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  1. everybody probably knew except me but the paddy power risk free money bets cant be done with your free bets balance. i found out to my cost.
  2. hunter and the hunted I travel new gold dream glittering prize promised you a miracle
  3. The whole Dublin gangland thing is fascinating. its obviously gone a bit quiet recently but not long ago there were lads getting shot dead all over the place. one lad got chopped up in retaliation for posting pictures of him and his mates wearing some gangsters flip flops they had pinched of him.
  4. young lassie on the dinner date program is making a chilli and she dumps a can of kidney beans in with the juice as well. is this normal? id always give them a rinse first.
  5. just noticed a paddy power offer of stake back if a leg of a bet builder lets you down so i thought fcuk it. glad i did!
  6. i used to flick a little pebble off the roof to the right leaving every game. thinking that i would eventually get through them all and wondering if they kept landing on the same blokes head everytime.
  7. he must have stood on his nuts a few times because it looks like he is trying to kick them out the way before planting his foot down. what a life.
  8. H from Steps went to the gym and had dinner 15 fucking years ago https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/features/lookingback/19031285.h-steps-visited-prezzo-gym-stint-weymouth-joseph/
  9. dont usually post here! this should keep me going for a few weeks.
  10. i have never watched a game of American football in my life.
  11. whenever someone is talking to me face to face and they are close enough then ALL i can think about is punching them right in the face. doesnt matter if its an old man or lady with a kind face.
  12. I'm not into this kind of music but this came on one night while flicking though the music stations. I was mesmerized by how fast they were playing and their long wispy hairs. they must get caught in the guitar strings sometimes. at 3.25 when the two boys are playing with picture in picture is good.
  13. re paddy bet builder. I picked BTTS in first half BTTS 2 + goals Liverpool to win by 1 goal. Mon the goals!
  14. we keep ours in a cupboard. feck moving 30 glasses to get to the microwave.
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