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  1. There is no other way to do it, though. I contribute to all of those things you mentioned but season tickets holders are the bread and butter for any club, and you won’t find a better way.
  2. Just back in the door. Hands down one of the best weekends away I’ve ever had, despite the weather being absolutely terrible Friday. We watched the game in The old Thameside inn, and we were the only Scottish guys there. We were roundly booed when we arrived, but in a completely good natured way. Good bit of craic. With the guys round us and they were all very gracious, as was everyone we met actually. Didn’t see any bother, but am aware that there was a little. This was my first time following Scotland at an away game, but I would definitely be up for it again.
  3. I’ll be keeping a keen eye on this thread to see the omnishambles unfold at Waverley.
  4. That was, hands down, the worst thing I have ever seen on a football pitch. I simply sat in shock, then tears, at what was unfolding. I am beyond glad that it seems like Eriksen is ok. Those Danish boys that stood round him whilst the medics saved his life showed strength of a different kind, what an incredible group of guys.
  5. How does VAR miss that shirt pull? What is it even for if it’s not seeing that?
  6. You can’t be offside from a corner. Linesman has fucked it.
  7. There was some chat with Hendry that he was favouring a move down south, but I don’t know how much truth there is in that. Deserves success wherever he goes, one of the best players I’ve seen in my time following the club.
  8. Trains sound like a nightmare. My mate is travelling from Newcastle and meeting us there but thankfully his train is still running. We fly to Luton from Edinburgh at 6pm, was meant to be mid day but EasyJet cancelled the flight and put us on a later one, which is a bit of a pain as we’ve essentially lost the first day.
  9. Understand the concerns of fans to a certain degree, but I’d like to think after the season we’ve just had that McGlynn gets a bit of leeway with his signings. Fully trust him to sign the players to get us playing the way he wants to play.
  10. I don’t really know. I know he was excellent in his short stint here last time, and I’m not sure why he wouldn’t be good again this time.
  11. I’m quite happy with Connolly. Strange reaction from most here, he did well for us in the championship last time?
  12. Stephen Simmons. Multiple instances of players that played with him at us saying he was the best they’ve ever played with. Got slaughtered by our fans at times. He was quality.
  13. That’s never a fucking foul, too. We have been really excellent tonight, referee has been awful.
  14. I’m really surprised at us holding out for Spencer, I must say. Where does he think he is going to get a better offer? I don’t see him playing any higher up the pyramid than where he is currently. The only thing I can think of is that we have offered him lesser terms or a reduced role, and he isn’t happy with that. A sideways step is what he’ll get, at best.
  15. We just got The Thameside Inn booked for 6 of us, after receiving about 40 knock backs. Can relax a bit now and just look forward to the weekend.
  16. The club can’t release the list until we’ve spoken to everyone. Players are obviously choosing to post on their socials as soon as their conversation has taken place. Not a lot the club can do about that.
  17. Does it? Looks like pretty standard pub fare. Waiting on a reply from them to our table of 6.
  18. Yeah, whichever part time team gets MacDonald will be getting themselves an excellent full back. Just hope it’s not any of the potential part time teams in the Championship.
  19. Kieran MacDonald is away. Confirmed on his Twitter.
  20. Berra isn’t going to play every week though, is he? He’ll be probably third, maybe fourth choice.
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