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  1. Did someone alter it for comic effect or did it really say “Celtic icon Shane Duffy”? Been here 5 minutes and knows better that us all put together. Oh aye, fundamentally one of the reasons Celtic are imploding too.
  2. Ask Albion Rovers and Brechin about difficult conditions and tricky ties. Job done
  3. Scotland Win group D and we get the runner up in Group F (Hungary, Portugal, France or Germany) Game played in Dublin Tue 29th June 5pm. Scotland Finish 2nd in Group D and we get the runner up in Group E: (Spain, Sweden, Poland or Slovakia) Game played in Copenhagen Mon 28th Jun 5pm. Scotland finish 3rd in Group D and one of the four 3rd place teams that qualify: It’s complicated. 20% Chance we get winner of Group B (Denmark, Finland, Belgium or Russia) Game played in Bilbao Sun 27th Jun 8pm 50% chance we get the winner of Group C (Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria or Macedonia) Game played in Budapest Sun 27th Jun 5pm 30% Chance we get winner Group E Spain, Sweden, Poland or Slovakia) Game played at Hampden Tue 29th Jun 8pm
  4. This suggests that he has turned himself around.
  5. My one was decent enough last week but the St Mirren game went down.
  6. If they bring in Colt teams then I’m done. I’ll get pished instead in my mancave on a Saturday with the IPTV for the live games.
  7. 1) how many have you visited 42 2) how many have you seen Stirling Albion play at 40, only Pitoddrie and Tynecastle to go with the Albion. I think it was 1977 the last time Stirling was away to Aberdeen and 1984 for Hearts away. Managed to get St Mirren’s new ground last season in the Mickey Mouse Cup. 3) what was the first one you visited I think it was Brockville, but it was a home game in the cup for Stirling as Rangers shat out of playing the game at Annfield. 4) what was the last one you visited A 3-1 defeat up at Elgin. 5) what was your favourite (for whatever reason you like) Annan away for the Shed. 6) what was your least favourite? Annan away for the Stewards.
  8. Tell me he’s not our traditional midget striker signing?
  9. I agree with you on the remake Hawaii Five 0. Entertaining pish as they say. Just started on the remake Magnum PI, now a couple of episodes in. As I have fond memories of the original I was sceptical of whether I would take to it but I’m going to stick with it. They’ve made Higgins a woman of course but I can see why they have.
  10. Annan, Cove and Edinburgh are easily the most soul destroying modern venues. Cowdenbeath and Albion Rovers will be finished when their grounds fail a safety certificate. Hampden is bearable with the social club at lesser. Hope they build a decent ground there at lesser and not some Annan, Cove, Spartans flat surface with no decent view. Brechin is fine if the pitch is playable. The hedge is a non-event for me. They’ve got a hedge, who gives a flying f**k? Elgin is only spoiled by the journey there. Decent day out. Had some classics days out in fact. Decent view and plenty of cover and a wee drinky at half-time. Stenhousemuir. Terrible view behind the goals. Always ruins it for me. [As modern stadiums go, Forthbank is pretty good but we need to get both stands open for atmosphere and that will only happen when the team starts playing watchable football. Our home form has been dreadful compared to the away form. ]
  11. Really? Paul McLean embodies the role of a captain much more than Ross. Talking players through a game and organising everyone around you us not a strength of Ross as he is concentrating on his own game fully.
  12. You should put yourself forward for some position at the club or Trust.
  13. Excellent statement from the Club Board. The offer is there for the a refund on your season ticket. Be interesting how many will take up that up. Money will be tight for some so it is clearly the right thing to do. We’ll see if those who are quick to give out the stick will acknowledge this statement in the right manner.
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