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  1. The problem you'll have is that you're going to need to call them to try and sort an alternative out. Given the ongoing show they're making of themselves, the phone lines are predictably jammed. Try calling at opening time if you can and see if that works. There should be policies for rebooking on other airlines but you'll need to phone to discuss as there are only certain airlines they will rebook onto. I don't think there are any direct flights to Glasgow outside BA, so it'll need to be a connection. I think in your position I'd take a look at easyJet from Gatwick (BA will refuse to rebook you on this, so you'd need to do it yourself) and bill the cost back to BA. As they've cancelled your flight they should pay it in the absence of a viable alternative. There's a bus LHR-LGW which takes around 50mins. I assume you have not accepted the Gatwick - Newcastle flight? When they cancel and rebook you, you get given the option of accepting it. You are not obliged to accept it. Assuming your LHR-GLA was cancelled less than 14 days before departure, claim compensation for it also. https://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/information/help-and-contacts/contact-us Contact numbers available here.
  2. When you have someone demandimg they be Chancellor or they will resign, and you let them, you've had it. I don't know how long he's got left, but the death spiral accelerates.
  3. Why are they still dredging up fucking psychologists?
  4. India. Although, many of their larger stadiums are for cricket, so may not be suitable. They definitely have enough venues of the correct capacity size, though. Portugal could maybe have managed a 32 team WC, but won't cope with 48.
  5. Had just come here to post this. Whilst a bit anxious st the current state of the squad, the leveller is that there many teams in the same position.
  6. Bring him in to look after our accounts. Keep him for the 90 yard counter attack.
  7. One thing McGlynn has going for him in that respect is that he will seldom end up signing a shitebag. Whilst his approach to the game has changed from 'industrial' to 'actually decent to watch', he still has a preference for grafters. Players that don't dig in will generally find themselves benched.
  8. Ugwu would be an excellent signing for this level. I was a little miffed we didn't keep him last season and with hindsight we should've kept him as his replacement, Ethon Varian, was severely lacking in the goal department. Ugwu's key limitation is that he is slow. He has very good technique and control, and is an absolute unit of a man. Very difficult for CBs to deal with as he is stronger than them. Unfortunately this does mean he is liable to concede an annoying number of fouls, although often I felt the fouls given against him were unfair, and that he'd merely outmuscled the defender and hadn't done anything wrong.
  9. It's gained a bit more of a media profile again recently, but hasn't gone anywhere else thankfully. There'll probably be a lot more screeching for masks again in late September/early October when the next variant on the block is around, as the usual suspects continue to fail to understand what living with the virus actually means. Barring the ever-dwindling band of mental maskers on Twitter, nobody else gives a shite any more. Hopefully it stays that way.
  10. They sponsor just about fucking everything. The marketing budget has got to come from somewhere.
  11. If we're only going to sign one striker, it should be someone in the 'big man up front' mould. Like Varian, bit someone actually capable of scoring a few goals.
  12. The sort of idea befitting a government in a death spiral.
  13. Tractor boy is not happy. He is correct, however. Watching porn = whip removed Groping = apology accepted.
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