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  1. Right, congrats to @Robin.Hood who scoops £150. PM me your digits and account name mate and I'll send over the dosh straight away. Also @Rodhull who wins a £20 consolation prize.
  2. Irn Bru don't have any involvement at all, it's sponsored by the SPFL Trust this season?
  3. The word filter has stuff in it dating back years and years. I can't even remember why some of it is there 😁
  4. Done, and I've added Junior Cups to the description on the Domestic Cups category.
  5. End of the day there's no limit to the number of forums or sub forums we have and we can of course have sub-sub forums as well, but I like to keep it as simple as possible as if you start burying things too far then folk miss it or get pissed off having to click several times to get to where they want to go. By the same token I've always wanted P&B to be about the whole game, and there's always room for improvement so keep the feedback coming.
  6. Div

    Midlands League

    I've moved this in here to the new North Pyramid section, hope that makes sense!
  7. The Cup forum I guess? It's always been a bit hit and miss that as even with the Scottish Cup you get threads popping up in the various league sections especially when you get teams from the same division meeting in the cup. Open to ideas!
  8. I've moved North Pyramid to the top, so the flow is a bit better than having it after LL. Does that look better?
  9. As requested by a few members we've re-structured our forums a wee bit to better reflect the new pyramid structure feeding into the SPFL. There is a new Pyramid category with sub forums in there covering (I hope) all the leagues in the pyramid. At the moment all the North Pyramid leagues are in a single sub-forum. We will of course split these out into their own league sections if there is sufficient demand. Welcome any feedback on the changes, positive or negative!
  10. Yeah it's going to need a wee bit work. So maybe someone can confirm this for me; Highland League feeds from Midlands League, North Caledonian League, North Super League Lowland League feeds from East of Scotland League, South of Scotland League, West of Scotland League Is that right?
  11. I think all the wee issues with the team listings have now been fixed but let me know if I've missed any!
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