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  1. Fair enough, less shocking in that event even if the news remains bad.
  2. 569 dead today, with 50 of those in Scotland. The latter of those is quite a shock, given the way it's tended to go so far.
  3. Clark has said that we will try tobut might not be able to if this keeps dragging on.
  4. The club has furloughed all but two of its employees by the sounds of it. A sensible move in the current times. Bill Clark had however said we need more money to keep going - anyone know what we're still needing to pay for? Imagine the stadium mortgage or rent and possibly insurance, but struggling a bit otherwise. Electricity should be minimal and business rates are cancelled for us currently.
  5. Daniel Levy got himself a nice bonus of a few £m for delivering a new stadium behind schedule as well. They are a bunch of sponging c***s. Absolutely arseholes. Players paid in full and everyone on a 'normal' wage furloughed so the government can pick up the tab.
  6. Landlords/property investors have had it too good for years. Property was pretty much a sure thing as an investment with next to no chance of not making money out it. There was pretty much zero risk attached. It sat in its own bubble away from normal investments, which can of course see you lose money. I have no sympathy that their 'sure thing" has suddenly equalised itself with the normal risk/reward investment profile.
  7. Tottenham furloughing all non-playing staff whilst Daniel Levy takes a 20% cut and the players for the time being are paid as normal. Spongers.
  8. Cases up to 430 as well due to a "data lag" in the previous reporting.
  9. F**k that. This is payback for austerity and those banking/financial bawbags misdemeanors in 2008. After this we are even. I wouldn't worry about that for too long - we'll all be paying for these policies once things start getting back to normal.
  10. They are probably fed up of British tourists getting pissed and acting like arseholes in their city tbh. Inevitable that this leads to people not acti g like arseholes being tarred with the same brush.
  11. He isn't supposed to refuse if he's instructed to act on Salmond's behalf. He also cannot let his feelings on Salmond get in the way of doing his job. He managed to act perfectly professionally on those counts but there he was talking about the case in a public place.
  12. What the hell was he playing at? Astonishing that he thought discussing the victims in this arena was appropriate. Dreadful stuff from a supposed "leading lawyer". His viewpoint on Salmond will attract most the attention, but I'm sure there are many lawyers who don't exactly have a glowing view of their clients or their behaviour. Usually they aren't however so stupid as to say these sorts of things in such a public setting. Sex pests and bullies nevertheless also remain entitled to a defence.
  13. Agreed. 96 out of today's 260 deaths (37%). It was always going to be more exposed versus the rest of the country, but it's running well ahead. We are in for a grim couple of weeks, I fear.
  14. Volume of international traffic and public transport use, along with a high population density compared with the rest of the country, I imagine. Far too easy to be in proximity to someone who's got it. Certainly in London's case, volumes of stupidity and not distancing to partly blame as well. There does also seem to be a. Secondary cluster in the West Midlands as well.
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