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  1. Thanks for reporting. The App in it's current version is no longer supported by the suppliers, so it won't be bug fixed. Meantime you have two alternatives; 1) You can download the free "Tapatalk" app to connect to the forum 2) You can just use the forum through your mobile browser. We're hoping to have a better App solution coming at some point but it is still some way off I'm afraid.
  2. Need to cut down on that midweek boozing.
  3. Nope. Nothing has changed? What you seeing and on what theme mate?
  4. Div

    Episode 125

    Any chance of uploading to Soundcloud for your favourite website so we can embed it properly you wee dobbers?
  5. Been a wee bit interest at times but nothing really concrete. I'd probs sell it for £10m if anyone would like to submit an offer.
  6. The site was created in Jan 2003. I set it up and pretty much left it sitting with no fucker on it. Scottish Football Online, which was the first "all club" forum then died and a load of Clyde, Falkirk and St.Mirren fans moved into P&B. At that time we just had one forum which was for the old Division 1. It grew from there. Coming up for 17 years on it's had a bit of everything. Through some very dark "upgrades" and major crashes we've come perilously close to losing it all on more than one occasion over the years but we've somehow muddled through and here we are, still going. The site has been busier in 2019 than it has been since it's peak traffic period of 2009 and we are even pretty close to beating that record. We served 2Tb of content last month to 328,000 unique visitors. The web server handled 62 million requests from just under 4 million page views. Madness!
  7. Killie will rightly be favs given their form and home advantage, but the Buds will have a spring in our step after the weekend and hopefully we can put up a better show at Rugby Park than we did at Motherwell. Waters obviously can't play which will disrupt the defence. See McGinn moving to left back and MacPherson coming in to play RB. Hard to see us starting Danny, Obika and Andreu away from home.
  8. Storage allowances have been doubled for all users 😁
  9. Looks like a wee bug in the editor, I will log in the support centre. Ta.
  10. I actually suspect the app is part of the reason we have had issues during peak traffic times but it's hard to prove that this is the source. Don't think we've had any issues for a few weeks now anyway, but we're paying a third party company now to monitor the site 24x7 so if there are any issues they should be quick to sort. Although everyone likes to think I deliberately switch the site off every Saturday night, it's not actually true. The main reason nothing used to get fixed very quickly on a Saturday was because I was most likely in the pub or traveling back from a game. Hopefully I've eliminated that as an issue with this new support agreement. So there's a serious response to your cheeky post, you cunt.
  11. The new App will be an off the shelf product. There is a route to suggest new features via the customer forum bit on the IPB (the company who create the forum software and who will be publishing the new app) so if there is something everyone is screaming for we can channel it back through that but end of the day this isn't something that is being specifically built just for us. You can always use the mobile version of the site, it's then virtually the exact same experience as using it on the desktop.
  12. You might also consider, in the meantime, downloading the actual "Tapatalk" app from your app stores, and using that to connect to our forum. That is more up to date that the BYO version we use, so may resolve the issues that you are having with attachments.
  13. Worth a read if you are having problems with our app.
  14. A few years ago we launched our Mobile App. That was at a time when the mobile browser version of the forum software we use was very limited. Our App is basically a rebranded version of the "Tapatalk" application using a service called BYO (Build Your Own). We pay a monthly fee for that service, and Tapatalk look after the app for us and push updates out to the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Recently Tapatalk announced that, for a number of reasons, the BYO service is being withdrawn and will no longer be updated. They will still work, but they won't be bug fixed or enhanced in any way going forward. So, the App we currently have today is the one we need to put up with, bugs and all, for now. That's the bad news. The good news, hopefully, is that the forum guys are now close to releasing their own App that plugs into the community. You can read more here if you are really interested; https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/invision-community-apps-for-ios-android-r1161/ As soon as that App has been released and they've ironed out the inevitable bugs the plan will be to withdraw our TapaTalk apps and move to that platform. Hopefully that will be before the end of the year. I'll keep you posted as and when things are going to change.
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