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  1. That’ll do me for this season, I think.
  2. Arbroath fans furiously whilsting for full time. There’s a scoreboard with a timer on it showing 87 minutes.
  3. [emoji23] fucking obviously. We tried to keep him.
  4. If any of you boys at the back are reading, bang that drum at the same!
  5. Davidson off at half time. Hope we never see him again.
  6. Putting the singing section in the very corner of the stand not worked. God they’ve relocated to the middle.
  7. Shooting the wrong way, 1-0 down, can’t pass the ball more than 5 yards and when we do it’s backwards. The tactic is obviously to move the ball quickly across the back four and then it Nisbet’s feet to try to negate ToB’s heading ability. That’s fine in earnest but we are so fucking slow at passing the ball. Iain Davidson, man. f**k me... High point of the first half was someone near me shouting, “THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY IS DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EXPECTING A DIFFERENT OUTCOME”. Too wordy, imo.
  8. This is every bit as bad as I’d imagined.
  9. Arbroath goalie repeatedly kicking the ball out his hands 90 yards is giving me the fucking fear.
  10. Can’t see there being more than 1300 home fans for this to be totally honest. I’m not that arsed for it, I might change my mind on Saturday morning. I get that the club needs to big the game up and try remain positive but it’s pretty tough when we’re so many points behind.
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Surely it’s primarily to stop the turnstile operators from stealing cash? The counter isn’t working, they say they took 700 through their gate when they really took 750... Of course, the club can’t come out and say that, which is why they’re using the “big game” stuff instead.
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Electronic counter is broken, mouth.
  13. That quote that the boy lichtgilphead keeps posting is from Ro Sham Bo, too - a known wum. Whatever makes him happy, I suppose.
  14. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    What the fucking hell are you slavering on about? Where did I say it was a surprise? SPL no longer exists, m8.