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  1. I'm just about to watch " the dead dont die" From the clip you get by resting on the title it looks like the role Tilda Swinton was born to play.
  2. Club Lujan of Argentinas fifth tier have gone four no score draws in a row.
  3. There seems to be dozens of parodies of this song but this version had me in tears. "Folks were dead"
  4. Think I will have to step out. I can't log on to PayPal and I haven't got mobile banking on my new phone yet. So I'm out. Sorry.
  5. Just got Germany each way for 600/1
  6. Uncooked supernoodles
  7. This has a lot of the right elements. It's rocking hard enough but not too much.
  8. You are my broccoli
  9. I'd imagine if you caught a kangaroo with a nice couple of shots it would hop away but a chimpanzee would never stop until your head was caved in.
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