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  1. Thanks mate. I think it was my own phone that needed updated.
  2. I know its the totally wrong thread but i used to be able to watch matches on paddy power that had the play icon. Now i can only get sound. Anyone else seen this?
  3. I think the weeds absorb the poison through their leaves.
  4. The flowers that cacti produce are amazing. This one is called a parodia magnifica.
  5. I was checking mouse baits in a pub and a few lads were watching the sky news after the first plane. When the second plane hit i pulled up a chair and watched it for the rest of the day with a few pints.
  6. There is one fashion vlogger who sells her own nighties who my missus keeps an eye on but she gets torn to bits on that site. Some of its funny but some of it can be a bit cruel. For instance this vlogger posted something like "been crazy this week with orders" then the tattle members were able to do an inventory of her stock by attempting to buy the maximum of her things and it turned out she had sold 2 things.
  7. Has she blocked everyone now? Sorry, not sure how twitter works but i cant see her tweets anymore.
  8. I wondered why nobody was replying to that but it looks like she has limited replies? What a shitebag.
  9. Just read that Mo Hayder died in July from motor neuron disease. Im sure a few of you have read her books. I really enjoyed her work.
  10. I never met her but when i was a pest controller i had to do a job in Andrea Corrs house which involved me with my head in the bottom of her wardrobes looking for mouse droppings. The sights and smells will never leave me. I really took my time and i remember thinking to myself i deserve this.
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