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  1. You certainly were prepared to give it up after Alloa away, ya bed wetter 😉
  2. Even if you're unable to get in, can watch the match from the fence in the corner nearest Hampden's South stand
  3. Bought your season ticket yet to fling away when you go in the huff?
  4. I'm actually thinking the opposite with Dunfermline, they have signed players from the lower leagues unproven at this level, and Paul Paton who is done. Certainly not looking "seriously good" on my piece of paper
  5. I cant see Moff signing again for next season
  6. Think most points have been covered, he also mentioned he turned down three job offers over the season from Partick Thistle, Falkirk & Notts County. Sounds like he has the ambition to take the club to the next level but it needs to be matched by financial investment, many steps behind. Was going on about gps fitness tracking and stuff. I didn't take the Boyd comment as a joke, I think hes deadly serious about being interested in him. Doolan got a mention as well in relation to how clubs can treat players and managers poorly. Wouldn't be surprised if he was another target Ideally would like to send Ecrepont out on loan to a lower division but he will be back up to Danny Harvie next season, who he tipped to be the next one to win a big move. Reinforced the one club closest to his heart is Partick despite turning them down recently and admitted taking the QotS job was a mistake, his heart ruled over his head.
  7. Cmon, you know Geggan will be shoehorned in Match under the Somerset lights, loverly
  8. Possibly, at first I read it as calling us a hoof ball team. If it's a compliment fair do's but unclear
  9. Fire Hazard? You bloody IOSH trained? I'm sure there are plenty of mitigating factors in place to prevent this occurrence
  10. My word Dundee United are Jobby We weren't particularly good today to be fair and still strolled it. Dundee United could've played for a week and not score. Mark Kerr was simply exceptional. Ran the show in the middle of the park. Pleasing Steven Bell got the sponsors man of the match. I was worried pre season having to rely on him but he's proved me wrong. Wee Ayr United eh, team playing with midfielders in centre defense and top of the league. Pleasing
  11. That was a right game of half hours, the first and last going to Ayr with the middle to Morton. Think the penalty save was the turning point, what a weak shot. Ross Doohan for being only 19 is some goalie, I say it again, one of the best I've seen claiming crosses Robbie Crawford needs dropped in my opinion, he's being shoehorned into this team at left midfield and it's not working. Last few weeks we've not seen the best of him. We could talk about Shankland as usual but my love for wee Craigy Moore. What a performance, keep forgetting how good he actually is. Will be pushing for a start now he has proved he can play with Shankers. Same for McDaid, played well. The depth in our squad is something I haven't seen in years, the names on the bench would have been automatic starters in previous years McCalls doing some jobby
  12. Well that was relatively straight forward, never looked in danger at any point of the match Thought Forrest had a really good game along with Shankland who is just rediculous at times. Kerr really has turned out to be a great signing, breaking up play, getting the ball into space etc. Doohan is one of the best keepers I've seen being able to take crosses, just plucks them out the air. Crawford was frustrating me today, particularly in the final third, he holds onto the ball far too long for my liking, get it released sooner or take a hit. Never realised Alan Trouten was on the park until someone pointed out he was subbed at half time [emoji23] Anyway, Top of the league, 13 points clear from bottom. So far so good
  13. He's suddenly gone into being favourite with McBookie, no smoke without fire ......
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