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  1. Colin Hendry the same generation as ferguson? His best days were at blackburn. Great player. Successful? Hmmm. Lambert was a fine player, but the fact you suggest ferguson passed the ball sideways at every given chance shows you up perfectly. Ferguson had excellent distribution. And the last part of your post is what I'm suggesting you've based your opinion on. So I've lost all credibility because you can name two players, one of whom had his prime before Ferguson was a mainstay. When Hendry signed for us he was all but finished. I remember him playing up front one game. It was fun.
  2. Well done you made a post with sidetracking and stayed on subject. But there is nothing to back up your claim why don't you enter into debate with me on this one. Present any player who was better than Barry Ferguson from Scotland. I certainly can't think of anyone. A great all round midfielder. Carried Rangers and Scotland many a time. It's sad there isn't a player of his calibre in the Scottish league at the moment in all honesty.
  3. Lets be honest if Rangers weren't still alive and a new club your obsession levels, hatred and foruming are all highly worrying for something completely new. The Rangers The Confused Celtic Fans WRK Mikewellfan :lol: :lol: BRING BACK KILT
  4. I love how everyone has word twisted here from competing with Celtic for the league to now a game by game basis. I think I may add a few to the above with a future edit so that I can post unfunny things and pretend they are hilarity with a piece of cake.
  5. What? Celtic have £36million debt Aberdeen have £15millon of debt. Are al the league points this year tainted??
  6. Foster has been a better player for Rangers than he has been at Aberdeen. Smith is cover for the outstanding Lee Wallace. As for the youngsters. You didn't watch them if you think that. And if you did then you are a moron. Mcleod is probably our best player. Hutton has played in the CL for us away at old trafford and was arguably the best player on the park. Crawford is a great footballer, Faure is a really good centre half, Perry has played numerous games for us in the SPL the rest are 17 and contributed greatly. I didn't just pick names out a hat from our youths. Now away and start an Aberdeen pending Administration thread.
  7. Can't really comment on what Rangers will be doing financially until after the AGM and board issues are over. As for the baddies, well if they keep popcorn teeth in charge and allow him to sign all of his wonderplayers I reckon we could sign the entire cast of the Renford Rejects and be able to compete with them. They are as poor a Celtic side as I can remember. Celtic always have had that one striker who you'd hate to see in the line up. Sometimes two. I think they'd rather have Jon Daly.
  8. The blame lies initially at David Murray's door for the mess we got into. He flexed his chequebook far too much. There was a time, initially after he took over when we could afford it. Just now I do think we have overspent, obviously not to the ridiculous state that we have done. I have said that money should have been better invested in our scouting system and youth recruitment as opposed to signing players like Cribari. For what its worth, players like Foster, Smith etc which expire next year are better business rather than the 5 year deals in the past. The outspending of our revenue is a complete grey area. We need to know where the money is going. Once all the leeches and boardroom drama has settled (no laughing at the back) we might actually know what is being spent where and on what. However, players like Daly and Law are a joy to watch at the moment. It's probably a mirror of my previous posts. Live within our means, we are still a massive club and can attract good players (lets be honest, it is an SPL or whatever it is called now squad that we have). Hopefully with the likes of Mcleod, Aird, Hutton, Stoney, Gasparotto, Faure, Perry, Crawford we will have great options with the experience they are gaining and not needing to strengthen more next season. The AGM is crucial for the future of Rangers. I think everyone knows that.
  9. You obviously don't remember if you need me to repost what I've said mate!! And I may repost should the debate arise again. If a debate ever arises again on this thread. It seems to be a congregation of diddies using this area to post the same things on a daily basis to aid their post counts.
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