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  1. We've ran some software updates today and as part of this work we have now decided to officially switch off Tapatalk support for the forum. If you've previously accessed the board via either our old P&B App (which was just a rebranded version of Tapatalk), or the Tapatalk App itself, this will no longer work I'm afraid. You should instead switch to the mobile browser version of the board. There's a few more upgrades to come, hopefully with a few to making the board run a bit faster, and removing Tapatalk is part of that strategy as it's a buggy pile of shite to be honest.
  2. Yup, Kenny took over from George on 19th October. He was already on the SMiSA board obviously and had been since 2017.
  3. Another resignation from the SMiSA board with chairman Kenny Docherty stepping down. Eddie Devine replacing him. https://www.smisa.net/news-archive/5-general-smisa-news/339-smisa-update That's been some amount of churn in SMiSA recently.
  4. Inevitable there will be a fair bit of interest in Baccus in January after his World Cup performances. For once we should be in a reasonably strong bargaining position as he's got 18 months left on his deal. Ethan is a slightly different situation obviously with his contract expiring in the summer, but in his case even if he left as a free agent we would be due a development fee given the length of time he's been with us (unless his agent pulls the MLS trick a la John McGinn). Going to be a case of weighing up any January bids versus what we can get in the Summer when he goes out of contract. Losing both in January would be a massive blow but for that to happen you would assume it's because we're being heavily compensated and that in turn should mean that Robbo and Foyle would be given resources to go and get replacements.
  5. Don’t see us adding any more to the squad in January unless we shift 2-3 out the way first.
  6. Notes from last weeks SMiSA meeting have been published; https://www.smisa.net/images/downloads/Member-Meeting-17-Nov-22.pdf
  7. On a positive note I thought it was great to see the St.Mirren Women's team getting to play at the SMiSA yesterday and the social media output around the game, as has been the norm this season, was top class. Well done the girls on an excellent 3-0 win to boot.
  8. Constant niggling injuries denied him any sustained run in the team, and now he has had a period of being fit the honest truth is that there are three better strikers in front of him. It’s been almost 2 years since he arrived at the club and he still hasn’t scored a single goal in Paisley.
  9. Let’s be clear that I don’t think we are anywhere close to that scenario. Increased gates, the Baccus World Cup money and the insurance payout on the Dome could all amount to a couple of hundred grand, all of wouldn’t have been budgeted for. I’d expect, as most have, that January will see us look to cut loose a couple of big earners that aren’t contributing. Joe and Brophy the prime candidates but only if there is a taker that can be found (and the players want to go). That’s not in itself linked to any financial issue of course, it’s just common sense that you don’t want to be paying big bucks to players who aren’t playing regularly.
  10. I don’t disagree but there’s still a line that needs to be drawn somewhere. Having spent £1.7m last season on whatever we spent it on I don’t think throwing another half million at the playing budget this season was massively sensible.
  11. Any losses would be funded from our savings. We started the year with a million left in the bank (according to the SMiSA meeting). The big problem football clubs like ours have is with cash flow. They obviously get a lot of cash up front in the summer from season ticket sales, and prize money is (I think) paid in two tranches, one mid season and one at the end of the season depending (obviously) on where you finish. The big bulk of spend is on players wages and they get paid every month so there tends to be a period later in the season before you get your final prize money where you need a chunk of cash to keep paying those wages. That has affected the club a few times in the past and we've had directors throwing in temporary loans to get us through. Those are the times when it's good to have a wee bit in the bank but regardless it's good practice for any business to have some reserves.
  12. Bit unfair. I think it's reasonable to be concerned about the finances at the club. We have no facility to borrow money (other than this extraordinary Government loan) and we have no sugar daddy to pump money in if and when the need arises, so whilst it sounds boring I'd feel a lot better if we kept at least some money in the bank. Rainy days come to football clubs like ours a lot more regularly than sunny days.
  13. There will have been some lingering effects from COVID for sure but we're talking the period May 2021 to May 2022 here, the impact of COVID on day to day revenue was not massive during that period. We've gone from a cash position of £2.8m in May 2021 to £1m in May 2022 (so we've been told). I cannot compute that we've spent the guts of of that on Ralston. It's still a collection of portakabins, and the astro pitch was renewed not that long ago (helped with a chunk of SMiSA money if I recall right). The accounts will tell us for sure but I struggle to see what we've spent so much on there given it cost less than a million to set the entire thing up in the first place? As I said the other day, I've no problem with the club taking a punt on the playing budget last May when we had £2.8m in the bank. I think that was fair enough as we came through the COVID season in far better shape than I think anyone expected, thanks mainly to the two great cup runs, and the likes of the Magennis transfer fee. My concern is that we're still throwing money at it this season. Yes we still have a million in the bank but we do still need to repay the loan so that's £170K a season that we need to budget for, and I don't think it's a bad thing to keep some money in the bank. We don't NEED to spend every single penny we have even though clubs seem to operate on that basis! To be clear budgeting to finish 7th means we're spending this season based on projected prize money of £1.8m coming in the door. Maybe it's still worth a punt and the gamble might well pay off. We might even finish higher than 7th, it's far from impossible, but nobody can tell me it's not equally possible we might finish lower than 7th and for each place we do finish lower we would take a hit for c£150K. Improved attendances, a good cup run, the Baccus world cup money, the insurance pay out for the Dome are all positive outcomes for the finances too of course, but I still worry that we're spending beyond our means. Maybe I'm still too raw from the last time but it makes me nervous! I'll shut up about it now and eagerly await the accounts.
  14. Livingston have the smallest budget in the division. Setting a budget that you can afford does not mean you lack ambition.
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