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  1. I solved today's Redactle (#76) in 72 guesses with an accuracy of 40.28%. Played at https://www.redactle.com/
  2. When I was wee my jammies were covered in oose. I remember my elbow touched the gas hob on the cooker and I was engulfed in a carpet of flames for about two seconds. Them balls are flammable.
  3. I solved today's Redactle (#73) in 38 guesses with an accuracy of 57.89%. Played at https://www.redactle.com/
  4. Do you know there is a twitter thread on this forum?
  5. I solved today's Redactle (#71) in 87 guesses with an accuracy of 71.26%. Played at https://www.redactle.com/
  6. I solved today's Redactle (#69) in 32 guesses with an accuracy of 53.13%. Played at https://www.redactle.com/
  7. Im delighted to have got that in 50 guesses. Not sure how to paste it so you'll just have to believe!
  8. I wonder did you do the same as me. Around the 100 mark I put an extra i in seventh place. Ended up having to cheat.
  9. I gave up after i got a meson on my c-quark.
  10. I worked in a laundry years ago and as i walked past one of the tumble driers i thought i caught a glimpse of a €50 note spinning around. Sure enough there were loads of them in it going round and round. Turns out it was my own bag of washing that the boss let us dry in the machine. The wife had left her €800 euro in her housecoat pocket. They were nice and clean and dry though.
  11. 11 for me for the latest one.
  12. Instead of a higlights package from last season we could have a round-up of HSWs greatest telts. My favourite was when he was slavering on about how much he knows about American businessmen before someone telling him Rawlins was from Stoke.
  13. When our boy was born the midwives told us his weight in kilogrames. I passed this on to the mother-in-law who was straight back on to me saying ask about lbs! Whats that in lbs?
  14. My cousin just released his new song. If folks could give it a thumbs up if they like it that would be just great.
  15. 177 goes for the latest one.
  16. If Vardy was the only one able to see this instagram post then did she not wonder why not one other person commented or liked Rooneys post? Surely Rooneys posts would normally get likes or comments.
  17. I have a buddleia in the garden and last year was covered in butterflys. I also have a comfrey plant that the bees love.
  18. Ive photographed all the ladybirds ive seen so far. I thought the third one was pretty unusual. If anyone could add more unusual ones and see how many types we can find at the end!
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