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  1. Take a harsh man to criticise any park after the weather the country has had in the last fortnight.
  2. The best thing was not to post this at all. The second best thing is to delete it now.
  3. You absolutely know that you can completely disregard everything else someone says as soon as they use the word, “muzzled”.
  4. Honestly wouldn’t take Bob McHugh to the berries. An absolute imposter.
  5. Enjoying this championship standard Queen’s Park side being swept aside without as much as a wimper.
  6. Does Allan Johnston have that tattoed on hair that I see advertised on the side of bus stops?
  7. Aye, just been sent out in the Friday email. Astounding piece of business.
  8. Rovers website says Lokotsch deal is up on January 17.
  9. We are in real need of a wide player, so pretty certain that if we are to sign Kennedy, it’ll be an additional to the guys we have rather than it involving Ross back to Aberdeen.
  10. It feel like every thread we’re involved in is a fucking car crash at the minute. Can we just talk about the football rather than petty, barrel-scraping, ill-thought out ‘banter’? It’s fucking depressing enough just now without having to wade through pages of drivel to find a decent post. If there are fund available to us at all in January, I’d like to see us pick up a wide player for competition to Ross and Armstrong. Both of them are up there with the best wingers in the league on their day but when it doesn’t work we have no plan B. I also wouldn’t be completely averse to another centre midfielder in more of a destroyer role, though that’s pretty unlikely to happen.
  11. Be surprised if this even goes ahead after today’s Scottish Government announcement.
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