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  1. the wind has changed direction and its gotten more bitter today. a different kind of cold. more cutting.
  2. one way to be sure is touch its eyeball with the tip of a biro. years ago while spraying for ants in a convent i walked into a room with a dead nun on a table and thats what i did.
  3. whats that first song? never heard of audio slave. if you like The beautiful south there are a couple of good b-side songs on youtube i found a while back that i hadnt heard before.
  4. havent read the whole thread so not sure if its already been said but f**k Serbia.
  5. watched it with my young lad and he said it took arnie longer to get Sully than the predator. i muted the bit when Sully said F***n W***e
  6. 10st sounds light! Area is 7.5m x 5m. if 4 inches is 10cm there would be 3.75 cubic metres and Internet says 160kg per cubic metre totalling 600 kg. But its obviously spread out. Not as heavy as I thought though. Should be fine!
  7. The roof span is 5 metres and I've used 9x2 beams. It's more the wall frames I'm worried about as they are doing a LOT of work. Definitely won't be hanging out in it if snow is forecast. 3 times in 20 years there has been snow here that I'd be worried about causing problems so it does happen. The roof is torch on felt so I don't know if salt affects that or not.
  8. I'm interested to know which team from the spfl have been the most relegated/promoted in the last 25 years. My first instinct would be Partick, Livingston or Dunfermline. I'm not as familiar with the lower leagues. Conversely which teams have had the least. Most of the teams in the Premier league have been up or down at some stage. Outside Celtic I'm thinking Motherwell are a team that hasn't been relegated in that time. Forgetting the top league I'm thinking Morton. Apart from a spell in league 1 they seem to me to be forever mid-table championship.
  9. Nearly 40 Square metres. I didn't realise the size of it until the wall frames went up then it got a bit out of hand. Had a couple of disasters like the original steel roof blowing off last new year and not having left enough space for one of the windows. Bumblebees also moved into a pile of insulation off-cuts that I was saving.
  10. Well it took me a year but my shed is finally finished apart from a bit of skirting and finishing touches. Having a few round tonight for poker and beer. It was really windy and rainy the other day and not a creak out of it or a spot of water. Only thing I'm worried about is snow lying on the roof collapsing it.
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