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  1. He was always a bellend - unnecessarily abusive and unpleasant, though probably got away with it as it was limited to unionists initially. Eventually, it seeped over elsewhere, which was bound to happen as he became increasingly unhinged and the grift money started drying up. Russell Brand sprang to mind as he was knee-deep in conspiracy nonsense the last time I happened across him, but he's had a pretty weird life hasn't he? I'd probably go off the rails as well if I was married to Katy Perry and fucked it up tbh.
  2. I think they and Motherwell are the only teams we haven't beaten in the last 20 years. What an opportunity we have here to address that!
  3. Absolutely. The defender has fully intended to play that ball, it's just that he's made an arse it. A joke decision, which thankfully didn't cost us.
  4. Weirdly enough, I went on twitter to find 'Invermectin' trending. A certain MP that recently lost the Tory whip was amongst the front and centre of it all, continuing his long-running mental disintegration.
  5. Could've been worse - Ross Perry plays for Darvel. Nowhere to be seen tonight, for which I am sure they are thankful.
  6. It ought to focus the minds, if nothing else. If you don't show up, humiliation beckons.
  7. Sound the alarm! Defend the prominent Englishman from justified criticism! Not only that, but half that stuff with the red X next to it is bollocks. Lampard spent nearly £70m this season. "No budget" indeed.
  8. Bit disappointing. Probably not going to win and it won't be selected for TV either.
  9. I am on the younger side of this thread, possibly by a fair distance, but starting to see the sons of players that I watched/remember making appearances left me thinking I am definitely starting to get on a bit.
  10. To our younger viewers, your eyes are not deceiving you: that was us beating them at the start there.
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