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  1. Youll have to shout louder than that. He is in India isnt he?
  2. Is anyone else fascinated by missing people? Or unidentified bodies being found? Ive been following a few stories of missing people in the news recently as there seemed to be a lot over the new year. In Ireland there is a website with records going back years. https://www.missing.ie/missing_persons/mark-dowling-dublin/ This young lad drove off from his friends years ago and neither he nor the car were ever seen again. I always remember the Vicky Hamilton story as she was around the same age as me. I never thought she would be found.
  3. That was a bit of a thinker. Wordle 217 4/6
  4. I dont play this sick game but if i did i would build my team around folk like Meatloaf and George Michael. I still cant believe nobody picked George Michael.
  5. Two boys thought they were on the pigs back in this one. https://www.thejournal.ie/garda-investigation-pension-carlow-dead-body-5661320-Jan2022/
  6. Very sad about this. My dad and i always put his tapes on in the car. That and cheering on Falkirk were the only things we really connected over. Another part of my childhood gone etc.
  7. Wordle 216 3/6 Thought i was going to get a two when they all started lighting up!
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