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  1. Rams injury list continues to grow with Aaron Donald now out too. You'd expect the Seahawks to win but they still have Bobby Wagner so I'm not 100% confident.
  2. Wow, Broncos giving up on Russ after less than a season?
  3. Seahawks defence back to being utter dogshite again then. Disappointing.
  4. Was about to say the same, terrific view
  5. My 7yo son has! I was sitting on the couch, watching him play Zelda on the Switch. He's on a tricky quest trying to jump between rocks when he suddenly says "oh I fucked that up". I had one of those Bishop Brennan did Ted kick me up the arse moments and he repeated it again. I told him that's not appropriate, he was completely oblivious to its meaning but I admired that he'd used it in the correct context.
  6. Up to the heady heights of 18th Oh and seriously, Chargers are only -1.5 v Cardinals?
  7. Just play with an orange ball, whats the problem?!
  8. Titans dominating but somehow Packers not completely out of this. Some performance by King Henry again.
  9. Sounds like Twitter is about to go tits up then. Hope everyone is able to withdraw their blockchains and defrag their tweets before its too late.
  10. Brummie Clyde and Jimmy G, up a tree, K I S S I N G, first comes love, then comes marriage ....
  11. Australia losing to Italy mwha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  12. Up at 1:30am to watch the Seahawks not turn up until the 2nd half. Disappointing. Reminded me of when I lived in Scotland and watched the NFL. When the game finished there's always that "there's only a couple of hours to go until I have to get up for work, should I even bother trying to sleep?" feeling.
  13. That trick play to Brady ha ha ha ha ha ha
  14. I'm off on a Friday so I tend to watch the TNF game, or as much as I can. The weather didn't help but it was fairly awful. I've no idea how the Falcons beat the Seahawks, they are utter shite.
  15. It can't be too long until they return to the old verification system? This is turning into an absolute farce/great to watch
  16. Alarm clock set for 1:30am Monday morning to hopefully see the pensioner spend most of the game sitting on his arse
  17. Talent Acquisition is just a fancy name for a recruiter
  18. Lad on the right has seen them, and has now fixed his stare at the floor.
  19. Jeezo, I hate getting old! Yes you are correct. I recall it was 0-0 too and getting soaked just completely topped it off. The positive was that I was living in Edinburgh at the time and didn't have far to walk home.
  20. I remember watching a couple of games v Meadowbank Thistle at Meadowbank Stadium at the turn of the century. View was pish then and doesn't sound like its improved. One game it was pishing down and they wouldn't let us use the main grandstand as there was a cat show on (I think!).
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