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  1. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/wind-back-the-clock-30-years-since-queensland-tried-daylight-saving-20190729-p52bos.html
  2. I'm confused. Isn't Facebook all about posting photos of yourself?
  3. It'll be the new "why aren't you wearing a poppy?" soon.
  4. That wasn't the 0-6 game in May 1989 was it?
  5. Posted by Facilities Dept on the intranet at work. Further proof of the disintegration of society. As a mate said "Disgusting. No excuses. That possessive apostrophe on 'loos' is worse than Coronavirus. Pandemics are no excuse for sloppy punctuation."
  6. Peter Dutton (bald guy to right of Ivanka), Australian Home Affairs Minister has just tested positive for Coronavirus. Photo was taken a week ago.
  7. Could Coronavirus leading to the season being wiped see us perform a bigger Great Escape than that time Hamilton went on strike?
  8. Something I need to get done too. My father (71) passed out a couple of weeks ago whilst out walking. Dr and hospital tests reveal he's got Aortic Stenosis and is now in for heart surgery in the next 2mths. I need to get myself checked out.
  9. Yes, I like the rumour (that I've just started) that this virus has been created by 3M to sell face masks and Andrex to sell bog roll.
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