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  1. Missed the game today with work, but watched John’s post-match interview there. He seems genuinely upbeat and optimistic about our performance and that’s enough for me. I love seeing him buoyant in interviews after the game, just makes me beam with pride that he’s our manager. Love you, John x
  2. Eloquently put. Can we all just repost this when this discussion happens next time? Non-accusatory and addresses proper issues without aggravation. Spot on, too.
  3. You’d be lucky if 1% of people had their mask on in their seat.
  4. I can’t say I’ve ever been aware of Jackson Longridge but he appears to really not like us. Decent shithousing, but an odd game to do it in; being the only Livi player charging around after the final penalty. We’ll see the eventual outcome on Saturday, I guess.
  5. Seemed to noising up Arnott before his penalty and then again after the goalie saved it. Really overly celebrated a meaningless penalty win and a lot of staring at the away fans. Just really weird behaviour from a relative nobody.
  6. Martindale on BBC Scotland talking about various players who are missing through covid. What’s the script with them being able to play and Falkirk having to forfeit?
  7. Why was he so bothered? A draw for us is a fine result. Win on Saturday and qualify as group winner. That’ll do me.
  8. Livi’s number 3 making a right c**t of himself at the end there. Who is he?
  9. Is this conversation actually happening? Am I in an alternative universe? Players who are the same age can be of different abilities. Got you, right.
  10. Watching Killie v Morton. Ugwu still infuriating. Killie have looked good but trail 1-0. At half time they had a wee segment for adverts. Why did we not do that? Seems like free money.
  11. Enjoying the Kilmarnock commentators summing up the entire championship by saying that they play a high tempo then tire in the last 20. Every single team. Good to know.
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