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  1. https://www.rte.ie/archives/2014/0717/631349-nude-bathing-at-the-forty-foot/ 1.20..... I thought it was his arm but they are both on the rock.
  2. a couple of weeks ago I was collecting a few pallets out of a place in an industrial estate and I heard a bit of commotion outside the truck. I looked down and the magpies had a little green parakeet pinned down. I chased them off and gathered him up. They had pulled his tail feathers off and he was terrified.he wouldn't have lasted much longer. He had escaped from a bird shop in the estate but the owner only returned my call when I was 30 miles away. He sounded like a dick so I sent him a message later saying I was fond of the bird and wanted to keep it so he said go ahead. Now we are best pals. His tail feathers are growing back already.
  3. I love this video of Classical gas by Tommy Emmanuel. I hate this video of a guy trapped upside down in a tiny hole slowly dying.
  4. I solved today's Redactle (#76) in 72 guesses with an accuracy of 40.28%. Played at https://www.redactle.com/
  5. When I was wee my jammies were covered in oose. I remember my elbow touched the gas hob on the cooker and I was engulfed in a carpet of flames for about two seconds. Them balls are flammable.
  6. I solved today's Redactle (#73) in 38 guesses with an accuracy of 57.89%. Played at https://www.redactle.com/
  7. Do you know there is a twitter thread on this forum?
  8. I solved today's Redactle (#71) in 87 guesses with an accuracy of 71.26%. Played at https://www.redactle.com/
  9. I solved today's Redactle (#69) in 32 guesses with an accuracy of 53.13%. Played at https://www.redactle.com/
  10. Im delighted to have got that in 50 guesses. Not sure how to paste it so you'll just have to believe!
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