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  1. We've created a temporary forum for all the chat around the Women's World Cup in France this Summer. You'll find it in the International and Other Sports section and we'll keep it running from now until just after the tournament finishes. Tournament runs 7th June through to 7th July. Scotland are in a group with England, Japan and Argentina.
  2. Lato's days are numbered
  3. I've rolled back the body font to Lato which is what we've used the last couple of years. As you were troops!
  4. Looks like it's not rendering as expected on Chrome. Works fine in the other browsers I've tested in but Chrome is making it look a mess.
  5. We've updated the main font used across the forum, so it should look a wee bit different. It's only a small change, but I know how you all LOVE change. An upgrade is due this summer. Brace yourselves!
  6. We might not even be in the playoffs
  7. Our "GTF Day" which is the day every year that the site rolls over into the new season. GTF of course stands for "Go To Forum". From Sunday June 2nd supporters of the teams promoted or relegated can move on to their new divisional forum home. We will also amend all the forum descriptions, the homepage will be updated and any other relevant business will be completed. Until then we'd ask fans of all promoted or relegated clubs to stick to their relevant forum where appropriate, so take your medicine for another few weeks if you've been relegated, and lord it up for a while longer if you've had a successful season !
  8. Can you let me know if your notification emails start coming through again today please? Ta!
  9. How can I reset my password?

    Sorry, yes we've had some issues with email delivery to certain domain names. This has now been resolved, if you request a password reset email now it will come through. Any problems please send an email to support [at] pieandbovril.com or reply here.
  10. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    The fucks sake wasn't directed at you lot, it's these spammy bastard advertisers that are ripping my knitting!
  11. Shouldn't be any delay. The mail is just going via a gateway that's designed for sending thousands of mail, rather than our two bit webserver who has no reputation for sending email (other than a bad one).
  12. No idea, they've done it before then released it again. Arseholes.
  13. We've had a few issues sending emails out to Microsoft platforms on the HOTMAIL and OUTLOOK.COM domains the last few days. This is due to Microsoft blacklisting our mail server, a listing they won't lift. So, we've now had to route our outbound email via a bulk mail sender to get around this. Bit of a pain, but you should now find that your email notifications are now working again if you are on one of those two mail platforms.
  14. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    Fucks sake. Can you give me some more details please? Mobile/Desktop/Tablet and what browser you are using please.
  15. I was able to re-create this issue. I've applied a patch to try and eliminate these spammy links. Can you let me know how it looks your side please?