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  1. I’d like to see us go after Stefan Scougal this summer, think he would fit right in and McGlynn would really get the best out of him.
  2. Absolutely stupid to try and guess what “you think” he said and downright bizarre to have a stab at specifics. Allow the process to take place. There is literally nothing to say until it’s completed.
  3. Anything but an Alloa win and they are relegated, albeit if Arbroath, or Morton in midweek, win it won’t matter anyway. We have been incredibly consistent over the last wee while, both in terms of performances and results, and you’d like to think that will continue here. With Dundee playing Inverness in Inverness on Tuesday night, a win would be a huge step towards 2nd.
  4. We need to avoid Inverness, period. Them in the play offs would be the ultimate damp squib.
  5. We need to have our eyes on 2nd now. If we can manage to do that and avoid the early games of the play offs we might, might just have a chance.
  6. Kyle Benedictus fucking heroic again btw. What a fucking result. Get in!!
  7. Kicked my beer all over the living room floor getting up to shout at the tele. Would’ve been Puskas award.
  8. Queens fans did this last time, but it was constant posts about the inevitable equaliser, before they scored their second. Seen this enough times...
  9. We need to change it, here. Going to lose a goal eventually doing this.
  10. Repeated showings of the MacDonald “interception” doing nothing for your case imo, queens boys.
  11. Did he? I remember him as the Gibson who tore us to bits every time.
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