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  1. Neil has absolutely murdered Johnson in that short clip. That's actually worse than what he'd do to him in an interview. Most the people who'll see that probably wouldn't have watched the interview anyway, but now they'll see him called out. 3mins is short enough for people on twitter to watch the full thing as well.
  2. Seems like every season the lack of back up at RB/LB is an issue.
  3. It's worrying when a 17 year old goes off and that's your goal threat gone.
  4. Sorry for stepping in and destroying the mood, but Martin Harvey sadly passed away today. Has was 78.
  5. There seems to be a video doing the rounds of a guy eating a shit for a tenner. What the fucking hell is wrong with people? I don't know who comes out this worse - the guy filming it, the guy eating said shit or the guy who offered him the money and actually let him do it. Disgusting. Oddly enough that seems to be fine by Twitter. At least no one was called a c**t or else it would be an automated ban by the looks of things.
  6. Away to a team with no fans who will put us out. Fucking shite. Just about the worst draw possible.
  7. TV money from BBC Alba is absolute chicken feed, is it not?
  8. Colin Weir, the Euro millions winner, is about to take over at Partick. They'll have about 15 new players by the time we play them
  9. I reckon Thomas is fucked here. His brashness has too often failed the task. Edit: what a shit take that was.
  10. "I'm tired of your behaviour, Thomas" 😂
  11. Disgraceful fans of a team suffering dreadful injury problems are furious with a senior player for getting a petulant and entirely avoidable red card, therefore exacerbating selection problems.
  12. Bringing back a legend in their late 3os often ends up gutting up.
  13. Jesus. Where has this come from?
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