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  1. I reckon we're just waiting to see who the best performers at the Euros are then we'll try to sign them.
  2. Thought he said he wanted to win stuff?
  3. Sakes, amateur hour. P&B Rule #42, when posting a photo/video of spiders always tag @KnightswoodBear
  4. Sydney have re-signed Adam Le Fondre. Which is nice.
  5. Was at the Sydney Adelaide game yesterday. Was really surprised when Sydney went 2 up but you always felt that Adelaide were still in it.
  6. Sydney keeper outstanding for 119 minutes and 50 seconds, then one misjudgement and fucked!
  7. Dunlap re-signs with Seahawks
  8. Am I still in? If yes, then yes, if no then no.
  9. 508, that looks quality. Pass me the brown sauce!
  10. Going for the No1 draft pick in 2022?
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