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  1. I didn’t notice it at the time, but I really am a huge fan of about 7 of our players bamming up those weirdos in the NW after Spencer scores
  2. Jesus Christ, man. Football is emotional. We just rescued a point away to our derby rivals. I think folk can be forgiven for being a wee bit over exuberant, especially given how the opposition celebrated their opener. A lot of folk needing to get over themselves.
  3. “Your fans celebrated too hard” is the last defence of a broken man. Cry into your covers and contemplate your impending relegation you pathetic wee loser.
  4. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] If Dunfermline can’t beat that rovers side they’ll go down. Good.
  5. That’s a b*****d having three guaranteed starters confirmed as out already. Getting the fear about tonight now.
  6. A real shame for Matthews because up until that point he’d been our best player by a mile. A wee bit concerned at the prospect of BRS at EEP.
  7. Announce immediate release of action packed highlights package.
  8. That one was weird. Looked like a forearm, completely poleaxed Poplatnik. Drop ball to Inverness [emoji23] Horrific refereeing performance today.
  9. Huge blow to now likely be without three starters after today. Benedictus, Varian and Matthews - if we don’t appeal - are all big losses. Away end is sold out, atmosphere will be good, can’t wait.
  10. Goodness me, lads. Do your highlights go up at midnight?
  11. Your fans literally had a flag that the Union bears would be proud of.
  12. Think that’ll be the top 2 at the end of the season, I think. What a chance at the end for Dario.
  13. Two injuries to starting players and a three match ban. Great scenes.
  14. The red looked like Matthews anticipated where the ball was going and intercepted it. I’ll need to see it again, but I cannot believe he’s sent him off for that.
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