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  1. Original thread that was deleted by accident has been restored and merged with the replacement topic that was started
  2. We are delighted to have partnered up with Nostalgia Cases to offer a huge range of fantastic Scottish Football phone cases to our visitors. These high quality cases are available in a range of retro and up to date designs and there variations available for all Premiership, Championship and League 1 clubs as well as four of the League 2 teams. Within each club there are a range of choices. You'll find it difficult to choose! This is an Edinburgh based start-up, and they also provide a custom design service so if there is a kit you don't see that you'd love for your phone you can get in touch with them and they'll add it to their range. Naturally there is a HUGE support for all the major phone manufacturers and models and what's more delivery in the UK is completely FREE. What's even better is that Pie and Bovril users can get 10% off their order using the coupon code PIEANDBOV Take a look and browse the full range for your favourite club by clicking through to the website below. https://bit.ly/2M5laZs
  3. Possibly. As Dons_1988 has alluded too, perhaps the storm was the time when Rangers were out of the way and Deila was in charge of a pretty average Celtic side, but I still think it could happen. I think both Rangers and Celtic having at least 6 Europa League ties each before the end of this year for example opens up the possibility of points being lost domestically. Those games will take a big toll on them, physically and mentally and it's reasonable that they might stretch their squads as a result. If a team could get a wee gap ahead of the big two clubs by the end of the year, and get some momentum going, then it's possible we'll have a proper title challenge. I don't actually think Hearts, Hibs or Aberdeen have enough about them to do it this season but I hope one of them does!
  4. Yip, he'll need to learn that negativity in Scottish Football is a rampant disease, which the mainstream media just love to keep spreading. It won't be St.Mirren but I genuinely believe that a club from outside Glasgow is going to put in a sustained challenge for the title within the next 5 years. Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen should absolutely have that burning ambition and if they get the perfect storm of being lucky with injuries, getting their recruitment bang on, and the biggest two clubs not having their best season then why not? I know Leicester still spent a relative fortune in winning their league but the scenario that unfolded that season was exactly that, a perfect storm. No reason why it can't happen here IMO.
  5. If there are any football managers who do not want to win their league they should be sacked immediately. WANTING to win a league, and thinking you are GOING to win a league are two entirely different things. All he said was that he wants to win the league. Good for him. Champions League here we come
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    Can you try the file upload now please?
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    Yeah I can recreate that problem. I've logged a ticket with the App boys and will let you know how we get on.
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    Can you give me an example post where that has happened?
  10. Didn't that used to happen anyway? I was always booted out on the app at the top of the hour, but after a minute if I refreshed the content was back. Yeah we used to do that but dropped it a long time ago, everything has been fine and dandy every day of the week except Saturday, fuelling the conspiracy theorists! St.Mirren's next game is on a Friday though so we should be fine regardless
  11. The site seems to trip most Saturdays. It's unsurprisingly our busiest time of the week, and so believe me, it's not a time when I want the site to go down. I don't get notified that it's tripped as nothing actually stops. The server remains up, all services remain up, but the web service seems to just lock up. I was absolutely hammered in Edinburgh on Saturday after the game. I wouldn't have been capable of fucking about with web servers either to break them or fix them! So, I've put a job in place, to run on a Saturday only, from 1700 to 2300 which will automatically restart the web service on the hour. Let's see if that fixes or at least eases the issues going forward. You'll barely notice the restart, it takes about 2 seconds to complete.
  12. The B&W Army account is just my personal rambling thoughts on what is happening at the club. I'm no cheerleader and call things exactly how I see it. I was underwhelmed by the appointment of Stubbs but was totally prepared to support and get behind him. His recruitment over the summer however has been an absolute shambles. Nobody can sugarcoat that fact. I absolutely felt the treatment of Eckersley was spectacularly unfair, being told he was free to leave before he had even kicked a single competitive ball under the new manager. He made 24 starts in the league last season out of 36 games, calling him injury prone is completely unfair.
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  14. "still championing knicker wetting amongst our support on twitter"