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  1. When you say it’s not going away do you mean the big white info box isnt closing down or do you have a wee blue privacy button attached to your screen on the right hand side?
  2. Strange. Try clearing your cookies?
  3. We've updated our GDPR consent management notice today to comply with the latest regulations so you'll need to read and accept that notice to continue using the site. Once you accept you shouldn't see it again. No changes our side in terms of what we do, but the ads need to comply with the latest rules and regs.
  4. This is spot on. The new app is dependent on the new version of the forum software being released I'm afraid, and that in turn has been held up. Even when that is released we will have another period of time whilst the bugs are ironed out, then we'll have to develop compatible themes for all the clubs. So, long and short of it, don't hold your breath!
  5. Div


    No dog required. Sorry about that, some issue with PayPal. I have fixed and your new 12 month platinum membership period starts from today
  6. We’ve got our league up and running in the @FantasyScotland app for the new season. Find our logo in the public league list or join in using code PIEANDBOVRIL. Prize kitty in our league is £200 for the winner, £100 for runner up & £50 for third. Free to download and to join on both Apple App Store and Google Play.
  7. Div


    You can keep the dog.
  8. Div


    Sorry about that. I've fixed.
  9. Something is not right here how can someone make a thread and then its merged into another thread that can't happen has it would be 2 different users making the thread what it looks like is cause its darvel they have asked for all threads related to them to be deleted and you have done this for them so if darvel don't like something they cry but its OK for them to post positive stuff but can't handle anything else I thought this was a forum and not like a child who crys if they don't like something but well done pie and bovril just goes to show who's side u take by the way are sponsored by any pie company's just a general question . We merge duplicate threads all the time. Sorry to burst your conspiracy bubble and absolutely no idea what the rest of your post is about. As far as I can see this thread *should* be about Darvel and hasn't been removed, so fire away.
  10. I've looked through all your posting history and can't find any record at all of a topic with that title. It was possibly merged into the original Darvel thread when it was restored? Dunno, sorry!
  11. The mods restored it. Threads aren't ever permanently deleted, they are just hidden. Sometimes folk delete threads by mistake, sometimes if a thread is popular and we can see no real reason for it to be removed, we'll restore it. In this case the user in question contacted us and asked politely for it to be permanently hidden and so we obliged.
  12. No idea. What section of the forum did you post it in?
  13. He did delete it, several times. It's entirely up to any user to delete a topic that they start. That has always been our policy.
  14. Original thread was only taken down because the original topic starter requested it to be done. There's no problem with the club.
  15. Yeah probably about time I gave an update on that! The app is dependent on the forum software being upgraded to the next major release first. That release has been heavily delayed due to what's been going on but it went into public beta testing yesterday - article here if anyone is interested! When that is finally released we will wait a wee bit (never pays to be on the bleeding edge) then once it's settled we will do an upgrade here and then finally after that we'll be able to get hold of the App. The App we will use won't be a P&B branded one initially, it will just be the new app that has been developed for this forum software. You can read more about it here in this article. Eventually they have plans to release a version we can subscribe to and brand. So shorter summary is it's a while away yet I'm afraid. Meantime we will continue to support the TapaTalk app that is basically the same as the one we re-branded as our own. If you download that you'll be able to use it to connect to the forum until such time as the new app is here.
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