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  1. Maybe members of the world's second largest religion would be far less precious and uptight about their religion being mocked if they too were allowed to go for a beer.
  2. There is little point worrying about how much prices are up in other countries, because we're not all paying the same for it. And at any rate, what works in Germany/France might not work here either. https://www.nationalworld.com/news/politics/energy-crisis-countries-cheapest-gas-and-electric-3674055 Britain's electricity was towards the higher end of the spectrum in the European context, with gas amongst the cheapest. I am sure an up to date version of this table will have some pretty wild fluctuations (e.g. the Netherlands now has the most expensive gas in Europe). The key thing is that the measures taken are sufficient in order to properly mitigate the impact of the bills. Whether that be financial support or limiting the price rises. It is more than clear that that it is not. Meanwhile: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-62438384 It's not something likely to go away any time soon. Several EU Member States are having to reduce gas usage to prevent running out in winter and the UK has planned for blackouts also. What is missing from the blame is 'western sanctions on Russia', which led to a predictable response. Whether you agree with that or not or question whether it's fair, tit-for-tat is how sanctions work in practice. The west can't just wean itself off Russian gas overnight, but it really needs to start finding alternatives even on a temporary basis. Sorry your bills are astronomical, Russia innit? just isn't acceptable. Support is needed now and solutions need to.be found - they won't be instant but the situation is an emergency.
  3. Good to see the old policy of shipping our wrong 'uns to Australia has been finally been resumed. I've reserved him a cabin on the boat.
  4. I appreciate there are intricacies involved, but if you're boasting record profits, the last thing you should be demanding is that the government pays you £500 per customer in support because the price is unaffordable. I know technically that the support measures are for people and the energy supplier, but they get the money anyway.
  5. Certainty wouldn't expect a win here, but I think Morton are likely to have a season similar to ourselves. It's a game we therefore really need to be winning in the course of putting together a reasonable points tally and not falling behind a competitor. I could of course be horribly wrong where I perceive clubs will be, but the top will I think be made of Dundee, Partick, ICT and Arbroath. Beyond that, we will have an ongoing struggle to avoid the seaside league spots with clubs avoiding it better than others. Of course we need to be scoring goals in order to win games and that's been highly problematic, the hosing of a desperate Peterhead team excepted.
  6. Meanwhile, here are energy companies demanding the government steps in. How about lower your price by £500, rather than than demand the taxpayer props up your profits? Corporate welfare seeking and nothing else.
  7. Ah another one advocating Ukraine just roll over and let Russia take what it wants all because.... my gas is going up. Everyone's gas (and electricity) is going up. 1 in 3 UK households will be in fuel poverty by October https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-07-21/a-third-of-uk-homes-seen-falling-into-energy-poverty-by-october It is undeniable that sanctions placed on Russia, which are a political choice, have had a significant contribution to the spiralling in prices. Russia has unsurprisingly responded with actions/sanctions of its own and has in essence throttled the supply of gas to the EU. Several EU countries are having to reduce gas usage now so that the taps won't run dry in winter - a very real and present danger. Whilst it seemed that the UK would not be in this position, as it receives only a small amount of its gas from Russia, plans have been drawn up in preparation for it. And at any rate, The EU's problems are also our own. The EU needs to get a significant amount of its gas from elsewhere and this drives the prices up in the market, meaning UK consumers pay more. The sanctions, as they stand, are intended to punish Russia. However, they are also punishing the UK domestic population by trebling their energy bills. No amount of "this is necessary because Russia shouldn't have invaded Ukraine" is going to comfort those that are freezing cold in winter and can't pay their bills, is it? Again, one in three UK households will be in fuel poverty, with this being being a side effect of punishing Russia. Now, as I said, sanctions are a political choice. Having everyone suffer with energy record bills, owing to the actions you've taken, is also a political choice. The level of support people are given, equally, is a political choice. I don't think detracts from the fundamental point of issue - responses to Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused energy bills to accelerate and is dumping a large section of the UK population into fuel poverty. The cost of energy, moreover, is driving inflation (estimated to hit 13%). For those avoiding the fuel poverty trap, the inflation trap is the next big danger. We are almost certainly stuck with high prices until the war is over and sanctions are removed. It is clear more support is going to be needed. In the meantime, people are well within their rights 1) to be angry with the government for insufficient support and 2) the underlying causes of these price rises. Being angry at 2) does not equate to approving Russia's actions or selling out Ukraine.
