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  1. World Cup Section

    What World Cup Section ?
  2. Privacy Settings Blue Box

  3. Episode 78

    This week the guys were joined by author Chris McQueer to chat about his book "Hings" and how he threatened Loic Remy. That, plus all of the SPFL chat and our new competition with your chance to win a crate of Hooch! To enter head to our Facebook- www.facebook.com/soccerfmpod/?ref=bookmarks Remember you can subscribe and listen on iTunes as well! itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/socce…d1144475017?mt=2
  4. True! He'll be welcomed with open arms if and when he comes. Everyone deserves a fair crack.
  5. Spoke to a recruitment guy at a a club south of the border this morning about Brock-Madsen. "He's a big lump of a boy that isn't the most mobile. Brum being trying to punt him for a while". Sounds absolutely smashing
  6. Privacy Settings Blue Box

    We have an agency that looks after all the advertising on the site. They in turn offer the space out to many different sources of adverts so they come from many different places. It's a pretty standard approach tbh.
  7. Episode 77

    The boys are back for a new season of Soccer FM! All the chat from the SPFL, a look ahead to the week coming, a tribute to a dead Chuckle brother, a new game where you can guess the Mark Yeardly! Listen here or on iTunes- itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/socce…d1144475017?mt=2
  8. Adverts (Again)

    Yeah, that is unfortunate to say the least.
  9. There are more than just four who have been told to look for another club. This is a savage re-structuring of the squad.
  10. Yip, sorry about that. P&B will ALWAYS be free to use, and I'll never expect anyone to take out a platinum subscription purely because the ads are making the site unusable. It's difficult to juggle the needs/wants of the advertisers versus those of the users at times, and sometimes it goes wrong. Thankfully the guys who look after the ads are quick to respond and fix so if there are problems please do keep reporting them. Ta!
  11. I have reported to the ad boys.
  12. The opening bid is a grouse beat IMO. Celtic merely trying to flush out the competition, unsettle the player and start the dance.
  13. Saints would actually get nothing in that scenario. The 33% sell on is clause is on profit only and they paid £120K for him
  14. First bid is really just a grouse beat to force the hands of anyone else who is interested. We'll see another bid from them probably today or tomorrow, but by then they will know if they have any competition from down South. Anything approaching £3m will get him IMO.
  15. Too small mate, needs to be 2000px wide.