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  1. Is David ‘and stuff like that’ McCracken still on interview duties? Someone from media needing to have a word.
  2. If we’ve paid cash as part of the deal then there’s no way we’d have agreed to a clause where he can be recalled.
  3. I was in Montrose until the 7pm train but managed to miss all of the fracas, did see a police van outside the picture house, right enough. Game was terrible, struggling to remember a first half as one sided as that. We barely got out our own half. Second was more even but we still didn’t exactly pepper the goal. Spencer’s strike was sweet though, great celebrations at the goal. We’re not playing well but we’ve won 4 out of the last 5 and haven’t conceded a goal in the last 3. If we can get some big players back before the next game it’ll be huge because the next 4 will probably define our season. What a day out Montrose is. My head is so sore.
  4. Train back to Edinburgh cancelled. Fucking yas. Back up the high street. I love Montrose.
  5. Agree. But also bend it throughout you. Montrose the best day out in the league. Absolutely outstanding.
  6. Shocked and stunned that we looked a different team once we brought our best players on.
  7. This is one of the worst games of football I’ve ever paid £15 for.
  8. This lot got put out the cup by Bonnyrigg. Now, I’ve no idea what sort of side Mo had out but I’d like to think we will have enough about us to see them off. However, it’s us post clocks-back, injury-ravaged and most importantly - in Angus. I’m struggling to recall the last time I attended a game in Angus and we won. Never been to Montrose before so will be good to get it off the list. Train from Edinburgh about 930 if I mind right, so looking forward to a good day out.
  9. That statement is a fucking riddy. The sort of shit that gets posted on here, not by an actual football club.
  10. Pretty obvious this was going to happen, too many players missing. Guys like Tait aren’t going to come in and replace the quality we miss in the middle of the park. These games are bread and butter if we are serious about winning the league...
  11. A drab as f**k 0-0 home draw to a team who are struggling really not surprising any Rovers supporters.
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