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  1. He will have been on a very decent wage at Reading, and each of his loan clubs will have been paying a chunk of that to take him. He’s been on loan five times since 2019 and scored 15 goals in 80 games since. That’s not exactly scintillating form. He didn’t look very good for Dundee Utd. He’s not the silver bullet some seem to think he is. I think he’d do alright, but he isn’t a realistic target.
  2. I think the fact he’ll want about £5k a week will be a stumbling block for every club in the division. Folk claiming we should get rid of Connell and bring him need to come along and join us in the real world. Has it not occurred to anyone that Connell is in all likelihood not being paid very much by us? That switch alone would probably cost the club an extra £15k+ a month. Not in any way, shape or form a realistic option. I’ve not read anything other than the posts on this page about the game, nor the other thread, but it’s the same knee jerk stuff after a defeat, although this obviously wasn’t ideal. Up until the game on Saturday, I think we had the joint best defensive record in the league. You don’t get to that after a third of the season whilst “needing an experienced head”. We were very clearly doing something right. We had a bad game. Move on, keep doing what we were doing prior to that - not losing very many goals.
  3. A good day out, pish result. Made doubly worse by the fact that I only realised we got beat 2-0 when I got on the train home. Was absolutely burst and have no recollection of the second goal at all.
  4. Makes up for the very obvious goal in the first half.
  5. I mean, BBC have shown two angles that show it’s over the line at half time, there.
  6. Darian MacKinnon is a right wee butterball now, eh?
  7. Abysmal decision. Ayr got away with that massively.
  8. What is the number 4 doing? Jogged in for a nice view of Akinyemi passing it into the net. Bizarre, awful defending.
  9. Dundee is a good away day. The Laurie Ellis Scottish cup quarter final is in my top 3 ever. Not too far away, direct train, plenty good pubs. Bring it on.
  10. Thanks. It’s not a massive issue for someone who really wants to go to the game. I’ll get a ticket this week and get the train up, but I’d be amazed if that situation hasn’t affected the overall away supports at Dens this season. If you’re someone who is on the fence about going, the thought of having to buy a ticket and get it posted out to your home alongside it being the most expensive day out in the league is probably enough to make you say, “I won’t bother this week”. I understand the conjecture about it being easy enough to do - it is not a massive problem - but it’s extra steps that no other club makes you do and folk will ultimately use that as an excuse not to go who would quite happily attend other away days.
  11. A couple of pretty weird replies, wasn’t expecting that. I’ll try another way. Why are Dundee the only club in the league who do this? I’m genuinely interested in the reasoning.
  12. I think I’ll head to the game on Saturday and pay in at the gate. Or maybe I could buy one online, as I can for every other team in the league? Perhaps I could buy a ticket from the office at the stadium in Dundee? No, I’ll need to call the office and get a £24 ticket put in an envelope and posted to my house, or drive to Kirkcaldy to buy a ticket during the office open hours. Seriously though, why are Dundee making it as hard as this to buy a ticket? Why are none of the usual, widely used methods not being offered? What’s the issue?
  13. Murray has also totally hacked the ‘away teams winning the toss and turning us round’ thing. Whenever that happened previously (I’m looking at you, Ayr United) the away team seemed to get a huge lift almost from the start and you felt the crowd deflate instantly when it became apparent. Now we do it ourselves through choice. That takes the benefit off the away team and renders it pointless. I really didn’t like it to start with but the proof is in the pudding - we are the best home team in the league up to now.
  14. I make it that we had 26 points after 14 games last season, and we currently have 22. However, it’s still a good point to make. At this point last season we’d not lost a game in 10 but we had drawn 4 of them. This year, we lost 4 of the first 6 but have now won won 3 of the last 4 and and drew the other. Our home form is really strong this season; the best in the division, winning 5 out of 7. The away form isn’t as good, only winning 2 out of 7. The home form is a great foundation to build on, but the lack of draws away from home may hold us back if it doesn’t change. We need to start picking up draws instead of defeats and nicking the odd win to really stand a chance. The league is tight and no team will run away with it. If we can stay in the pack we really could have a chance - the squad depth is there this season and we have some big players to come/coming back at a good time. Going to Dundee on Saturday and winning would be a big statement at this stage.
  15. I see we can buy tickets for the Dundee game between the hours of 10am and 2pm, or call and have them posted out? Why do Dundee not have an online ticketing facility? At £24 (!!!!) a pop, I’d have thought they would.
  16. Crazy to think there was a not insignificant amount of Rovers fans very vocally underwhelmed when we announced Connolly last pre-season. He’s been a fucking revelation. Of imperative importance that he signs a new deal.
  17. First is such a good strike, isn’t it? Uses the defender and just guides it round him into the top corner. Satisfying the way it hits the net, as well. Second one - it’s nice that, whilst we can play some great football at times, we can also chuck it in the box and make chances that way. For all that we were excellent to watch under McGlynn, you felt that every goal had to be a well worked team effort and it’s nice to just throw it in the box and score a sclaff every now and then. The third is probably of the soft variety, but you’ll take them all day. Really enjoyable Saturday.
  18. How did I guess you’d be along right away? Oddball.
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