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  1. Callumn Morrison has signed for Falkirk.
  2. My one was decent enough last week but the St Mirren game went down.
  3. If they bring in Colt teams then I’m done. I’ll get pished instead in my mancave on a Saturday with the IPTV for the live games.
  4. 1) how many have you visited 42 2) how many have you seen Stirling Albion play at 40, only Pitoddrie and Tynecastle to go with the Albion. I think it was 1977 the last time Stirling was away to Aberdeen and 1984 for Hearts away. Managed to get St Mirren’s new ground last season in the Mickey Mouse Cup. 3) what was the first one you visited I think it was Brockville, but it was a home game in the cup for Stirling as Rangers shat out of playing the game at Annfield. 4) what was the last one you visited A 3-1 defeat up at Elgin. 5) what was your favourite (for whatever reason you like) Annan away for the Shed. 6) what was your least favourite? Annan away for the Stewards.
  5. Tell me he’s not our traditional midget striker signing?
  6. I agree with you on the remake Hawaii Five 0. Entertaining pish as they say. Just started on the remake Magnum PI, now a couple of episodes in. As I have fond memories of the original I was sceptical of whether I would take to it but I’m going to stick with it. They’ve made Higgins a woman of course but I can see why they have.
  7. Annan, Cove and Edinburgh are easily the most soul destroying modern venues. Cowdenbeath and Albion Rovers will be finished when their grounds fail a safety certificate. Hampden is bearable with the social club at lesser. Hope they build a decent ground there at lesser and not some Annan, Cove, Spartans flat surface with no decent view. Brechin is fine if the pitch is playable. The hedge is a non-event for me. They’ve got a hedge, who gives a flying f**k? Elgin is only spoiled by the journey there. Decent day out. Had some classics days out in fact. Decent view and plenty of cover and a wee drinky at half-time. Stenhousemuir. Terrible view behind the goals. Always ruins it for me. [As modern stadiums go, Forthbank is pretty good but we need to get both stands open for atmosphere and that will only happen when the team starts playing watchable football. Our home form has been dreadful compared to the away form. ]
  8. Really? Paul McLean embodies the role of a captain much more than Ross. Talking players through a game and organising everyone around you us not a strength of Ross as he is concentrating on his own game fully.
  9. You should put yourself forward for some position at the club or Trust.
  10. Excellent statement from the Club Board. The offer is there for the a refund on your season ticket. Be interesting how many will take up that up. Money will be tight for some so it is clearly the right thing to do. We’ll see if those who are quick to give out the stick will acknowledge this statement in the right manner.
  11. Hot off the presses: Club statement Perhaps not a Beautiful Sunday but, with movement restricted like never before, as good a time as any to update you on a number of important topics. Social distancing may be the order of the day (weeks and months) but bringing supporters closer to all things Stirling Albion is most certainly something within the Club Board’s power to deliver on. CLUB STABILITY In the short to medium term, thanks in large part to the Government Job Retention Scheme (JRS) and the GoFundMe campaign, the Club is in a strong financial position to handle the ongoing hiatus. The recent announcement of the extension of the JRS until the end of June is very welcome news and in “normal” times, by the beginning of July, pre-season training would be well under way with the Betfred Cup kicking off mid-month. However, these are not normal times and every week of delay to this schedule will undoubtedly see, not just Stirling Albion but every football club experience expenditure exceeding income. Never has the expression “watch this space” been more appropriate. You can be assured that the Club Board are already doing everything possible to mitigate this challenge. SEASON TICKETS – 2019/20 Following the acceptance of the SPFL Resolution to terminate the League Season 2019/20 in the Championship, League 1 and League 2, there will be no more games played at Forthbank until next season, whenever that may be. Obviously, everyone who purchased a season ticket for 2019/20 will have missed five games through no fault of their own and the Club Board feel it is only right to offer supporters the opportunity to apply for the following refunds in each category : Adult – £53; 65 & over and Students – £32; 12 to 15 – £14 We would respectfully ask that all supporters seeking a refund, consider carrying this forward to next season when it will be allowed as a discount from the cost of renewal of their ticket. However, in the current situation, we appreciate that many may be experiencing financial challenges and, accordingly, anyone who requests a refund now will, of course, receive it as soon as possible. If you fall into that category, please contact the Club by email at [email protected] with your name, address, seat number (if possible) and your bank account details (full name as on the account, sort code and account number) and the refund being applied for, so that we can arrange the transfer. Please be patient, this is a one-man job! NB. Please note that, as we cannot access Forthbank during lockdown, we are unable to take phone calls. HOME SHIRT 20/21 It is around this time of year that we would be making plans to choose our home shirt for the following two seasons. However, after much deliberation, taking account of all the relevant circumstances, the Club Board have decided not to