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  1. I’d heard that Robinson was confident of getting him months ago, came to watch him several times. Assumed he would’ve signed by now if he was going to, though. Might’ve been given a better offer elsewhere.
  2. I can’t think of many, if any, occasions where Berra got caught out of position and then got rinsed for pace last season. He’s too often in the right place and is deceptively quick, too.
  3. Steady. Whilst I completely disagree with the summation that Zanatta wasn’t good for us last year - if his season had happened in reverse you’d have people falling over themselves about how important he is to us - to suggest we’d have been relegated without him is nonsense.
  4. Rarely seen a defender as unable to deal with a winger as Murray with Linn that season. One game at Starks where Linn scored in a 1-1 draw stands out as particularly bad. Linn just got the ball and rinsed him time and again, including one instance where he backed off him for about 40 yards. Embarrassing to watch.
  5. I’d be quite concerned about my place in the squad if I were Ross Matthews. We’ve now got him, Stanton, Easton, Spencer and Brown for two centre mid positions. I don’t see the signing of Brown as entirely necessary, all things considered. I’ll admit I have seen very little of him so no idea how he will be used, but given Murray has made him one of his first signings you’d like think he will be higher up the pecking order than Matthews. As an experienced player for us now, I’m sure how he will feel about being potentially left out the side.
  6. “OK with Connolly going”. What the actual f**k do folk watch every week?! Scored or assisted 13 goals last season from wide, after being inexplicably left out the side for a large portion of the season, and won POTY. One of the worst shouts I’ve seen on here for a long time, and that’s really saying something.
  7. I really liked him for Queens season before last. I think he has played a bit further forward for Ayr on the left hand side. Would like a look at him, at least.
  8. Quite incredible to say that Tait leaving had “zero impact” when him and Spencer played something like 80% of our passes into the final third in the first half of the season, according to Wyscout. A very fruitful half season, too. I think losing that would have a very big impact, indeed. Certainly high than zero.
  9. Ethan Ross will be starting for us. A match winner when in form.
  10. Lads, literally 0% chance Tumilty will stay. The fact Murray doesn’t even mention him in his first interview when directly asked about him speaks volumes.
  11. Did he not sell kingdom homes for £40m or something?
  12. Rovers fans will find anything to have a moan about, for the entire time I’ve attended - 20 odd years. It’s a light hearted signing announcement. What do folk want, fireworks and piano in the middle of the pitch?
  13. Come off it, man. They’re light hearted and non-serious. Give them a break, ffs.
  14. Find it hard to believe that McGlynn would leave Poplatnik on the bench for 3/4 of a season then sign him at the first chance. I’d be quite happy if he signed for Falkirk tbh, closer to his level.
  15. Say it quietly but… Gozie Ugwu? Seems to have got himself fit(ter) since he left us and did well in a broadly rubbish Morton side. Holds the ball up. I wasn’t a huge fan last time around but he has done well since leaving.
  16. Option to bring a pal a few times, the discount, and the ability to get wee discount in other businesses and being able to spread the cost makes this year a pretty appealing option. Fair play.
  17. Coll Donaldson would’ve been an excellent signing.
  18. Honestly, not in for signing Poplatnik at all. Had about 4 good games. If he had them at the start of the season no one would want to keep him. Lovely, lovely guy, but we need to aim higher.
  19. I see Dylan Easton is busy liking tweets about Murray becoming our manager and tweets from fans hoping he signs for us. Good.
  20. These celebrations are all a bit embarrassing from St. Johnstone, truth be told.
  21. Yeah, I’m absolutely fine with this. Happy to get behind him.
  22. Everyone from Scotland thinks the place where everyone else stays is a shit hole. And everyone else has a funny accent. Really great patter. Hope it continues.
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