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  1. Plenty of Luton fans praising his football ability on twitter, if you’d care to have a peek.
  2. Seems to be arriving with quite good reviews from Luton fans.
  3. Read that tweet, says from noon tomorrow. edit: that’s if you’re not renewing, of course.
  4. Aye it was the 900s last year. I mind is pushing for 1000 on our socials but don’t think we quite got there. To have almost half that number signed back up in 1 day is encouraging.
  5. Over 400 season ticket renewals in one day is pretty impressive.
  6. Ok. What does him being good in friendlies and winning a lot of aerial duels have to do with it being expensive to pay him off out of his contract? What you said had no relevance to what Grant said.
  7. I’m not sure you’ve quoted the right person...
  8. He did very well at Kelty by all accounts, but its a massive, massive jump to this level. I don’t think McGlynn sees him as a viable option and would guess he’ll go on loan again.
  9. We’re still after a striker and Tade is available... [emoji102]
  10. Reghan Tumility speaks incredibly well, he seems like a right good egg.
  11. We definitely have the personnel to play a 3-5-2, if we got another centre half in now that Dave McKay is already out for the full season. Sounds promising, thank you.
  12. Pleased to have gotten these guys in. Gives the squad a good amount of time together before the season starts. Feels like football is properly back [emoji16]
  13. Watched a YouTube highlights reel and decided he’s going to be absolutely magic [emoji471]
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