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  1. That was a miserable, a awful first half but honestly, getting in at 1-0 down with that wind is not a terrible outcome. Need to make the most of it in the second half, however.
  2. Could someone ask Dick’s brother to put a tammy on at half time? My pixellot stream keeps getting attracted to his big bald napper.
  3. Watching games at Gayfield every second week must be fucking torture. Every time we are there it’s an abject spectacle.
  4. Really not sure how Arbroath got that first corner? Seemed to just kick it straight out the park. MacDonald tipped the first one over the bar then Arbroath scored from the second. We just can’t get out with the wind. Completely penned in.
  5. Ross Millen with an incredible dive after going head to head with Ryan Dow. 10/10.
  6. We will have the wind second half. Looks really windy, which is a real shock.
  7. Hard to believe you went for the bait there, but you did and fair play to you for it. Junior thicko levels of stupid.
  8. Henderson wasn’t signed at the point when the original fixture was due to be played, I don’t think?
  9. Henderson shouldn’t have played for you tonight. Feel like you’re gonnae get chucked oot.
  10. Just thinking out loud here, but St Johnstone have added Rudden today. They’ve now got him, Stevie May, Chris Kane, Michael O’Halloran, Nicky Clark, Theo Blair, Jamie Murphy, Connor MacLennan and Graham Carey who all play up front. If I were a betting man, I’d be quite confident that they’ll be keen to get someone out.
  11. Kieran Mitchell away back to Bonnyrigg. We must have another one lined up. Who’s slipped down a premier league pecking order today?
  12. Well, the figure I had heard was £10k. As you can plainly see, no one knows anything for sure and conjecture is pointless.
  13. Yet to see any proof whatsoever that it cost “a fortune”.
  14. There is absolutely no chance we’ve paid up his contract ffs.
  15. That’s a weirdly strong set of opinions to hold on a player who has been by and large absolutely fine every time I’ve seen him.
  16. Taxes, the tides and Raith Rovers not beating Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Almost comforting.
  17. Good to see Stanton back to fitness again, we’ve missed his running beyond the striker from midfield in recent weeks. Would be quite happy to see him return to the XI and be replaced by Vaughan later on if Stanton doesn’t have 90 mins in him yet. Keen to get Ngwenya back in the side and Dick back to centre half, too. Would go with: MacDonald Millen Lang Dick Ngwenya Brown Spencer Connolly Stanton Easton Gullan Would be great to get the hoodoo off the back. Reluctant to say I’d take a draw because we’ve had so many and they’re killing us a bit, but it’s Inverness and we don’t beat Inverness - so I’d take a draw.
  18. It’s you misremembering. One of the nicest boys in football.
  19. Ive read the rule and I’m really no further forward on whether or not that’s offside. @craigkillie, what’s the verdict? 2:45 in on the video above.
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