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  1. Heh, there may be a small chance that most Ayr fans never get to see the likes of Tom Walsh or Dario Zanatta play in the flesh
  2. A wee stroll down the canal and a peek at the corner on the cards
  3. Oh dear what......... Suppose we could be signing Willie Gibson, then I'd be worried.....
  4. Chalmers, not exactly the wow factor signing everyones been harping on about. But decent enough
  5. Honestly don't think it will be either. I hope to hell it isnt Bryson as he is done and heading for the glue factory Players not getting a game in the Premiership, looking for game time will become available. Got my eyes peeled
  6. Anyone know anything about the further developments of Somerset? Upgrade of Catering Facilities is what I can remember being mentioned Getting rid of the catering vans and building a facility at the top segregation fence on the north terrance similar to what Dunfermline, Morton & Stenny have makes sense. One building spread over both home & away areas with seperate serving areas? Exciting times, place hasnt changed much since we got the green houses in
  7. Calm down for goodness sake, we not an entire 5 or 6weeks before our first competitive fixture? Plenty of time to get the knickers wet
  8. You're mostly always wrong I think is the point 🤣
  9. I'm claiming an assist for that game. He was rattled
  10. Its difficult not to praise them recently, they've been spot on Wait till the "cheap option" is losing some games and you're wanting his head by Christmas though
  11. Pretty much spot on mate! My buddy FW wants everything in place immediately when a little bit of patience is required We were scraping the barrel a few years back plucking a certain Mr Shankland from the scrapheap after the season started.
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