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  1. Are you saying that all white men look the same? Wow shocking. Maybe this is the perfect excuse to get a bigger TV?
  2. Just tell him that The Rangers are deid mate, get up and move to a different table.
  3. Anyone who still does this deserves a boot squarely in the stones.
  4. And as soon as you get up for a pish or a cup of tea, they're in your spot.
  5. Looking after next doors 8yo King Charles for the weekend. Ruby has very graciously given up her spot on the couch to him. Which is nice because she spends the entire day following him around, nipping at his ears and tail, jumping on his head and back. Basically playing but being a really annoying wee bint.
  6. An absolutely tremendous response to the local Police story about vandalism on a bus. Yes let's stick an undercover cop on EVERY bus. Ffs.
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