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  1. Luckily I haven't seen either of the last two. Or maybe I should be worried that I haven't! Have seen a couple of mozzies around. Leeches, there was a story that they were on the increase and I've found two of those blood sucking cnuts in the house.
  2. RIP @Miguel Sanchez. Another valued forum member eaten alive by some sort of creature that had been living in his bedroom wall.....
  3. Seahawks open at home to the Broncos in a Monday nighter. Will be interesting to see what kind of reception Wilson gets.
  4. Few photos from my visit on Saturday. Weather was great, apart from the wind and the result obviously. Although we left just after we scored, because my son wasn't feeling well, so technically we witnessed a 1-0 victory! Hopefully it won't be another 4 years until we can visit again.
  5. Its definitely Alan Partridge-esque
  6. Absolute definition of "scenes". The drone footage is spectacular.
  7. Used to enjoy watching this but its on Discovery (in Oz) and thats a channel I dont get. As you say, Todd with his unbreakable belief that there was millions of dollars of gold just under their feet and then after an entire season of digging, fixing machinery and arguing with each other finding f**k all was always pretty funny. I presume Parker is still raking it in, Tony is still taking his cut (did he give up on the barges?) and Rick is struggling away and just making a profit?
  8. Random fans take field goals from the halfway line, best of five then sudden death.
  9. "The Only Way is Up, Baby" Yazz & The Plastic Population
  10. Wilson is past it. Never rated him anyway....
  11. Fucking Bobby Wagner released as well. That wasn't unexpected but still.
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