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  1. The ball was in by the slimmest of margins. The complaints about not bothering to show it after the linesman was overruled are valid and are something that need to be addressed as there's been a few instances of this now. The decision was correct, move on.
  2. Never mind, everyone; Peter Walton is up next to agree with the decision that he won't have seen again from a decent angle. That'll sort it.
  3. Souness is spot on - it is a disgrace that we haven't seen the VAR clip. It would take about three seconds to show it, so why haven't they? If we have to have VAR (and I would bin the thing tomorrow), it needs to be transparent.
  4. Not really sure why I am wanting this to stay as it is. Spain haven't been great even of they did wallop Costa Rica, but I would prefer them in England's half of the draw than Germany and certainly orefer them to Costa Rica. It just seems more reassuring, somehow.
  5. If they could just show the damn frame, we'd know. They have been bad for this in this tournament - take ages to actually show the VAR frame
  6. Thus is exactly why they need to actually show the VAR frame upon which the decision was made. That looks out and surely they can't have gotten it wrong?
  7. That's dreadful goalkeeping. Really need to be saving that. An entirely self-inflicted goal to conceded as well, coming off Spain fannying around at the back whilst under pressure. Sometimes you just boot the ball down the pitch.
  8. Enforced on us entirely by the pundits and the journalist class.
  9. This is what happens when you b*****dise the game's rulebook ti try and make it fit around VAR. Get. VAR. Fucking. Gone.
  10. The Slovenian second tier is most probably a very poor standard. Poplatnik most probably would've scored more goals than the two strikers we signed in his place.
  11. A wipeout of the Tories that some polls have indicated also requires the Lib Dems to do well in certain parts of England. Nationally they remain in the gutter, so I imagine a lot of MPs that are notionally at risk from the Lib Dems will hang on. A loss of 200 is probably their worst case. There are of course other factors at play, too. The Lib Dems now have control of the council here (the daft system of 1/3 of the council seats up for election three years out of four saved the Tories from being obliterated) and they are well on their way to making sure a winnable seat escapes them by pissing everyone off.
  12. https://news.stv.tv/scotland/teachers-walk-out-over-violent-and-abusive-behaviour-by-pupils-at-high-school-in-glasgow Knew the name of that school was familiar somehow. There's a lot more to this.
  13. Another disgrace of a VAR decision. Has a directive 'from above' reached the referees telling them ti award more penalties?
  14. It is a shame that VAR farce had no bearing on the outcome. If only because I would like to see them have to defend such a decision after the sunstantial backlash.
  15. Surely no-one was expecting a sideways merchant like Joe Allan to make a discernable change to that Wales team? Even overlooking that he was never really that good in the first place, his role in a team is passing the ball to the better players and hoping they do something with it. Given said better players are finished, he was never going to have the impact some expected. Indeed, him coming into the team actually saw them get worse.
  16. They've been like that for years, in fairness. Had a few big names and a respectable starting XI, but it very quickly drops to League One and League Two players.
  17. Our own fault - we let the Ukraine game get into our heads. The Welsh absolutely spawned their win against Ukraine as well. The luck has ran out. They are pish and their one-man-team is finished as well. Back in the wilderness you go, lads.
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