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  1. Div's post in Scrolling issues on mobile was marked as the answer   
    Assume it might be related to the ad-blocker, or it might have been related to the new floor unit advert we were loading on mobile for a couple of days last week.
    That's been switched off again (it was the only change made last week) - are you still having the same issue today?
  2. Div's post in Condensed thread view not working was marked as the answer   
    Have applied the latest patch and looks like this issue has been fixed, please confirm!
  3. Div's post in Profile Photo was marked as the answer   
    Can't remember what it was but it was causing some sort of issue either because of the content, or because of the site it was hot linked to.
    This happens from time to time, nothing personal!
  4. Div's post in "Sent from my Samsung Apple Pixel G7" was marked as the answer   
    For some reason some of the global settings for our App have been reset to default values. This why ads started to appear in the App and why these silly signatures started to re-appear.
    I've disabled them again now.
    Did I ever mention that the App was a FUCKING PAIN IN THE ARSE?
  5. Div's post in Is the App fucked? was marked as the answer   
    I've made a small change but still not convinced why some users are having issues and others are not.
    Those having problems can you log out of the app, close it down, re-open and try and login and tell me if it's still the same please?
  6. Div's post in Platinum membership expired early was marked as the answer   
    This is usually caused by users having previous recurring payments set up on PayPal that are not tied to the payment system we introduced this time last year.

    Best thing here is that I refund the transaction and you then cancel any recurring subscriptions in PayPal to us then open a new subscription (if you wish). It will be fine going forward.

    Let me know your PayPal email address and I'll refund the full amount. PM me!
  7. Div's post in <br/> was marked as the answer   
    Using the Mobile Browser or the Mobile App?
    Either way you shouldn't be seeing HTML.
    If it's on Mobile Browser, clear all your temp internet files, close the browser and try again, or try a different mobile browser.
    If it's on the App, uninstall and reinstall and see if that makes any difference.
    No changes our side for a couple of months now.
  8. Div's post in Blank screen when paging forward was marked as the answer   
    Sorry about that, was caused by a change the ad boys asked us to make.
    I have recreated the issue, and now made a change which should have resolved it.
    Can you confirm please?!
  9. Div's post in Chatroom was marked as the answer   
    I hear you mate. I have switched on chat history so if you join the room you'll now see what's been going on
    If you do in there now you should see I made a post a wee while ago then left.
    Good shout.
  10. Div's post in 7am, on the dot was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for letting me know, should be fixed now.
    The server backup jobs run at 3am GMT so they will knock the site offline for about 10 minutes at that time.
  11. Div's post in sacked youtube gone to Daily Motion was marked as the answer   
    Sorry, I am rubbish.
    Just paste in your full Dailymotion URL now and it will display as an embedded clip in the site.
  12. Div's post in App Problem - Display Names When Quoting was marked as the answer   
    Please download the latest version of the App from the Play Store which fixes both issues reported in this thread.
  13. Div's post in Transfer weekly ad from Virgin Media was marked as the answer   
    I've spoken to the ad ops people today, it will either be going non-autoplay or it will be going altogether. Apologies for this, I hate auto-play ads.
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