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  1. Didn't really think either team did enough to merit all three points last night to be honest, but I've seen us play loads better in games and not get what I felt we deserved so I guess last night was just a case of lady luck levelling out. Wasn't a big fan of starting McGrath, Kiltie and Ronan. Don't think it really worked to be honest. The upturn in fortunes following the break has been built on that back four who are looking more and more assured with each game. When we were picking up points before the break I typically felt it was because Alnwick had saved us. That's not massively been the case against either Utd or Aberdeen since we reverted to the four. Sure, he's made saves, but nothing like the numbers or quality of saves he was producing week in week out when we were playing with a 3. Fraser and Joe have been two of our top performers all season but Chilli D and Tanser both look very comfortable in that four now and they look like a proper unit. We've got some very good talent in the middle of the pitch but we do need to find a balance. We're desperately crying out for a quick left sided player to do on that side what Jay is doing on the right. Good bit of churn to come in the next few days you'd think. Any of Erwin, Main, Dennis, McAllister, or Millar could move on and I don't think we'd be massively weakened.
  2. The behaviour in this particular section of the forum is causing more issues than anywhere else on the board. We accept that the nature of politics is that we get very differing opinions on subjects and that arguments can become heated but please be assured that if you resort to over the top personal abuse we will put warnings on your account and if you repeat offend we'll remove you from the forum. You can disagree with another persons views without resorting to being abusive. Play nice. Please.
  3. I doubt that level of detail was in any agreement we had with Celtic. If it was then it shouldn't ever have been there, and if it wasn't then we should have told them to do one when they asked if they could do it. In the big scheme of things in the world it seems quite a trivial thing, but we've been rightly slated for it ever since. The amount Celtic paid to rent the stadium was eye watering. I don't think anyone ever had a problem with Celtic playing there, we rented Love Street to Morton for a game for fucks sake, but the badge on our stadium wall - well that was a step far too far. In my opinion.
  4. We'd have got the stadium rental money regardless of whether they put the sign up on the stadium. It was ridiculous that they were allowed to put their badge on our stadium in an official capacity and nobody will ever persuade me differently.
  5. Must confess I've not read all the comments but I think it's fairly common practice for a manager to watch his teams next opposition playing if he gets a chance, which is exactly what Jim Goodwin was doing yesterday. Took the opportunity to take his son along with him, who seems to be a Celtic fan. I'm pretty sure Jim is also a Celtic fan, which given he is from Waterford is probably no great surprise. That didn't stop us pumping Celtic at Parkhead earlier this year when he was our manager, and it didn't stop us pumping them at Hampden in the League Cup semi finals when he was our captain. Some folk will try to make a mountain out of the tiniest molehill. ps; the celtic sign going up on our stadium was an absolute riddy IMO. Completely un-necessary
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I will report back to the ad boys.
  7. Imagine Brophy will be next in line for that.
  8. A View From The Terrace now has it's very own section on the forum. The guys behind the show will be posting previews ahead of the next show going out and inviting feedback, ideas and contributions for forthcoming shows from the P&B massive Get involved if you are a fan or find out more about the show here; https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/forum/141-a-view-from-the-terrace/
  9. Definitely switched off. Users have to opt in to show that as their signature now. This was posted from Tapatalk.
  10. The all black kit is Livingston's home shirt this season, and their away shirt is white. So I assume we will be also be wearing the red kit against them at our place too.
  11. Assume it might be related to the ad-blocker, or it might have been related to the new floor unit advert we were loading on mobile for a couple of days last week. That's been switched off again (it was the only change made last week) - are you still having the same issue today?
  12. Sorry about that signature nonsense on Tapatalk. I've switched it off for all Tapatalk users.
  13. Yeah sorry that was switched on when we re-activated our license with them. Should now be fixed!
  14. I've upgraded our license with Tapatalk so these pop up prompts should now disappear.
  15. If you pick to read the topic in your browser it should remember that setting and not ask again. Hopefully?
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