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  1. His dad's reversed the aging process so covid ought to be a doddle.
  2. I'm sure you'll have some statistics to hand outlining how much of an impact this will have on case numbers.
  3. Yes, definitely the travel corridors driving the current rates of infection. That'll stop it.
  4. I imagine if we're made to play it we'll forfeit it instead.
  5. Great stuff for a Friday afternoon - a Johnson press conference. Let's see how can ruin what will alrwsdy be a shite weekend further.
  6. Cringe Freelunch is the worst I've seen on this forum since the days of Alshit Fergscum.
  7. I don't agree we're treating it like flu at all to be fair. I think it'll be exceptionally hard if not impossible to eradicate it entirely, but she's overlooking that there is actually an exit strategy to this. In fact, the vaccination strategy is the only one that might ever actually lead to zero covid. Ultimately it would be great ti get to the stage where we can eradicate it, but vaccine development might take a while to get there, if indeed it does. We have a great chance to totally take the sting out of it at the moment, though.
  8. If we aren't able to fulfill a fixture because our players have interacted contrary to national guidance, I'm afraid the only outcome is forfeit. Football has been warned, I'm afraid. We also aren't Celtic so the SPFL won't give us a free pass.
  9. I imagine we'll be asked for evidence of what we've done to minimise the risks and also discuss the circumstances of the absences with the SFA. If we've had a few track and trace isolations we'll likely be asked to explain those and the players queried as to their whereabouts on the date of contact with an infected person. If several players are all. Isolating because of a single event of contact, we'll be up shit creek probably...
  10. Aye, we shut down half the UK's economy for flu every year, right enough. Can't believe I've never noticed that before.
  11. If you've been stuck inside with a child during lockdown and you genuinely want to have another, then have lost your damn mind, frankly.
  12. As an aside here, a fair chance that this would've been missed were it not now for the PCR requirement...
  13. The forfeits awarded against the teams have subsequently been appealed and are soon to be heard. The behaviour of the players/club is important here. If we've breached the protocols then I agree a forfeit is in order.
  14. It's more that rumours seem to appear on this very forum which are quickly found to he correct*. For something with this degree of seriousness, that's quite annoying. As long as we've followed the protocols then hopefully it'll be OK. If we are found not to have done so, then we'll deserve the book that's thrown at us. It was inevitable a game would be put in doubt for covid at some point, just wish it wasn't us so we could test the reaction. *Thankfully with the exception of us signing Gary Glen.
  15. How long has this been known about and when did we request the postponement? I know Thursday is media day and all that but seems it might've been put out sooner.
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