirm that the Consortium bid was added to the agenda at a much later date. At the meeting between Time for Change and three reps of the old Trust Board, the Consortium bid to run the club was not specifically discussed during that 2 hour meeting. Surely, if we were stooges for The Consortium as you imply, then it would have been top of the agenda. Bringing back democracy to our fan owned club was the ambition of Time for Change. It is a task which has been much harder to achieve in reality for reasons which will all come out at some point in the future when the time is right.
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