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  1. Big week coming up, Surely we hear the decisions from some of the players, such as Reading, Baird and Dempsey. Hopefully Baird declines Adeloye & McInroy are different gravy, they'll be playing the long game to get the best deal, Only St Johnstone & ICT to find out which league they'll be in. I hope I'm wrong with this but McInroy will have been on some serious money at Celtic, he'll not want to drop too easily and I could see him heading down south. Adeloye has played himself into a position where he'll have plenty interest and I have no idea if sentiment for a team giving him a chance up here will play any significance against making an extra fiver a week elsewhere. Going to be an interesting off season
  2. Tomi Adeloye, Kerr McInroy, Ben Dempsey & Andy Murdoch are the priorities in my opinion to get signed up Wouldnt be against Muirhead and O'Connor staying on, wouldnt be fussed if they moved on, its obvious Moffat will stick around on as a backup and on the coaching team, no issues with that Maxwell, Reading, Albinson, Baird not bothered if they moved on More interested in who the targets are for getting in
  3. I was tweeting thoughts as the game went on today. McKenzie and Houston actually unbalance our side. Teams watching us should be targeting them unfortunately. Biggest weak point. Give us nothing going forward and Mckenzie exposes Houston going back. Was bloody shouting on Houston joining the attack but he seemed reluctant to leave the back line I also said that Bullen is really dependant on this 451 formation. Throwing Bryden in today was a huge risk. He obviously doesn't rate Gondoh or O'connor, publicly stating Moff is moving into coaching and will be a bit part player (although he did contribute today), and still going to him first raises red flags, both won't be at the club next season. Tomi's goals have given us a chance at staying up this season. Won't listen to a bad word said against him
  4. Maybe reading too much into this, but possibly in preparation for the imminent demolition of the Ally MacLeod Hospitality suite so there is still a tribute? Either way, brilliant gesture from the club with this
  5. Pretty sure he's confirmed he's leaving celtic at the end of the season, let's hope it's to us. Yeah but he'll be on some cash with them, would take a big hit commiting to us unless we go crazy, fingers crossed
  6. I know he'll be on a big wage at Celtic, but get this Kerr McInroy signed up pronto! Ben Dempsey impressing again too Amazing what happens when you actually have a midfield
  8. Well there you go, that wee lad going Yaldy after Jim Dick's goal is a 14 year old Diege
  9. Not heard anything yet about the game being in doubt, best bet for parking are the grounds next to St John's primary just off Whitletts Rd
  10. The recruitment team are focused on finding a star from the lower leagues in England, unless hes the next Glynn Hurst, you're correct, we're fucked
  11. We really can have a storm in a tea cup Everything is such a bloody drama I wasnt close to the Morton fans, no idea how out of order they were, but if we can't sell our own sponsorship packages and they've taken advantage of it, fair fucks. If it was me I would personally keep my head down and keep quiet. Back to the game, Tomi wasnt at the races, Chalmers is a wasted shirt, passes and crosses short. No idea what McKenzie contributed. We need central midfielders big time. Gondoh looked very handy and could contribute a lot, despite being very one sided. Few of us were worried O'Connor would be raging he wasnt first choice on, but he was flung on shortly afterwards and did well. Bullen has some work to do with this squad
  12. Bonjour Alain Horace I started watching Ayr at every home game in 1996, wasnt allowed to travel away at 12 years old This man was special. It was an ACL injury that ended him right? Was it during a game? Need to get this Hall of Fame nights up and running again, not had any inductees since 2013 according to the ever reliable Wiki
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