  8. It will cost him now, but he'll get it all back. Edit: or, at least, the vast majority of it. You start losing your personal allowance at £100k.
  9. Money laundering and/or some method of dodging rate payments. Oxford Street in London is full of them and they're all always empty. No chance money is being made, even from the hilarious prices they charge. Seemingly there's some loophole in subleasing the units so that the owners of the units don't have to pay rates. Don't fully understand how it works, bit the end result is one party passing on their responsibility to pay. The failure to sell bars of Hershey, which is the only chocolate in the world that tastes like vomit, is not their concern. There is a small level of drmand for American 'candy' in the UK. Usually for certain flavours of M&M that are hard to get here or aren't sold.
  10. Properly marketing it and providing decent advance notice of availability has therefore never been more important. This is pretty basic stuff we've failed at.
  11. The most recent development in the financial implosion of FC Skint is now out. Having tried and failed to sell de Jong or otherwise bully him out the door, they're now alleging that the contract he was given was illegal. The backstory of their implosion will rival Enron by the time they are finally liquidated. Edit: and another!
  12. JRM is still obsessed with that time he went into an office and everyone was working from home isn't he? A weird thing to get completely rattled about. I don't have flexitime in the same sense I did when I was in the Civil Service, but do have some flexibility to vary my start/end time, which is very useful on the two days I'm in the office as I can miss the worst of the traffic. Anyway, if you start messing about with flexi then people will just leave. It's one of the key benefits of the civil service, albeit you lose this benefit at the senior grades.
  13. I can understand that it must be hard for her to accept what's happened. I think everyone does. But this is wholly undignified and has merely prolonged her son's suffering, preventing him from being allowed to pass with dignity. The whole thing leaves me feeling more than a little uneasy. The press really ought to take a look at themselves as well, for their failure to cover it objectively. All we got was the mother and her fight; very little on the facts in place (Archie is brain dead) and that the prospect of any kind of recovery was essentially nil. Maybe removing the emotion makes it bland to the press, but they can end up doing a lot of damage as a result. Thankfully it doesn't seem to have happened here as far as I can see, but remember the Alfie Evans case? The coverage of that generated a lot of trouble for the hospital and the medical staff, who received threats. There is some speculation Archie ended up in the situation he did as a result of some online challenge. If his mum is determined to make something good come of it, why not campaign for better removal of harmful/dangerous content? A much more worthy cause for Archie's memory rather than demanding inquiries which will say the medical advice and conclusion were entirely correct and that a whole load of time and resources were wasted owing to a number of desperate appeals. I am almost certain her lawyer has the 'whitewash' statement pre-prepared on the off chance something like that actually ends up going ahead.
  14. Is the debt that's being accrued doing all that not being put on to the club rather than spp? The football club is an insolvent mess and SPP isn't. Make of that what you will. I have trouble reconciling things that have been said against the financial state of both companies.
  15. Is it too early to say a game is a must win? Because this certainty feels like one. Just score some bloody goals FFS.
  16. This sort of thing quickly infests the rest of the operation.
  17. Not really a surprise people.are pissed off, is it? The squad is worse than last season's, the manager hasn't addressed a glaring failing of last season and signed a striker (I.e. one other than a youngster on loan), we made an arse of an easy LC group and have started with back to back defeats for the first time since god knows when. It is a shite state of affairs. A defeat to Dundee is far from the end of the world, but the preceeding games didn't exactly set the heather alight - defeat to Cove (not great), defeat to Aberdeen (expected) and draws with Dumbarton and Stirling Albion (poor). We need to improve quickly, or we will be in a relegation fight. As has been pointed out, our form in the second half of last season was consistent with that of a team in a relegation battle and we've started in the same vein despite pretty major changes. The last part is something that troubles me. Ever since that bloody signing in January the whole club has had a banter era feel about it. Things just continue to end up being a drama, even mundane things like trying to sign a bloody defender. I know it's not rational, but I fear the end result of this will be relegation.
  18. It's almost as if we need to sign a fucking striker, eh?
  19. He more than has my support, I'm just worried about the lack of experience at the back. Nolan hasn't actually played many more senior games than him. He got some game time at a level that should be on par/roughly equivalent so must have something about him. He's just being given a lot of responsibility, that's all.
  20. It is bad when you sign an 18 year old on loan, knowing full well that we're going to be reliant on him. No pressure, then.
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