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  1. Hi guys, sorry for lack of response. Difficult for us to troubleshoot Tapatalk as it's a 3rd party app, but it's working fine for pictures on my iPad and iPhone. Is there a later version available in the Play Store that you could try?
  2. We're kind of stuck. The new app was supposed to be released by the forum developers when the next major release of the forum software came out. We ditched our own app in preparation for that happening. The forum release was delayed by months but did finally happen latter part of 2020. We have done some testing on that and unfortunately the changes to the template system are extensive so we need to re-design all our club themes for the new version and have those ready to install as part of the upgrade. That's a hefty chunk of work unfortunately and I've just not had time to do it as my day job has been off the scale levels of busy due to the knock on effects of the pandemic. On top of all of that, the forum developers version of the app still hasn't been released anyway, so any upgrade we do to the forum would still leave us without a functioning app. I might just have to revive the old app as there's no sign at all of this new one being released.
  3. Aye, as someone has just pointed out on Twitter though he's already played for County and Saints this campaign so that would rule him out playing for anyone else this season, assuming that rule is still in place. ETA; It's not https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8411575/Players-allowed-play-THREE-clubs-one-season-2020-21-campaign.html
  4. Erwin is the only logical candidate for a swap deal to push the move through early. Dennis still has to prove himself so can't imagine he'd be an attractive option for a fellow Premiership club and Obika would surely not be on the table. I wouldn't rule us out of signing another striker in January either way now that Junior is away.
  5. Div


    Testing on a Nexus 6 using Chrome on Browserstack and all ok.
  6. Div


    Not sure what is causing that and I don't have a Pixel to test it on unfortunately. Rep scoring working fine on all test devices I do have here though. Expect whatever it is will be resolved when I do the next big upgrade, which is coming soon-ish. Sorry bud!
  7. Not sure why Android is having issues. I've updated the Tapatalk plugin on our side to the latest version, that should definitely resolve the issues with the actual Tapatalk app, hopefully. Will get some time over Christmas to spend looking at and testing the upgrade we need to do as the first step towards getting the new app finally sorted.
  8. You can download and use Tapatalk to connect if you want to use an App in the meantime.
  9. Hi there, I've switched off all notifications on your account. You might want to just check those settings in case there are some things you do want to be notified about. Cheers
  10. It's genuinely not designed to be like that. The ads keep the site free to use. Today is the busiest day of advertising in the calendar year and the next few weeks are going to be pretty similar levels of in your face ads I'm afraid. Yes if you take out a platinum membership for a month they will all go away. Come January the ads will be far less noticeable.
  11. We did have a problem ad loading earlier today that I had the ad guys disable, but it wasn't an NHS campaign. I'll have a look and see what's running and if it's problematic I'll get it switched off.
  12. You can download and install the Tapatalk app from your app store, it will work in the meantime.
  13. Only one entry correctly predicted 2 goals in each of the semis during normal time with Hearts and Celtic progressing. Well done @Mr. X Also two additional winners from Twitter, BobCogBehave and SChichiarelli I'll be in touch with the winners to sort out their prize. Thanks to everyone who took part and meanwhile if anyone does fancy trying Glasgow Gin use discount code SCORE10 to get 10% off your order via https://theglasgowgin.com
  14. It's Scottish Cup semi-final weekend & to celebrate we've teamed up with our pals @TheGlasgowGin to give away 3 bottles of their fantastic Glasgow Gin in a free to enter competition. Everyone that enters also gets a 10% discount code! Enter here; https://www.pieandbovril.com/articles/430-scottish-cup-semi-final-glasgow-gin-competition
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