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  1. Booked Montenegro for 10 nights in May. Booking only made after reading the cancellation policy about twenty times. Trying not to think about it as there's a high chance of it being canned.
  2. Agreed. They are shit, but when you do that, you've opened the floodgates. What about Hogmanay/New Year's Day/Burns Night etc. It would also provide a large stick for the population to be beaten with. "Well, we let you have Christmas and you did x and y and look at all these cases that have resulted! four week circuit breaker for having too much fun".
  3. Agreed. I get that a lot of them have strong feelings about clubs they played for, but if you can't retain objectivity then you shouldn't be anywhere near the studio. If you want fan punditry then there's Man Utd TV or the various YouTube channels. I see the VAR is going from strength to strength again. What is the point in it when you can review the decision and still get it wrong?
  4. End it now and declare standings final. Restructure it to 3 x 14 so no relegations.
  5. Everytime I look at the updates another of our players is down getting treatment.
  6. Looked daft at the time given numbers we've got and there it is - 10mins of a game to expose it. Hopefully someone is coming in or the move makes even less sense.
  7. Well, he's got to say something when the only next step in escalation is another full national lockdown in France. Promise jam tomorrow and hope the French don't go out and do what they normally do when they get pissed off. Remember when Sturgeon was telling us our sacrifices would be rewarded and Johnson was telling us social distancing would be gone by November? They're just trying to buy time. If the vaccine doesn't work, they are all utterly fucked.
  8. Can't be right. The Scottish Government was fully signed up to a Zero Covid approach per one of its main advisers.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/54656359 Virus. Ball. Shape.
  10. Trump retweeting Twitter polls and accounts saying he won the debate will never not be funny. He has the thinnest skin of any political leader I've ever seen.
  11. Absolutely. Hancock and Freeman ought to be shitting themselves.
  12. It is quite funny that for all Johnson avoiding having to deliver bad news and sending a sap like Hancock out to do it, that anything likely to be seen as popular is delivered by Sunak rather than Johnson.
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