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  1. YAAAAAAS. Game of Thrones Alert, Game of Thrones Alert. My youngest started school a couple of weeks ago and there is a Sansa in his class!
  2. The smoking and constant deep frying of mushrooms
  3. Aye and a partner who buttons the fucking things up before putting it in the cupboard. The actual f**k? You've married/shacked up with OFTW there mate
  4. Absolutely amazed this went ahead. It's been heavy showers all day. Even the derby between Sydney and Western Sydney was postponed. Stars shat the bed though.
  5. BBL final odds on to be canned. Heavy rain today and tomorrow forecast. 6ers win by default apparently if it is cancelled.
  6. Maldives? Feck, pack your stab proof vest then https://amp.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/australian-man-stabbed-in-maldives-terror-attack/news-story/f8b20281bb4857aaff668be35f0058a5
  7. At last give some credit to the person who found that for you
  8. Could still go either way
  9. Box of Fredos. Pick up from 12 Ruel Street.
  10. Probably spying on another team's practice session
  11. My God, Trump will cause Twitter to meltdown.
  12. Ruby keeping cool with a dip in our pool
  13. Years of playing Championship Manager have taught me exactly this.
  14. You'd have to fancy MVC to score a few goals against Bali Utd tonight? 1-0 Bali it is then!
  15. I'm hoping this turns into a College style offensive shoot out. Over 100 points. Not really fussed who wins but Divisional rivalries and a love of Frank Clark means I'll be cheering the Chiefs.
  16. I'm surprised he lasted so long tbh
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