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  1. If she was denied boarding and feels this was unfair then perhaps she should pursue an EU261 claim rather than moaning to the BBC. Can't fill in a form and is apparently unaware of the remedies available to cover situations. I'd say that's her legal career up in smoke then.
  2. Angus at high risk of imported cases IMO
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/04/world/middleeast/coronavirus-israel-schools-reopen.html#click=https://t.co/QYQKN3Vmu8 An interesting read on opening schools not going to plan.
  4. I imagine there are quite a few very nervous Republicans concerned they are going to be taken down with Trump in November. I know there's a separation between voting for the senator and the President, but he must be poisoning candidates' chances, even amongst the ones that are not exactly Trump loyalists. May as well at this stage try and save yourself.
  5. This happened to me as well. Received another one on Saturday and was perplexed to say the least. Will also email and see how I can pay for it because I can't be bothered with the hassle of sending it back.
  6. In your opinion, was the defending he was up against "not pish"?
  7. At some point the generational unfairness needs to be addressed, though. Over 65s aren't the ones losing their jobs or even their entire livelihoods here. They are most at risk of the virus, of course, but they are also, in general terms, the ones that can be told to stay at home with the least amount of financial disruption to their lives. Blanket measures are not sustainable in the long term. There is however a big area of grey between letting it rip and kill them and blanket measures as currently implemented. Now seems like a good time for that grown up conversation we were promised.
  8. Mark Francois is in his 50s and is a former minister...
  9. Lingard is absolute horseshit, though. Should be nowhere near a club like Man Utd. Grealish is indeed a much better player than him but he's realistically a bit part plater or less at a big club. He's probably Everton's next in the series of sign a player for big money that doesn't markedly improve the team.
  10. Hope the Arsenal players don't go off celebrating this. Can't have Frank getting all bent out of shape again, can we?
  11. He is actually John Sim and has finally unearthed the chest full of cash that was buried down by the Railway Stand corner.
  12. The pubs and restaurants certainly will not close unless the amount of cases continues to rise. To be honest they should probably be doing that now as a precautionary measure.
  13. This wasn't clear last night, to be fair. The usual hatchet job of releasing information at stupid o'clock that needed clarification about twenty times.
  14. 'The Science' may well have been totally shit in the beginning, but this is an utter farce. If your mate's got coronavirus and you go to the pub with him rather than visit him at home, your chances of catching it are the same.
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