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  1. Number 11 that opens the space up nicely by running out the way, tbh. Good lad. Decent chance he'd have been binned had Dunfermline lost the game, so you think he'd be a bit happier with a potential job saver. The man's a clown.
  2. Mask for thee, not for me. Know your place.
  3. Couple of very good strikes for the goals. Both teams however brought the goals on themselves by giving too much time and space and not shutting the shot down quicker.
  4. Drawing with a winless team bottom of the league is never much to write home about, but will take it given the circumstances. Hopefully we'll at least get Varian back for Saturday.
  5. Do not f**k it up please. Take the point here.
  6. This was all grimly predictable, wasn't it?
  7. Yep, very similar to my experience as well. I go into London once or twice a week and I'd put it around 50/50 on trains (sometimes perhaps 60/40 in either direction) and a lot lower in shops, maybe around 20/25% masked. Staff are also starting to stop wearing them. I have no recent experience with TfL services, where masks are still mandated*. Interesting to see, however. *You won't be fined as they don't have the power to do that, but if you're very unlucky, might be denied travel. The odds on this are however very small.
  8. Mask for thee, not for me. If that amount of people do think that masks should be mandated, I'd be seeing those numbers when I'm out. But I don't. Presumably anyone that thinks they should be mandatory doesn't think this for the sake of it and instead that it would be a real benefit. I really don't see why anyone of the "they should be mandatory" persuasion would therefore decide that they will not be wearing until the government makes them mandatory, despite their views. If you believe there's a (public health) benefit to it, why aren't you contributing? I try not to subscribe to the "rigged polls" type comments because they are fucking tedious, but when they are so far outside of lived experience, you can't help but think they're a crock of shit.
  9. Percentage of English people actually wearing masks on public transport and in shops: nowhere fucking near 81% and 76%.
  10. I'd go with Poplatnik, but I have a feeling McGlynn will put Zanatta up front and bring in Ethan Ross. Riley-Snow in for Matthews, not the same sort of player but we'll have to do. Lang will hopefully do fine beside Berra. We really, really could do with Musonda back as we are out of cover in both defence and central midfield now.
  11. Why do they lie like this? The data is there for all to see - it has genuinely never been easier to call bullshit when it's spouted. And they wonder why people have stopped listening.
  12. All those kids with no symptoms not being tested because it's half term and the cases plummet. Call me shocked!
  13. Also realised I missed out Ronaldo in my list of spending. Granted this was a low transfer fee by #Barclays standards, his wages will be about £25m a year and they also pipped Man City, who have the bank account of Abu Dhabi at their disposal. It's not the Glazers to blame, as much as the fans donning the Norwich City coloured scarves in their support think it is.
  14. The owners have sanctioned a very high transfer spend, to little effect. Maguire was £85m, Sancho was £73m, Fred and Wan-Bisakka both cost £50m each, Bruno Fernandes cost £56m and Paul Pogba cost over £90m. Martial was £54m. These players are all current ones, but to name two departed players, Lukaku cost £75m and Di Maria was around £65m. This is a management problem, not an ownership issue. The Glazers might well be arseholes, but they have not exactly adopted the old Celtic biscuit tin mentality. The club is suffering because of shite management, not a lack of investment.
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