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  1. You'd have to fancy MVC to score a few goals against Bali Utd tonight? 1-0 Bali it is then!
  2. I'm hoping this turns into a College style offensive shoot out. Over 100 points. Not really fussed who wins but Divisional rivalries and a love of Frank Clark means I'll be cheering the Chiefs.
  3. What time do you want us round?
  4. I've seen photos of hostages looking happier. The half arsed thumb up doesn't exactly shout that he's "buzzing to have signed for such a massive club"!
  5. There's yer Kurz punted by MVC. No surprise really given their results. Ernie Merrick back to Victory?
  6. Nah, we were just pish in the first half and gave them too much of a lead.
  7. Difficult to see past Chiefs and 49ers, but after last weekend who the hell knows!
  8. $5 on Lynch anytime TD has worked well the last two weeks. Skittles, skittles everywhere
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