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  1. We love a stomp down Great Western Road to Wintergills prematch then the Woodside Inn & The Carnarvon Bar afterwards
  2. To be fair, Murdoch was not available tonight, he was still recovering from Covid
  3. Someone in Ayr get the bedsheets up on the Somerset Road End Turnstiles
  4. We'll still have the exact same squad till January losing every week, this is done and dusted going down without change, so I agree
  5. To be fair Hopkin is off the pitch Can we really see Smith parting with a manager still with 1 and a half years on his contract left? If he does, we all know Duffy will be next in charge, in the next "cheap option" call
  6. I'm done, get him sacked At least get the Duffy circus started and finished sooner rather than later He literally managed to make us even worse than before
  7. To think folk werent even happy with McCall in charge! Can't please everyone Give me it back anyday
  8. So.... Wheres the Ayr fan park on Monday night with big screen?
  9. I really dont understand why we're signing James Maxwell? I feel Paddy Reading has been performing well in that position so far this season Fair enough it will give us more cover and competition in that position, I just hope it means we have up to 5 new faces in total to come in for the main positions that need bulked up.
  10. No idea of the status of the railway grounds, but so much potential there for redevelopment in the future by shifting it over a bit Dont get me wrong, love the place as it is, but hopefully got the ambition to kick up a level eventually I'm assuming we couldnt knock down the Main Stand? Is it listed?
  11. Thats my point, no idea what Roxanne's Man is on about
  12. I have no idea if you're trying to be serious or not
  13. Didnt Hopkin not say he was looking to have new faces for the Kilmarnock game or was I imagining that? Always thought he would try get through the group stages with what he had, whole week to work on things now
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