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  1. If I live long enough I'll tell my grandkids about how a diesel van used to bring ice cream cones to our front doors twice a day.
  2. I care about my kids and any kids they might have but I couldn't give a hoot about humanity in 2100+
  3. Straggly carrots and whopper courgettes ! More misses than hits though. It's been so dull and cloudy for weeks now. Need some sun.
  4. Heard this yesterday on a radio clip and it made me chuckle.
  5. It's a false widow. I think they arrived from canary isles. Meant to give a nasty bite. I've been finding them everywhere, in the house and shed. They don't seem to mind making a home anywhere, in between cushions, in my garden gloves, in the hair of my daughter's cabbage patch doll. I don't really kill creatures on purpose but these and slugs go straight to hell without passing go.
  6. I very rarely win but I got 60 odd quid for a 2 quid bet today. 3 out of the four games had last minute goals with deportivo scoring twice in 90+ mins! Final game Alaves got a penalty in 93rd minute. Got a bit excited.
  7. Put a bumble bee in it for a buzz.
  8. Probably not everyone's cup of tea on here but as someone with awful feet I like seeing people worse off than me. Enjoy...
  9. Im getting this advert for temperature camera systems. Now, I'm no doctor but I don't think the guy on the left is going to make it.
  10. Huggle bunny has seen better days!
  11. I decided to make loads of them. I haven't sold any yet but I have them up on the buy and sell thing and I put a few out on my front path where loads of people walk.
  12. Had scarlet lily beetles on my lillies and they devoured them down to the stumps. The larvae are awful things. They cover themselves in their own shite for protection. Due to having loads of time I picked them off one at a time with tweezers and sent them to hell. I'll know to look out for them next year.
  13. Was a busy day for birds out our back. First a young starling came down and stayed for hours picking aphids off the sweet pea. Then a wren stopped by. A wood pigeon some blue tits and a load of sparrows. There are jackdaws nesting in the neighbours chimneys but anytime they try to land on my bird feeder magpies come out of nowhere and chase them off. p***ks
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