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  1. Actually ridiculous just ho9w many people have signed up and posted 2 or 3 times. Div should just delete everyone who has been in-active for over 6 months.
  2. Getting ready to leave for the bus at the Spar, in the pishing rain
  3. Those voting FOR, need to put their kilts away and get their brains out.
  4. Zane Lowe, waiting on R.A.T.M. to come on! Cannae wait, even though i have the album on my PC, it just seems so much better when it's on the radio! Downloading Music For The Jilted Generation, too. Which i have just discovered that is also a masterpiece on Thursday in the last few minutes! :D
  5. Sames! I'll wear my Rovers top and if you spy me you can say hi!
  6. My Bloc Party tickets for the 25th January came today at the Carling Academy!! It'll be awesome!!
  7. Why did you delete your comments!?

  8. I'm disappointed at the lack of Happy Birthday's i've had
  9. Not going to uni. It's the biggest waste of time ever in the history of the universe.
  10. Had an absolutely shite day at school and i've got 3 bits of homework for tomorrow I hate 5th year
  11. Skydivin' was a quality album!! Edit: Looking forward to Kutski tonight? :D
  12. My game has been cancelled tomorrow morning, but we still need to pay for the referee and the pitch which have been booked. & It doesn't look like i'm going to be getting a ticket for this under 16's club night at Velocity with Darren Styles tomorrow night.
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