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  1. I was at an all you can eat buffet before and there was a guy eating a big plate of mussels but he was using the old mussel shells as a pincer to get the next ones out and the noise of those scraping together still gives me shivers.
  2. My plecos are breeding and I went and got a separate small tank so I can keep them safer. 24 youngs uns at the moment and I think the female is due to drop eggs again soon. The holes in the filter grid were too big and loads of them had been sucked in and were alive inside after going through the spinning pump. I just covered it with tight fabric. Lucky lads.
  3. 18 days so far! I checked the gravity but found it hard to read the hydrometer but it was a long way from the yellow bar. I'm sure the missus is getting annoyed about the constant bubbling while she is watching her stories.
  4. A friend brought over some funky bottles he had for bottling my beer which is still bubbling. One of them is still full but 3+ years past the best before. Will try it tomorrow. The fermentation is taking ages because the living room can go as low as 15 degrees overnight and up to 21 if I light the fire. I'm wondering what effect that longer fermentation will have on the final beer. Maybe make it slightly stronger or increase the risk of bacteria ruining it.
  5. Is there any point taking a gravity reading before the bubbling stops?
  6. My brew is 10 days fermenting now. The temperature is between 18-20 so I think that may lengthen the fermentation. I just dry hopped last night but didn't put them into a bag. I was planning to bottle it with a muslin bag around the tap but not sure if that would get messy and clogged up quickly. Other option is just letting it all go in the bottle and pouring them gently when drinking.
  7. Thats a full week my brew is going and it's still bubbling like mad. Are you saying after another week should I bottle it or wait til the bubbling stops? I haven't added the hops yet either. I plan to put a carbonation drop in each 500ml bottle as I don't want it to be flat
  8. What do you think of this water boiler that is in lidl at the moment? I had a look inside and there is an external element. It's only 7 litres though. Also there is a tap on it.
  9. Had to look up spraymalt as I'd never heard of it. Might try it next time as I already have the sugar for the next kit so going to use it up. The ABV for my other kit (simcoe,single hop IPA) IS meant to be 5.6% already but I'll try to shorten the brewlength. I have an extra bag of hops from a previous failed brew that I had to dump so can I just bung them in with a different kind?
  10. Had a disaster with one of my kits. I bought 2 x 25 litre tubs and lids but I needed to drill the holes out for the taps myself and it was only after pouring in the extract and sugar and filling up with water that I saw a leak around the seal so I had to transfer to the other tub. Thankfully that was a good seal but I could only make one of the batches. It's bubbling away nicely in the corner of the living room because my outside shed would be too cold and I worried that the hot press would be too hot. Temperature is between 19- 21
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