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  1. Assume, with his advancing years and limited opportunities, that he’s asked to go and play football. Bitterly disappointed to lose him as he’s been one of my favourite players for years, but really can’t grudge him wanting to see out his career with game time. I’ll never, ever forget that back header at Easter Road, of his beauty of a strike up at Wick. The goodest of good eggs and one of the most likeable players I’ve known. Farewell Grantie [emoji22]
  2. I’m just about to embark on 10k a day for 32 days in aid of MND Scotland. Anyone who’s run anything similar able to guide me in what to expect, and what, if any, supplements will help me with quick recovery and mitigate painful muscles/joints? ive been running pretty consistently for about 5 months now and I’m definitely fit enough to do this, but I haven’t run that sort of distance as consistently before.
  3. First one after 13 minutes, scythed Armstrong down (I think) just inside our half on the side closest to the camera. Second one was not given only because the tackle just before it in the centre circle was given as a foul, but he put Ethan Ross up in the air about 10 yards further forward.
  4. He had at least 2 tackles which were definite bookings, plus another couple of niggly ones. Very lucky to stay on the park.
  5. Hard to be certain based on his time on the park today but, on that small sample size, I don’t think it’ll be a like for like replacement swapping Tumilty for Musounda. Frankie very much looks like a centre back filling in at right back, he’s such a unit and won’t be nearly as mobile as Tumilty is, who looks to be a great signing and a significant upgrade on Michael Miller, giving us a real threat down both sides with MacDonald on the other flank. Great to get Musounda on the park in any regard, several weeks ahead of schedule.
  6. When you consider the penalty we didn’t get v Hearts and compare it to the one we did get today, it’s not hard to see why people are sick to the back teeth of this rule.
  7. Pleasantly surprised by how much better than Arbroath we were today, all over the park. Up until Bobby Linn shot straight at Jamie McDonald from an acute angle in the 91st minute, I don’t think Arbroath had a shot on goal in the second half. Our midfield bullied theirs and their centre backs struggled all day with Manny’s physicality. Armstrong and Ross looked dangerous on the break. Hard to pick a fault with anyone. Would’ve ideally stuck the penalty away for the icing on the cake, but that’s just nit picking. Great to have league football back.
  8. We have completely battered Arbroath every time we’ve gone forward, who’s squad looks jaded and in need of some fresh legs. Tumilty hopefully isn’t too hurt as he was excellent.
  9. Hard to pick a single fault in Regan Hendry’s game today. Completely dictated the game.
  10. Aye. No need to keep risking Duku, here. He’s been superb. Hendry been imperious in the middle of the park, too.
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