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  1. Is there a specific reason that QoS seem to always f**k up against Alloa? Are they like our kryptonite?
  2. die hard doonAtlanta Falcons Sorry mate, you had an outstanding season but well done bwalsh67. I finished 11th which was disappointing given my 2nd (?) last season. Had a disastrous mid season with some 4s and 5s which completely derailed my title bid.
  3. Hiya Swarley! Hiya Pal!! Wait, what?! The Seahawks have been rubbish for most of the time I've supported them.
  4. Presumably Bacon Division is within the Gammon Regiment?
  5. Might be interesting to catch out any Glory Hunters
  6. Yes, apologies. Since the app went breasts up I'm finding that I'm on P&B less and less these days. Its probably too late to do one this season.
  7. Ooft my tipping is matching the Seahawks. Started off on fire, last few weeks I've been utter pish.
  8. Lolz, they've finally tracked you down
  9. Swarley

    Week 4

    You know you've got two piss poor teams when the majority of points are scored from 50+ yard field goals
  10. Swarley

    Week 4

    Ooft pick 6 and they're back in this
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