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  1. It’s you misremembering. One of the nicest boys in football.
  2. Ive read the rule and I’m really no further forward on whether or not that’s offside. @craigkillie, what’s the verdict? 2:45 in on the video above.
  3. Some really awful refereeing in there. First time I’ve ever seen the officials disallow, then allow, then disallow a goal before. Gullan so frustrating first half. Spent the whole of it offside and had the cheek to moan about not getting the pass early enough. Took his goals really well to be fair, just too big and strong and quick for the centre halves. You can tell that Linlithgow are a side that win most weeks because a great number of their thicko fans really don’t take getting beat very well. Happy to get past them and hopefully get a 5000+ crowd for Motherwell.
  4. I’d sooner set my ears on fire than listen to a fucking Dunfermline podcast about the day we fucked the league.
  5. We don’t seem to have had Colin Steven as a referee since the last time he reffed us at home to Inverness. What’s the chances of that? Surely there isn’t that many referees who take charge of Championship games. edit: I make it 37 competitive games since we last had him stretching back nearly a year.
  6. We saw very little of him so really not best placed to tell you. He wanted to go play regular football and he was rarely, if ever, getting off our bench - and we have a tiny squad. No idea how he’ll be truth be told. Seemed fine when he came on on the odd occasion but impossible to really tell based on the minutes he got.
  7. His hand is fucking behind him. What should he do with it, tuck them in? That would never, ever have been given at the other end.
  8. Shut the fucking doors. Football is finished. What an utter disgrace.
  9. Rovers now offering returns on tickets. Tomorrow 12-1 or 10-4 Monday.
  10. I can take your ticket off you if you can’t make it to the rearranged game. Give me a messages
  11. McNulty signed for Orange County SC who play in the second tier of the USA set up. Hopefully that’s the last we hear of him on here.
  12. Would be interested to see the games won with Spencer in the team vs games won without him from the start of last season, but I really can’t be arsed. @TxRover, fancy it?
  13. Ooooft. You must be in a minority of 1 of that opinion. Spencer makes us tick. Massive loss if he left.
  14. Remember that? McGlynn took our best player and benched him for about 8 weeks. What the f**k was that all about? Connolly has been a fucking superb signing. There was lots of folk on here fuming we’d resigned him at the time, too. I’d kill to get him to stay for another couple of years but there will be teams like Patrick and Dundee falling over themselves to pay him more than we can afford, sadly.
  15. Liam Dick not absolved of blame at the equaliser. Seems to momentarily forget that he’s defending a corner in the last second and decides to try and push out when there’s about 4 players still behind him.
  16. Easton going off was a big factor, IMO. Probably the MoM until he went off. Was attracting so much attention and so many fouls. Held onto the ball, took his goal well and was generally a nuisance. Cove players really targeted him and I think he ended up going off from a bad tackle in the end.
  17. Hope everyone enjoyed that midweek cameo from Big John cause there’s not a chance Murray will be trusting him again after that decision.
  18. Every single sub made us significantly weaker. Making them even earlier would’ve left us with a weaker team for a longer period of time. The lack of depth in the squad is shafting us every single week, we need more bodies but have zero money.
  19. We did absolutely fine second half. You can’t legislate for Frederiksen trying to shoot from the half way line with 30 seconds to go instead of keeping the ball. Pathetic stuff
  20. Missed the first goal but the second is a brilliantly taken bit of skill. Ball comes out to Easton on the edge of the box who fucks his first touch, only to recover it by flicking it over the defender and volleying it with his left first time into the corner. Cove are really pish, completely there for the taking if we play it right.
  21. That’s not Big John up front with Vaughan off him.
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