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  1. Did the Officer concerned manage to make that excuse with a straight face? "Used the wrong gun". Probably a new low.
  2. Well this is turning into quite the list isn't it? Teachers, scientists, neighbours, couples in supermarkets, unmasked runners and now vaccine queue jumpers too. I fear that the scum now constitutes the majority of the public of are once great country 🇬🇧 and therefore fear the forthcoming third wave* in 2 weeks' time *we're agreed that it is the third wave and not the fourth, yes?
  3. I've added them to the list: People in parks Young people Football fans People that took foreign holidays Bournemouth beach goers Protestors Unpaid carers Anyone else?
  4. Tough choices. I usually prefer a belter to a well worked goal, but I've gone for Hendry v Dunfermline for goal of the season simply because I can't ever think of a time we last scored a goal like that. Tumilty v Dundee in second place for me. POTY was also a very difficult call. I think Hendry will win this and he certainly will deserve to as he is a cut above, but I went for Jamie Macdonald. He's won us a few points this season with some excellent saves and had been very dependable.
  5. Nice city to spend a couple of days in. Air Baltic are decent as well. Flew with them previously to Riga (from Gatwick) and also onwards to Moscow. They also do connections to places that aren't very easy to get to from the UK, albeit that in some cases (Almaty, Tbilisi etc.) you'll find yourself flying mostly in the wrong direction.
  6. Indeed. The UK's lockdown was also the strictest in Europe over the last few months. Chile are also I think using the Chinese vaccine, which the Chinese have in a surprising move been stating has a fairly low efficacy. That won't help matters either unfortunately.
  7. At least Johnson got his excuses for not being pictured with a pint in early!
  8. In other news today, it's the grand reopening in England. Pubs and restaurants are open for business on the premise that all consumption takes place outside. Exciting times for patrons! It snowed last night.
  9. She certainly wasn't advocating this back in February/March 2020 when we might've had a shot at this.
  10. Perhaps 'zero covid' could've been given the light of day in the UK had we acted in the same way as Australia and New Zealand did back in February. When you miss the boat, it's pretty much game over. That being the case, how do the likes of Sridhar propose the UK achieves zero covid? I hear zero covid a lot but never how it might be achieved in practice.
  11. It is a nice thought, but I believe the current Brazilian government attitude is that they all need to stop whining.
  12. China lying about their numbers? Surely not. It prompts a lot of questions. I think data coming out of China should be treated with scepticism as a matter of course, but they are recording 20-30 cases a day in a country of well over a billion people. Maybe they just have low levels of it after a brutal lockdown and a presumably very tight policy on entry, but they must be covering something much bigger to come out and say the vaccine isn't very good when a number of countries, particularly in Asia, have ordered it.
  13. An interesting development here from China - they have admitted that Sinovac has a low efficacy rate. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/11/china-considers-mixing-covid-vaccines-to-give-greater-protection Article lacks solid numbers. The 50% efficacy noted in Brazilian trials is mentioned, but that's old news. Apparently some in the UAE are being invited back for a third dose as the two they go got did not give a sufficient immune response. A minter, then, if you'd paid £35k to jump the queue and get vaccinated. Joking about those dropping £35k aside, this is very bad news as there are a lot of countries that have ordered it and will depend on it.
  14. I'd say the draw was deserved, rather than lucky. Fair to say it was all for the first 60, but when presented with the opportunities, they were taken. We were put under pressure and consequently condeded twice. We almost lost it at the death as well, when Macdonald made an excellent save. For all our possession, we weren't that great either.
  15. Well, we weren't very good today if that gives you more confidence. Plenty of possession but we created few changes and switched off around the 60 mark. Given our position this is must not lose rather than must win. But QoS really need the result and this is going to be a very hard game. I'll take any outcome that means we are still second at the end of the game.
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