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  1. Anything can happen in the next half hour - enter shikari
  2. You think i ain't worth a dollar but i feel like a millionaire - QOTSA
  3. When people leave the game when they're getting gubbed at Fifa! I was 0-4 up away to Barcelona with Hibs after 65 mins and they left once the 4th went in!!
  4. Do it in big white thick letters with a black outline, with "in ur cuntry" at the top and then "eatn ur camulz" at the bottom!
  5. I challenge anyone to 'lollerize' that photo of the camel spider with: "In ur cuntry, eatn ur camulz"
  6. I knew this. I believe that they are actually in the scorpion family
  7. Your job sounds fucking immense. I salute you. Ever handled a camel spider?
  8. Bloc Party with 5 of my mates on January 25th! Glasgow Carling Academy! Gonna be awesome!
  9. Going to see him and Breeze at Velocity on November the 15th. Pure cannae wait lod.
  10. Been listening to Kuttsky on Radio 1. He's been fucking quality. Much better than Dave Pearce ever was.
  11. Seriously, you could not pay me to go and watch those c***s. "What do you want for tea? I want cri-isps" Fucking great lyrics Also, "everything is average now a days", ohhhhh the irony!!!
  12. Just in from Velocity under 16's night. Fucking awesome!! RAVE CAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I'll play you at Fifa! PM when you're up for it. I'll add you, too.
  14. No, but i just had a Kizmit burger and chips from Kizmit. Fucking awesome. Burger with cheese, donor meat and spicy chilli sauce.
  15. That would be AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEEE!!!!!!
  16. Absolutely crumbled my ankle first period today in PE and went along to casualty with a suspected fracture. Turns out it's just a bad sprain, but holy f**k, i've never ever felt pain like that in my entire life. Though i was gonna spew and had a really loud ringing in my ears, felt as though i was going to collapse.
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