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  1. I know a few that were there who say it's the worst performance they've ever seen from a Rovers player. One in a long line of work shy wee arseholes from Ibrox.
  2. So you admit your, “not in the top 5” comment was total shite?
  3. Claiming Bowie not in the top 5 young players in League 1 is utter pish. I don’t see any other English clubs queuing up to sign any other young player in the league. There isn’t another player in League 1 who would fetch £150k.
  4. Believe it or not, I’ll give it a miss. This is a good idea, though. I’d pay a fiver to watch a game on a Saturday afternoon.
  5. £50k straight into the players fund sounds fine to me. We could sign Liam Buchanan (allegedly).
  6. Have they given us the trophy yet? Good level of cannae take it so far. Keep it up.
  7. All this talk about picking up the season from where it is next year can’t help but make me feel that the organisers of the Fife Cup were really ahead of their time.
  8. Agree entirely. An excellent way to keep the fans engaged in a light hearted way through a difficult time. Well done to them.
  9. Surely if they’re going to cancel the league it needs to be from when everyone had played everyone an equal amount of times? ie after 27 games?
  10. Coupe? The boy that came on with 92 minutes played?
  11. Absolutely shocked that we’ve strolled to a simple home win and same boring hoors are on here claiming we’ve been lucky in some way. Have a week off.
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