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  1. Scott Brown rightly cleaning up at the awards ceremony. What a fantastic signing he’s been.
  2. Ethan Ross, I think (and hope) will be absolutely fine again once he’s had a pre-season. He was visibly blowing out his arse after about 15 minutes last night but he’s been injured for a long time. You don’t become a bad player in that space of time and he’s shown he can be excellent at this level in the past. Get him fit and he can still be a big player for us.
  3. Wouldn’t be the first time someone has left us because we wouldn’t give them the contract they wanted but Ayr would…
  4. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that was MacDonald’s last game. 100%.
  5. If Akio’s run and hit with his left foot had gone in they’d have had to scrub the goal of the season result and just give him the trophy. I don’t think I’d seen him kick it with his left foot since he signed prior to that point.
  6. Did think a lot of the players were very quick down the tunnel given they were all being given a very warm reception. Glad I went along tonight, if nothing else to see MacDonald away. A very fine goalkeeper indeed, probably the best in the last 20 years.
  7. Did enjoy all the Thistle young team coming down to the front of the stand at half time, just in time to see a stonewall penalty not given right in front of them and watch us go up the park to score about a minute later. Best of luck in the play offs, if any team is going to win them… ah f**k it, its not going to be the team in 4th, is it?
  8. There’s an odd bit of needle given we’ve absolutely nothing to play for and thistle are all but there. Would love us to spoil it but unlikely.
  9. I want the new owners to sort the fucking time it takes to get a cup of tea from the pie stall.
  10. We were absolutely fucking abysmal there, man against boys. Funny if we manage to spoil the party though and that’s all we can really hope for.
  11. Big loud and proud Union Jack at the front of the stand. Whatever makes you happy.
  12. Didn’t have thistle down as Union Jack humpers, but there you go.
  13. Sounds like we can push the boat out here and manage 4 (four) subs.
  14. Can’t decide if I can be arsed tomorrow. QP v Dundee on the tele feels a lot more appealing right now.
  15. Jack Hamilton is out of contract at Livi this summer. Transfermarkt states Hartlepool have an option to buy but given he’s scored 2 in 29 this year, you’d doubt they’ll be taking that option. Don’t think he will lack potential suitors in the Championship but he’d be a great signing for us. He is still only 22, however. Meaning any club signing him would be due Livi a development fee. Imagine this will put a lot off.
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