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  1. "It's a transition season"
  2. I'm definitely heading for the No1 draft pick this season!
  3. Australia 9th ,ooft. Deserved though as they can be shocking.
  4. Petty NFL things that get on your nerves thread for this pish Dallas and the whole "America's Team" pish.
  5. Yeah its obviously going to be Jags v Eagles!
  6. An improvement on last week, 5! How in the name of hell did @steelmen ( I presume its you at the top of the leaderboard) get 11? Could you please start some sort of tipping thread so we can all get rich on your excellent selections.
  7. Same, might have to give Cowshed Chris's missus a bell
  8. It's a pish idea, get it in the bin
  9. Apologies if already asked/answered, but why were there two MNF games this week?
  10. Finished the week with 4 after getting both MNF games correct. Still utter pish though.
  11. Two for me so far, with two games to go. Thank feck they take out your lowest score.
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