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  1. I was almost 100% certain it would've been an Evoque when I saw that; it's the archetypal entitled-school-run-mummy car. Alas, it is not.
  2. Although not celebrities, there have been a number of African politicians that have died from covid or suspected covid. This included the President of Tanzania, who had spent some time denying that there were any covid cases in the country. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-56437852
  3. The person concerned denies it. But really the denial, if indeed it didn't happen, should be coming from the elected person...
  4. Yep. You are basically paying the pensions of current pensioners and buying your own entitlement to one later in life, which the government moving the goalposts every few years on when you will actually get it. Whilst I appreciate the arguments about the UK State Pension being ungenerous, I also don't see why workers and in particularly young workers should be made to pay more in taxes to fund a rise in the amount given. I also have very little expectation that the State Pension will be a thing when I retire.
  5. You'd have been allowed to spend the day with your family subject to the three household/8 people rule. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/explainers-55056375 Johnson has however broken the rules unless Carrie's pal that stayed was in their support bubble, which seems highly unlikely at best.
  6. Another thread there where the effect of schools going back, especially the secondaries, is sidelined. 10-19 is currently miles ahead in the English infection chart. It might not have shot up immediately like it did in Scotland (which thankfully decreased pretty quickly), but the same trend is happening even if the rise is slower. The comments predictably are full of angry maskers and people wanting restrictions on indoor gatherings or big events. Weirdly, preventing the mass indoor gatherings of the largely unvaccinated group currently driving infection does not seem to figure. As I've said before, if people not wearing masks bothers you, wear a proper FFP3 one that will actually protect you, not your cloth or disposable my mask protects you effort that you've worn 12 times without washing or disposing because it's in your coat pocket and is convenient.
  7. Preparing a meal with the intention of taking it to work for lunch the next day and it's still in the fridge 4 days later. That'll be yet another one I'll be chucking in the bin, then, because it'll be left there to grow mould if I don't. This has cost a few plates and dishes in the past as I've taken a look at the decomposing contents and decided salvaging the plate isn't worth it. Easier to just bin it.
  8. You can still stream the game at home if you want to. Once that ends, perhaps the crowds will increase again. Our stream is very good, but I'd prefer to be at the game. Not everyone will feel the same. In my position this is largely theoretical, granted. There is also undoubtedly a section of society uncomfortable with attending these types of event, possibly just for now but possibly permanently.
  9. No. Would've been above Killie on Goal Difference if he was fit.
  10. We're above Killie on Goals For. Both teams on +5GD.
  11. Had to buy him out, following a fundraising effort. There's a good article @Broken Algorithms has linked which gives more detail. We are still suffering from him today, with the ground and the football club separate. They are both now owned by John Sim, but I'd much prefer they were indivisible. Not happening any time soon, sadly. McGowan threatened to sell the ground for flats if the fans didn't stop saying mean things about him as well. Hopefully he's not pulling the same crap at Hamilton but I wouldn't be surprised if he is.
  12. Every week I try and forget about the 4-4. Every week I end up more confused as to how the f**k we let that happen.
  13. I don't necessarily disagree with this. Anyone murdering another person with a machete isn't right in the head, in my opinion. I guess we'll soon see what the motivation was and why it happened.
  14. I can't realistically see why someone would murder an MP as they conduct a constituency surgery for any reason other than an ideological motive, whatever that may have been. The guy has quite clearly set out to kill him. Whilst thankfully rare, every other murder of a serving MP in Britain other than Perceval's had an ideological motivation behind it. Irish Republicanism and White Supremacy, to be precise. I'll be surprised if this one doesn't too.
  15. It's the second murder of an MP in just over 5 years. Rare or not, it is a massive stain on the country and, unfortunately, a reaction is needed. This is never acceptable, but in a first world country, it is a complete outrage. Cox was murdered by a far right killer and now you've had this one with motivation currently unknown, although it will certainly be a political one. Both were going about ordinary constituency business, only to end up dead because of a lunatic and a grievance. I don't know if Amess had been subject to any specific threats recently, but have no doubt there are many others that have been. They may have been fortunate to end up at the hands of a keyboard rage merchant, but people that will actually commit these acts exist.
  16. 2016. Two of them murdered in just over five years.
  17. David Amess has died in the attack, unfortunately.
  18. RMT largely have the government over a barrel in the way the vast majority of unions in the UK do not. Trains being cancelled very quickly gets people irate whereas in many cases a day or two of strike action is met with a shrug of the shoulders. RMT haven't had leverage over the last 20 months, granted, since for large periods of it pretty much no-one would be using the trains, but in normal times they can cause havoc very easily. People needing to get to work become angry very quickly when the trains are off, which usually results in RMT getting most of what they ask for. Whether that will continue now that WFH has become more accepted is a different question, though. Most people will be comfortable just explaining they can't get it in, work the day from home and be done with it. I therefore don't think RMT will have as much leverage as they used to as a result. They may well create a pile of seething commuters demanding action, but it will be markedly less than before.
  19. Turns out they did - along with Adrian Mutu and Duff, the big money signings. Less glamorous signings included Wayne Bridge, Geremi, Glen Johnson and, for some reason, Neil Sullivan. https://www.givemesport.com/1382288-the-13-players-chelsea-signed-during-their-first-summer-of-the-roman-abramovich-era Even more inexplicably, a newly-minted Man City also signed Wayne Bridge amongst their first tranche. Robinho was indeed a coup for them, albeit he only signed because he was unaware there were two teams in Manchester and thought he was going to Man Utd.
  20. Man City didn't start getting the big stars in immediately - if you don't have Champions League football, a lot of players simply won't be interested. Similarly Chelsea signed the likes of Damian Duff when Abramovic first arrived. They'll improve undoubtedly but it will not be instant. Because of Brexit they no longer have free reign over the European leagues either as any signings will need a work permit. A good opportunity here for established Premier League teams to fucking rinse them - £60m for dross like Fred or Origi perhaps.
  21. Chuck in a box of Lego for Scott Brown and the job's a good 'un.
  22. I don't think we could've managed a better signing. That's fantastic (as long as we've cut down Aberdeen on the fee a fair bit!). This is a signing that certainly hasn't been made under duress as well - it's a player that will improve the team and options available, and isn't just here to make up numbers because we're short. It's the right signing and definitely one worth investing some of our proceeds into. I'm absolutely delighted with this.
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