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  1. I'll be disgusted when this is all over and I'm back working 5 days.
  2. Instead of cashing in my tokens on my poker game I've been saving them up and I have nearly 1000. There is no space for another digit there so I'm really excited to see what's going to happen.....
  3. I pulled up decking because we are getting a sunroom on the back. Now it looks like they won't be coming to build it and I have a 2 foot drop when I step out my back door.
  4. After someone mentioned the 1970 world cup final in the covid thread I looked it up this morning. Safe to say football has changed a lot since then. Some of the shots, corners and balls just hoofed out of play were comical.Unpopular opinions thread for this probably but today's teams would destroy them.
  5. Bluebottles incoming!!! Chest freezers are sold out in Ireland as the panic buyers suddenly realise all their perishables are perishing!
  6. I didn't realise Austria was so big.
  7. Not for my missus. She wraps it round her hand about 50 times just for a number one. Looks like she is wearing a boxing glove.
  8. This OFTW seems to have an unhealthy obsession with ladies in leather. Thousands of clips of daytime Irish TV with presenters or guests in leather. He is dedicated anyway.
  9. The world health organisation have said that dogs aren't able to catch the virus and they needn't be quarantined. So.....WHO let the dogs out!
  10. Two weeks off now to mind the kids then another two weeks off when I eventually catch the virus!
  11. They all died again. I don't know what i keep doing wrong. Gutted about them. On a brighter note. I had also bought 5 yellow shrimp for my little tank and I transferred them to my big tank tonight so I could turn off the small tank and I noticed miniscule shrimp so they must have bred!
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