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  1. Fungie the Dingle dolphin goes missing. Quite a sad story this. https://www.rte.ie/news/regional/2020/1020/1172734-fungie-dingle-dolphin/
  2. I haven't a clue what's going on! Why is Gow the bad guy now?
  3. I haven't played a call of duty since MW3. I've lost track of the most recent ones and I want to get one for Christmas. Which one IS everyone playing at the moment or is there any coming out? Also can anyone recommend a driving game to play with with my 8 year old son. Fun rather than technical. Don't mind if it's out a while as I can pick it up 2nd hand. Xbox 1
  4. If you are watching on montrose tv drag the yellow bar to the right to get as live as possible
  5. Slugs, Scarlett lily beetles, mealybugs and any kind of biting insects e.g. horseflies mosquitos midges are all dispatched straight to hell. Bit of a grey area with the spiders. I catch and release the daddy long legs ones and any house spiders but if the missus is watching then they have to die. We have those false widows in the house recently and they seem to squeeze into cracks so the aerosol and lighter is your only man. A few years ago I was driving with my missus and we had fallen out and there was a pheasant in the middle of the road but I didn't even slow down. It just melted off the windscreen and went into orbit. Straight away I felt awful and wished i had stopped but it got us talking again and 12 years later we are still together!
  6. Watched a Spanish film called the platform. Loved it. I knew there would be a hidden message about the whole thing that I wouldn't get but it is worth a watch. A real WTF movie.
  7. I have been an overseas subscriber to FTV for nearly 10 years but I didn't renew in March when it was up. Now they wouldn't let me subscribe again sayin it was closed to new subscribers and I had to buy a season ticket to get access to FTV. Now they are saying if the stadium opens up to fans again they plan blocking access to watch online for virtual season tickets.
  8. Done a penalty scored and penalty missed for 150 quids. Already have the scored after 2 minutes!!!
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