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  1. The logs don't suggest any sort of slow down but I'll have a look at the health of the database and see if there's anything we can do to speed things up.
  2. Sorry you're having problems. Is this on Android or iOS?
  3. Thanks to the poster who got in touch regarding this, telling us that the thread in question here was started by @Robin.Hood I've checked the logs and can see that the poster in question was flagged as a spammer by one of the mods. That action kicks in an automatic process where all the posts made by the flagged member are deleted, and these are not simply moved to the trash bin, they are permanently removed. The poster had indicated that they wished to leave the forum so can only assume that is why they were flagged as a spammer but in this instance that sadly meant the thread was burned. I'll update the mods on this process as better just to ban a member who wants to leave rather than flag them as a spammer as this is obviously not what we wanted to happen in this case. Sorry!
  4. I did have a look for this thread, there's a hidden trash can where deleted threads go, and it's not in there. It is possible that I have removed it when removing a user who has asked for their content to also be removed, but I do usually anonymise that content so as to preserve the thread. Do we know the user in question who created this particular thread?
  5. Think most of the big team threads have now been moved. If there are any that I've missed let me know here and I'll get them shifted. Cheers!
  6. As I said on twitter today I've seldom been as proud of the community and the mods as I was this week. Loads of you reported the post in question, and the mods moved swiftly to take the action they did. Special mention to my man @Andy Dufresne who took the lead in contacting Police Scotland. Really hope to see @Hoose Rice back on the board soon and hope you're getting the help you need mate.
  7. Our "GTF Day" which is the day every year that the site rolls over into the new season. GTF of course stands for "Go To Forum". This year, from Sunday May 29th supporters of the teams promoted or relegated should move on to their new divisional forum home. We will also amend all the forum descriptions, the homepage will be updated and any other relevant business will be completed. Until then we'd ask fans of all promoted or relegated clubs to stick to their relevant forum where appropriate, so take your medicine for another couple of weeks if you've been relegated, and lord it up for a while longer if you've had a successful season.
  8. Yeah it looks like IPB who create the software seem to have scrapped plans to release their own app, at least that section of the admin panel relating to the promised app has now disappeared in the latest update. So for the time being Tapatalk will remain the way to access the forum via app. End of the day that's what our own app was based on anyway, minus the adverts that they run (these are not our ads) so not massively changed really. Best way to run the forum on mobile is via the web browser but I accept a lot of people do prefer to use the app so I've left that route open for them.
  9. Ok, I've updated the plugin and Tapatalk is working fine for me on iOS. Let me know how you get on please!
  10. Not a whole lot I can do about Tapatalk issues I’m afraid but I’ll check and see if there are any outstanding updates to be applied to the plug-in and if there are I’ll get it updated. I’ll report back tomorrow
  11. It does happen and it is impossible to stop. Last night we had 14 spam account registrations that got through despite Cloudflare security blocking certain countries from the site, Re-Captcha validation and a Question & Answer challenge on the registration form and the automated anti-spam intelligence scoring which is built in to the forum software. They got through all of that and would have been able to post had we not introduced manual approval on all new accounts. It’s a pain in the arse for us and for proper new users wanting to use the forum but for the time being anyway that’s what we will need to do.
  12. Yeah it's worked. There are still some lingering accounts from previous days that were able to post today (that carnage was caused by just two accounts) but over the next few days we will catch any that remain. Any new accounts must go through a manual approval process with us in the meantime so we will catch the majority of them and the overnight attacks will stop completely as there will be nobody to validate the accounts. All in hand!
  13. I've made some further changes. We've been through this many times before. We beat them then and we will beat them again!
  14. You aren't based in China, India or Japan are you?
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