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  1. Doors open 19:15 tonight, quiz starts 19:30. The game code will be announced on our twitter account @pieandbov at 19:15. Room for 500 players. There are 50 general knowledge questions divided into 5 rounds of 10. Round 1 - Warm Up Round 2 - Geography Round 3 - Animals Round 4 - Movies Round 5 - Pot Luck Felt we've done more than enough Sport this last couple of weeks. Winner in the 19:30 game will win a box of Freddos in their choice of Caramel or Chocolate.
  2. Tonights Quiz Code is 088020 if anyone fancies joining in. Running at 19:30, 20:30 and 21:30 42 Questions at 15 seconds with 10 seconds in between so you'll be done in time to join in the applause at 8pm if you are doing that. https://myquiz.org
  3. P&B Pub Quiz is back tonight, with 42 questions, one for each SPFL Team. Quiz has been compiled by @palmerstonblues on twitter so it will be better than my shitty attempts! Quiz code will be released on our twitter account at 19:15 and the quiz itself starts 19:30 as usual on https://myquiz.org/ Also running with the same game code at 20:30 and at 21:30 if you miss the first run. Room for 500 players in each run. Good luck!
  4. Div


    We did. 5 months ago.
  5. Our mobile app has, as you might be aware, was withdrawn from service from the Apple and Google Play app stores a few weeks ago. The app itself has continued to work in the meantime for those who had it installed, however in the next few days that too will stop working. This is all in preparation for the launch of a new improved app, albeit that is likely to be delayed given the current chaos around the world. In the meantime whilst we are waiting for that you have two options available to you on mobile and tablet; 1) Just use the mobile version of the site via the browser on your device, it is exactly the same as the desktop version but will resize accordingly for your device. Just open up your usual mobile browser such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox and head to the website and then load the forum up and login. 2) If you really miss the App look on the App Store or Google Play for "Tapatalk" and download and install it then use that to connect to our forum. Our old app was basically a branded version of this. Note that there will be ads on the free version of Tapatalk, these aren't coming from us. You can remove those ads by purchasing the premium version, Tapatalk Pro, if you really wish, but bear in mind that once our own new app has been launched we will cut the cord completely with Tapatalk. I've no timescale to give for the launch of the new app I'm afraid. ETA; If you have our current App installed it should now work for another few weeks. I've extended our license as it looks like the replacement App has indeed been delayed by the Pandemic. Just close the app and restart if you are seeing the license error message. You should however prepare for that app going in the bin. If you have uninstalled it then there is no way of getting it back I'm afraid. See points 1 and 2 above.
  6. Our own app has been withdrawn I'm afraid, it is no longer available in the app stores. Search for "Tapatalk" and download that in the meantime. It can be used to connect to our form in the meantime whilst we are waiting on the new forum app being launched. That unfortunately is going to be delayed. The Tapatalk app is basically the exact same as the one we previously had, but it will have their adverts on it (not ours) if you use the free one. Or you can just use the mobile version of our forum using your normal browser on your phone (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.....)
  7. No progress to report. Imagine it will be delayed further given what’s going on. Just download Tapatalk and use it meantime.
  8. Div


    Our own version of the App is no longer being supported or developed I'm afraid. There's a new release planned but that's now almost certainly going to be delayed. Meantime download and install the free "Tapatalk" app from the Play store and it should hopefully resolve any issues you have. It will connect to our forum without any problems.
  9. All good. Taking a break from it for a couple of days, back on Monday 😁
  10. This might surprise you mate but I actually have a day job. I had about 45 minutes today to put that together.
  11. Volume 3 is running tonight as usual with a 19:30 start. Check our twitter feed for the game code which will be announced at 19:15. You can join in at https://myquiz.org Also running again 20:30 and 21:30 tonight.
  12. Same code all night, https://myquiz.org/p/055366 Running again 20:30 and 21:30 I have fixed a couple of errors in the first run 😁
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