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  1. Agree with what folk are saying here. I don’t think the squad is far away from a challenge at the top end. If we can keep the core of the squad and add a few bits of quality here and there I think we’d have a chance. Fully understand that about half the league will be saying the same thing, however. Keeping Connolly, Spencer, Nolan, Lang and probably Dick would just about do me, although of conscious of the fact that those 5 coupled with the already contracted Millen, Gullan, Brown, Vaughan, Ethan Ross, Easton, Stanton and Matthews is basically the exact same team that just draws every single week just now, so maybe not.
  2. Worst game I’ve watched this year, by a mile. Totally crap. Goncalves looks as uninterested as the Livi fans said he would.
  3. Sounds like you’re talking absolute shite, mate.
  4. So Brown is actually on a two year deal, then? Great news! Edit: This section has been added to his profile on the website. You’d think we’d have announced this when it happened.
  5. This is his biggest downfall. Commands a good wage and then misses half the season.
  6. Is Musonda fit? I know you boys were raving about him initially but he usually misses a big chunk of the season. I’ve not really kept up with how he’s been getting on.
  7. Friday night games are class. Looking forward to it.
  8. I love that. “Celebrating like they’ve won the Scottish cup”. The final preserve of the man who absolutely cannae take it.
  9. It’s very obviously in the box, what are you talking about?
  10. Yeah, Brown only signed a 1 year deal. We really, really could do with getting him signed for another couple ASAP. Player of the season for me, so far.
  11. Just watched the highlights, Lang is so rash at the goal. Shields is pulling the ball down about 16 yards out, facing 180° away from the goal. If Lang just stays goalside and doesn’t try to win it, there no way Shields is getting a shot away. He goes in to try win the ball when it really isn’t necessary and it costs us the goal. I really like Lang, both himself and the team have obviously done really well since he came back in, but I do think he’d benefit from not being quite so aggressive all the time. It’s a difficult one because his aggressiveness is one of his main qualities, but a little more finesse in when to apply it would make him even better - and the good news is that this is something that definitely can be coached by someone like Murray who played in the top flight all his career as a defender.
  12. Commented on this at the game. I think that’s the 7th or 8th time this season we’ve conceded within the first 5 or 6 minutes of the restart. Something we really do need to improve on.
  13. Referee is ruining any chance we get at momentum by giving everyone a 50 second talking to at every foul.
  14. Going along tonight, not been to Ochilview for a good few years. I think we played a league cup tie against Stenny under McKinnon where we got beat and one of their players scored an absolute raker from about 40 yards. Are we behind the goals?
  15. f**k sake. I’ll be taking the car if that’s the case
  16. Realised I’m out the country for the semi final dates, but I am no less disappointed that we don’t really have much chance of getting there. There is no right answer in this situation because those, like me, who are disappointed by the draw are easily countered by those with the thought process that we could’ve drawn Ayr or Falkirk or Killie and lost. Good news for the budget for next season, bad news for football reasons and possibility of memories and occasions. It is what it is and can’t be helped. Ibrox is a fucking dirge of a day out for away fans, though.
  17. Big boy in the middle has been man of the match, run the show.
  18. Winner of Darvel v Falkirk at home is the one I want. Got to hope Rangers and Celtic draw each other.
  19. Really did enjoy the chants of “there’s only 1 Ian Murray” towards the end today. A thoroughly likeable guy who’s doing a great job with the tools at his disposal.
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