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  1. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    Can you give me a bit more information please mate? Mobile/Desktop/Tablet/App ? Also what skin are you using on the forum if you are on Desktop?
  2. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    Ok, I'll get back on to the ad boys.
  3. WIFI on BA Long Haul Flights

    No bother. As an aside we had Wi-Fi on our flight out to Vegas which was a 747 from Gatwick but no Wi-Fi on the return flight which as to Heathrow and was a 777. Either way both planes were really old with small, terrible screens and absolutely dreadful food so suggest to take your own grub and download some Netflix stuff to watch offline in case there is no connection.
  4. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    Doesn’t sound possible to me. How were your details sent???
  5. WIFI on BA Long Haul Flights

    I’m sitting on a 747 on the way to Vegas right now. Two packages available, one for just browsing and the other if you want to stream. I’m on streaming package and it’s great, have watched stuff on YouTube with no buffering. £16 for 4 hours or £24 for the whole flight.
  6. Common sense will prevail.
  7. Message

    Can we clarify the problem please? You are unable to read or start private messages using the Android Mobile App, is that right?
  8. The Lyons incident has proven what a difficult job the refs in this country have. Even with VAR there are still going to be arguments, because some fans just see what they want to see, and not what is actually right in front of them. It's hilarious, but worrying in equal measure, that anyone seriously thinks Brad Lyons was guilty of simulation in this incident.
  9. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    Thanks for your continued patience. I've made another adjustment to the script that is trying to prevent the shitty ads from running. Can you again please report any redirects/pop-ups that appear from this point on? Thanks!
  10. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    We have implemented a change, please let me know if you see any subsequent spammy ads from this point. Cheers
  11. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    Will report these to the ad boys. Thanks!
  12. San Fran, L.A. and Vegas

    Yeah we are going to do the zip line.
  13. San Fran, L.A. and Vegas

    I'm a Las Vegas virgin and heading there next week on a boys jolly. Staying at the Bellagio. Hit me up with your tips!
  14. WIFI on BA Long Haul Flights

    I'm going to Vegas next week and am flying BA, will let you know what the Wi-Fi is like
  15. Scottish Cup Memories

    Ask and ye shall receive! https://www.pieandbovril.com/oae