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  1. No need for the "Days Since Last Monster Attack" sign on Nevarro! I think you're right DA. She just always seems to be there. And she proved in an earlier episode that she can access pretty much whatever she wants.
  2. When you correctly guess the score for the first time ever and Div isn't running a Freddo competition!
  3. You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to.
  4. Whoever is in charge needs shot. If a large group are out in the open then surely you'd have someone keeping an eye out for danger. It's not like they've never been attacked by a massive crocodile or that huge flying creature before!
  5. Think we've found the person responsible for editing the league tables on the Beeb website.
  6. I still maintain that Agile was invented by 3M so they could sell more post it notes.
  7. Strongly worded email to the Head of the BBC required.
  8. Obviously some sort of bias against Angus by the BBC here. Angusism?
  9. "Hello Melanius, yes it's Human Resources here. We'd love it if you we could have a dialogue about the recent brown bag lunch session? No, no you don't need to bring the buck fast, salmon and porn magazine...."
  10. Thankfully have never worked on an Agile project but aren't scrums and all their other made up pish compulsory?
  11. Am guessing there's a few cougars in the Paisley area after some hot tub action?
  12. Good news for any Glasgow based Lions fans.
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