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  1. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Really bizarre the Arbroath supporters trying to slag the understandably small travelling support when they can muster 800 on the hottest day of the year the week after winning the league.
  2. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Referee has been fine, got all the main decisions correct. Our defence, man. Holy f**k. Thanks the lord for Kevin Nisbet. We’d be about 8th without him.
  3. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    No idea what formation that is. 3-5-2 maybe? We are so bare bones, probably the worst I’ve ever seen. Must insist we get some players back before the play offs. That bench is something else, too. Dugan, who hasn’t played for 3 months and 4 kids. Yas. Edit: didn’t realise Murray isn’t playing. No fucking idea what formation that is. What a mess.
  4. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    I’ve absolutely outdone myself and found a boozer on holiday that’s going to show the game. Can’t wait. Buzzing. Biggest game of the season. 6 pointer etc etc etc.
  5. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Peterhead literally destroyed league 2. No sure anyone is coming up after that.
  6. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Saw a thread on Twitter where the post asked about the worst players to have played for us since 2004. Some of the names have me in tears. One boy, in one post, said Robbie Thomson, Chris Duggan, Ross Matthews and Liam Buchanan! Maybe he just started going this season... Other notable outrageous mentions include Nathan Flanagan and Stephen Simmons. Folk have short memories. None of those players would even make the top (bottom?) is 100 of shite in the last 15 years.
  7. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Arbroath fans desperately trying to bam us up is going about as well as our title “challenge”. As for the game, you’d need to be daft as a brush to go as a Rovers fan. Result irrelevant, neither team will be arsed, still fancy us to lose.
  8. Raith Rovers v Stranraer

    Last time on ‘Shit baillieinleeds actually said’: “Generation who applaud mediocrity” “Bask in your neo-liberism Marxism comrade” “Progressives might disagree” “Liberal agenda” This week, on ‘Shit baillieinleeds actually said’: “Lambasted by the proletariat” “Virtue signalling gone mad”. Tune in next time for more ‘Shit baillieinleeds actually said’.
  9. Raith Rovers v Stranraer

    Not read the thread since the game finished, but I can probably guess how it’s gone. I’ve not been at a game since February but the apathy now in the stand is palpable. I’d say more than 50% of the fans didn’t even get up when we scored our goals. Our issues are mostly down to having so many players out injured, and you can say that’s an excuse as much as you want but it’s an absolute fact. The guys who are back up simply aren’t good enough, and we’ve got too many wee shyster arseholes on loan who looks like they could not give a f**k. How many times do we get young players on loan who have come through a large youth system who have undoubted talent but cannot and will not show an ounce of desire? Genuinely almost every one. How many of those who finished the game yesterday would get in this season’s best XI? 3 or 4? Lyness looks a real worry. Kicking was terrible and completely at fault for the equaliser. Crane has been shite for months. Murray very obviously carrying an injury. Flanagan and Barjonas both starting to push towards Jordan Thompson levels of pea-heartedness. Taking Buchanan off was the wrong move, he was having a good game holding the ball up and linking up. Could see how frustrated he was coming off, with good reason. End of the season now in sight, I think we all know how the play offs will go. For next year I’d be binning almost everyone. I’d be looking to keep Nisbet, Vaughan, Gilliespie and Murray. I know Flanagan is under contract but I’d happily pay his bus fare to whichever League 2 club fancies him. This league is really sapping the enjoyment of going to the football. No away fans, far less home fans, no atmosphere - as much as the young boys give it a good go. Used to really look forward to Saturday’s but if my mate had said to me, “let’s just stay in the Penny” before the game I’d have been hard pushed to say no.
  10. Raith Rovers v Stranraer

    That’s up there with the worst games I’ve ever seen.
  11. Raith Rovers v Stranraer

    Incredible miss from Murray. 6 yards out no c**t near him.
  12. Raith Rovers v Stranraer

    Flanagan and Nat injured. Getting towards not having enough players. Our luck with injuries is incredible.
  13. Raith Rovers v Stranraer

    Some laugh. Genuinely could’ve been 4 or 5 up and we’ve conceded two of the worst goals I’ve ever seen and it’s 2-2 at half time.
  14. The Battle for 2nd - Edinburgh City vs Clyde

    I'm in two minds whether or not to go to this. Our game v Stranraer isn't particularly enticing and will likely be shite, and this game is only 15 minutes on the bus from the house. Would've preferred if Edinburgh hadn't completely fucked it against Cowden last week and they were still within touching distance of the top. Anybody wanting to have a pint a bit closer to the ground should have a look at The Village hotel. Only 10 mins walk from the ground and if you download their app and show them it at the bar you get 3 for 2 on pints. Peterhead throwing it away from here would be funny, and City in League 1 would be ideal for me for next season, so come on City.
  15. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    *internal screaming*