proceed. Whilst we appreciate the annual announcement of alternating the new home and away kit is eagerly anticipated, the Board was equally and acutely conscious that the devastating economic impact of Covid-19 will undoubtedly bite hard on the pocket of many of our supporters – the majority of whom will have already generously contributed to the GoFundMe campaign – and on balance we determined postponing replacement for this coming season, was the right thing to do. We do, however, have a contractual responsibility to our kit supplier and once we have greater certainty of what the future holds in respect of a return, not just of football, but to at least a semblance of normality to life in general, we intend progressing plans to celebrate our 75th Anniversary with some form(s) of Macron leisure wear. Consultation with supporters will most certainly be part of that process. Another case of “watch this space”! PLAYING MATTERS With all footballing activity currently suspended and with no certainty as to when there will be a return, planning for the coming season is incredibly complex and challenging, particularly in respect of signing players against a backcloth of financial uncertainty. This has the inevitable knock-on effect of delaying announcements of those staying, going and indeed coming. We fully understand the frustration this will cause for supporters who are desperate for some fitba’ news. Please believe us, we are too and all we can do is apologise and ask for your patience! Despite the constraints, the Club isn’t standing still, and discussions are underway with a number of players Kevin Rutkiewicz is hoping to retain. With talks going well, we expect to be in a position to start the process of announcing players who have agreed to extend their contract, as early as this coming week. As things stand currently, with player contracts due to expire in early June, following then we will have one player! Namely, goalkeeper, Blair Currie who is close to regaining full physical fitness and entering the second year of his two-year contract. In respect of backroom staff, as previously announced, Kevin’s Assistant, Martin Hardie, has moved on and Kevin is considering his options for next season. The Gaffer, as well as anyone, is conscious of the financial constraints that face the Club the longer the delay in competitive football returning and the most likely outcome is a player/coach. Again, we expect to be in a position to make an announcement in the near future. All of the players who are currently under contract are working hard individually to maintain a level of physical fitness as the weeks pass and turn into months. We repeat our apologies for what appears to be a delay in announcing developments with regards to playing matters, but it is worth remembering that if it were business as usual, we’d still have two fixtures of the 19/20 season to play! Our best wishes to all Binos and indeed our extended community at this hugely difficult time. Stuart, Alan, Colin, Graham and Grant SAFC Club Board
  12. Now now, that was a bit naughty. Describing the season as mediocre (which is accurate) is not the same as describing the team as crap. An apology is due and I thank you in advance. Will he squad be better than last season, well if Jordan McGregor goes up the leagues then replacing him will be very difficult. Paul McLean has had a terrific season at centre-half replacing his experience would be difficult, if he goes. That is why you, nor I, can guarantee we will have a better squad next season. One thing is for certain, the club have backed the team financially this season (and the seasons before.) That cannot be questioned. Let’s see what you try to twist that statement into.
  13. Who’s caved in? You seriously suggesting that the Albion team is capable of winning the playoffs? Cove game was the end of our season in my opinion. Of course, new squad after the summer but I would not put my mortgage on our squad being much better than it currently is. How many fans would take up the offer to take back season ticket money? I won’t be but there will be some who will be affected by the economical downturn who will have to. Perhaps the current season ticket will run for the first four/five games of new season instead? The players union will not allow the players to be put at risk so no training until social isolating is over and that is a decision by the government which will probably be June in my opinion, maybe later.
  14. After the Cove result midweek just before the shutdown, you have mad to predict success in the playoffs for the Albion. Not a lack of ambition but the grim reality of a mediocre season. Had we finished 4th or 3rd in the league then it would be one poorly attended midweek game at home in the playoff semi and then out. No chance we would get the better of Elgin or Queens Park on the (then) current form to win playoffs. Attendances at the remaining home leagues games would dwindle again, like they did last season when the team gave up on the playoffs. They already have season ticket money in anyway and that would be the majority of the attendees for the remaining games. Add into that the players contracts ending in June, who is going to play these games should the season be extended? Any finishing of the season would probably mean the loss of the a League Cup (Group stages at least) and they can bring in comparatively more cash than dead rubber league games, especially a game like Hibs on a Saturday.
  15. Not bothered if there is no promotion/relegation at all. No relegation from League 2, stuff the non-league. None of them were certain to go up due to the structure so SPFL must look after their own first.
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