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  1. Definitely switched off. Users have to opt in to show that as their signature now. This was posted from Tapatalk.
  2. The all black kit is Livingston's home shirt this season, and their away shirt is white. So I assume we will be also be wearing the red kit against them at our place too.
  3. Assume it might be related to the ad-blocker, or it might have been related to the new floor unit advert we were loading on mobile for a couple of days last week. That's been switched off again (it was the only change made last week) - are you still having the same issue today?
  4. Sorry about that signature nonsense on Tapatalk. I've switched it off for all Tapatalk users.
  5. Yeah sorry that was switched on when we re-activated our license with them. Should now be fixed!
  6. I've upgraded our license with Tapatalk so these pop up prompts should now disappear.
  7. If you pick to read the topic in your browser it should remember that setting and not ask again. Hopefully?
  8. Do you mean the orange "t" banner at the top of the mobile browser? If you press the little cross on the left hand side of it that should close it and it should not re-appear? Or if you are asked if you want to read the topic using Tapatalk or Safari just tap to use Safari (or whatever mobile browser you use) and again it should remember that choice and not ask again (unless you have cookies blocked or are running in some sort of private mode?)
  9. Appreciate your comments. Traffic isn't an issue for the site, we've rebounded well from the lull last year. End of the day there was no football played for 6 months, that was the primary cause of traffic being down and the ad industry virtually shut down for a couple of months at the start of the pandemic too. That too has rebounded and all is well again. Traffic in August was up 30.4% on the same period last year so we're still doing something right Ad boys always want more exposure for their advertisers, the users always want less intrusive ads, it's a battle we've had for over 10 years and it won't ever change. Appreciate the Platinum subscription, you'll find the site much more enjoyable without any ads hopefully!
  10. I’ve taken the new ad unit off again and will do some more testing. Being compared to the Daily Record is unacceptable
  11. The new floor advert on mobile will be running to the end of the year. Should be well down the screen though, and barely noticeable. What sort of device are you using?
  12. Div

    P&B app

    Our own App is dead. You can use the Tapatalk App to connect though, which is what our old app was based on so it's not a million miles of a difference. See below from August which explains the situation.
  13. There are no security issues with the site. If you are trying to connect to the forum using our old branded P&B App then it won't work. Delete the App and either download and use the Tapatalk App to connect or just use your mobile browser. If you are using a standard browser and you're still having issues then can you screenshot the error and post it up for us to see? Also let us know what browser are you using and on what device?
  14. Guys can you please keep it civil, and refrain from posting personal details about other posters on the forum. Ta
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