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  1. You’re guessing with this. You’ve no idea if that’s true or not.
  2. Have a few pals in the polis who seem to think that there going to be a lot of bother before this. Heavy police presence planned in town and at the ground.
  3. I’d have Nolan signed for next season by now, if it were up to me. Has improved as the season’s gone on and you can see the confidence that getting game time under his belt has given him. Him and Lang are good centre half pairing for the Championship.
  4. One of the worst penalty decisions I’ve ever seen. In no way, shape or form is that a penalty. Awful refereeing.
  5. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment. Vaughan so unlucky not to get the hat trick when his shot clipped the top of the bar towards the end. Easton’s goal was a work of art. The technique to keep that under control and cut across it just enough to get the dip and the swerve to keep it down, followed by the impact off the underside. Aesthetically fantastic
  6. You’ve really got my engine roaring for today with that.
  7. Aye, Hamilton’s online ticketing facility is the easiest one I’ve used in the whole league. About 3 clicks to buy a ticket.
  8. Agree with that to a certain extent, but surely it wouldn’t have been too difficult to sell tickets starting with behind the goals, then move up the main stand once that was sold out? It’s actually shite for Accies fans as well. Surely you’d want all your fans to be bunched together for a better atmosphere instead of spread across two stands, one being a frankly cavernous and sparsely populated main?
  9. Seems wild that we are being told we aren’t getting anymore tickets when Hamilton obviously aren’t going to sell their end out. I know we’ve announced today that we have some more to sell but I don’t imagine it’s that many. There’s loads of Rovers fans who don’t have a ticket. Why have both clubs been given the same amount of tickets when we were always going to be able to sell more than Hamilton? Shambolic planning as per from the SPFL.
  10. Fearing a fucking pumping today. Would accept 5-0 if offered it now.
  11. Or, this has been on the agenda for a while and he didn’t fancy keeping ploughing cash into something he knew he was leaving at the end of the season? If this is true, let’s give it a chance ffs.
  12. Shocked to see McGlynn shit the bed at East End. Play off failure beckons.
  13. Callum with an N absolutely sold the jerseys there.
  14. No idea if that crossed the line or that. Impossible to tell from the camera angle.
  15. Still getting better than evens on 0-0…
  16. I’ll never say another bad word about FTV. A fine production in comparison.
  17. Falkirk the better team but this has looked every bit a league one encounter. Very little atmosphere by the sounds of things, which is weird given the number of folk there.
  18. Pars have got a cheek charging for this. Fucking terrible service. The game is hardly worth watching, which is just as well. The option of a replay or sound is a good one. Usually I’d be quite annoyed but it’s a nice reprieve from the c***s’ voice.
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