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  1. From the rumblings I heard, Livi didnt want him cup tied. Which concerns me for the long term Dundee Utd obviously werent fussed about Chalmers
  2. This has got me thinking about total random players who played for us that were either good, crap or I just remember them for no reason at all apart from being there. Marco Ciardi Mohammed Sylla - Not the one that played for Celtic Jean Francois Peron Dean Barrick - Excellent Paul Shepherd - Think he got in trouble with the law Luc Sonar Russell Kelly Alex Bone - Didnt live up to hype Peter Lindau Brian Christensen There was a striker we had during the Dalziel years, had long hair, and ended up doing the travels in the lower leagues. McDonald or something? its doing my head in trying to remember
  3. Not sure what the tinkering about was about, I thought after the Morton game after Kirk was ever so slightly shakey he might change that up, but no idea what merited Houston being dropped Ashford is getting frustrating for me, not sure what he gives going forward apart from heart and a bit of running. I can see Mullen getting his chance now in front of O'connor who again didn't do much of note. Big question is how we get Young in the team, he was superb today, I can see Ashford slipping out and McKenzie being played wide. Musonda at fault for being turned at first, the corner routine for the second was bizarre. Looking for Reading very deep ended up in suicide. The less said about McGintys defending for the third the better. Dipo did well for the first goal but I'm concerned teams are going to target him after his fine start. Get Bangala, McAdams, Hewitt, Mullen and Young in the team on Thursday to give them minutes. Disappointed we never took anything from a lacklustre looking Raith Rovers team
  4. That referee was so out of his depth it was unbeleviable Was it the same guy as the Annan game from what I've heard? Bloody useless
  5. Cove looked very out of their depth today, at least 3 veterans that appeared totally lost. Musonda absolutely bossed it at the back. Colossal. Kirk has made it difficult to drop him next week. Paddy Reading finally getting a bit of consistency. Dempsey will be a very important player for us, does a lot of the unnoticed with Murdoch Ashford obviously isn't much of a goalscorer but his contribution is invaluable, he made that second goal today. O'connor needs to go more direct towards goal in my opinion, fair enough he's trying to play others in, but be a wee bit greedy now and again. Dipo is an absolute tank, Reynolds was sent into retirement today. Positive start to the season after the worries, but we're still thin for cover. Another Striker and a #10 please Bullen
  6. Tabloid rumour page saying McAdams out injured for 4 weeks
  7. Hearings rumblings around my circle that we've at least had some sort of discussions
  8. Cmon lets be a little bit fair here with the facts He's got more than 2 wins He won at Inverness and against Raith away, but agree results against teams around us havent been up to it
  9. I think a good number of folk are hearing the alarm bells ringing already tbf. There is no improvement despite being given the chance to rebuild the squad. St Johnstone is a free hit now, we have a week and a half to prove we're going to be competitive at all in the league
  10. I wouldnt be surprised if he played Hewitt at right back and its still the dreaded back 5 but fingers crossed its not
  11. No more plucking players from the air down south. We need to somehow find a few known quantities that can help us score now. This feels no better than the start of last season
  12. Hmm this makes a lot of sense with your ITK
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