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  1. Brad McKay on a three year deal, seemingly on £1500 a week. Honestly couldn’t happen to a nicer club. I’d take the boy Morrison from them, other than that they don’t have a single player who would even get on our bench.
  2. When did Arbroath fans turn into a bunch of whining, greeting faced wee gimps? I can barely remember much of the game, good day out.
  3. Has Harry Paton been playing for Ross County? I recall McGlynn speaking very highly of him a few years ago when he was at Stenny.
  4. I like Gullan, he’s good. If we are still in this league next year, I’d take him.
  5. In before the Jamie Gullan shouts starts. Edit: read the whole post first.
  6. I see our half season tickets are on sale. Let’s get them bought and give the management team the funds for January.
  7. Arbroath underestimated and Dunfermline overestimated, but broadly pretty close so far.
  8. There appears to be no way to watch this other than buying the stream, and I can’t be bothered going to find my bank card. Going to need to make do with the twitter updates.
  9. I can’t be arsed trying to find a thread for tonight on the cup forum, if there even is one? Mass changes apparently, which is good. We have some form of depth in the squad now so can ring the changes without losing too much quality. Don’t care about the score, just no injuries would do me.
  10. Unsure how we will work out who gets a ticket. We’ll get 300 max by the looks of it.
  11. Tumilty’s first booking is so stupid, incredibly unlike him. 90 yards from our goal and he’s jumping in like that. Suggestions that he should be benched are wild, though. He will be back in on Saturday, and rightly so. Don’t really care if he plays on Tuesday.
  12. Anyone able to tell me when we last went 12 games unbeaten?
  13. Ross Matthews doing the ‘Falkirk tears’ celebration in front of the south stand was fucking outstanding. Lifetime contract for him.
  14. I had Tom Lang by the face with both hands at the celebrations. Great scenes.
  15. No. I knew you were shite. It’s just really, really funny.
  16. That Falkirk side are the biggest pile of absolute and utter gutless shite I’ve ever seen. Fucking brilliant [emoji23]
  17. This could very well be a farce tomorrow if the weather predictions are right.
  18. Lived in Edinburgh for the last 10 years. Quite happy with anything less than a fiver for a pint.
  19. What’s the script with the seating? Is it just sit wherever you want?
  20. I see your esteemed manager has been on the radio again, talking about being “angry and frustrated” about Rangers performance. Unacceptable conduct from a manager of another SPFL club. I couldn’t go and watch and support a club managed by that c**t, must be unbearable.
  21. Got the train up booked for mid morning, should get to Arbroath for about mid day. Never had a proper day out in Arbroath, only ever gone to and from the game by car. Suggestions for lunch and pints before and after the game welcome.
  22. You’re getting your KMac’s and and your SAndo’s all mixed up, Tx.
  23. When we announced we had signed Berra in April, I posted this on the rovers thread: A few things wrong with that, obviously, but perhaps the most glaring being that I’d have rather signed Alan Lithgow than Christophe Berra. Berra has been a fucking rock whilst Lithgow has struggled badly. Now I’m having a flick through some of the reactions from when we signed Berra
  24. As the camera pans right, the other big huddie Morton centre half seems to be deeper than Lithgow. Whether or not he has dropped that extra few yards in the time it takes the camera to shift is up to your interpretation. I’m confident Ross is onside.
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